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Storm Clouds Autumn wallpaper

Maddow Calls Out Americans for Prosperity President: ‘Parasite Who Gets Fat On Americans’ Fears’

Maddow extracted confessions from Phillips that he had in fact worked for a Jack Abramoff client to pressure members of Congress to vote against legislation that would have made the U.S. commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands — where Chinese workers were forced into prostitution and mandatory abortions — subject to federal wage and worker safety laws. Even given the deplorable conditions at the sweatshops, Phillips was unrepentant. “I don’t have an issue with it,” said Phillips, adding, “I’m not going to disown it.”

Phillips defended his methods with a curious argument. He disregarded the morals of his tactics, then explained that no matter what his organization says, who funds them, and how they operate, he and his corporate backers have every right to be “involved in the process.” Maddow conceded that point, but asserted that AFP’s fear-mongering and lying is simply bad for the country.

Calling Vietnam vet Max Cleland a terrorist sympathizer, lobbying to deregulate Enron and then protecting workers in the Marianas from progressive labor practices is all deflected by Phillips right be be “involved in the process”. Whether caught on tape, video or a show down of facts by a journalist, right-wing rule number 1, deflect with a non-answer. Mixed with arrogance your average conservative comes up with a cocktail of egregious moral relativity – any thing they do or say is simply OK because they did or said it. The ultimate circle jerk of Republican rationale.

The Right is so very upset, the poor things, that one quote attributed to Limbaugh may not be accurate. These rusty buckets of Republican tears over a rabid shock jock that has made millions as a professional liar, propagandist, one man mob of hate and distortion and his genuflecting minions are upset because, suddenly the truth and nothing but the truth matters. That’s fine, I believe that one quote was a misquote, now they only have to explain dozens of others that are well documented. Let’s not forget who runs the NFL and decides who gets to be an owner – a bunch of conservatives.