Limbaugh’s Toxic Ego Has a Meltdown

Rush’s ego meltdown

It looks as though Rush Limbaugh the draft dodging drug addict that has never worked a day in his life, but made millions on wing-nut welfare will not be getting his NFL franchise.  Limbaugh has said that people are lying about the clearly documented racism that has permeated his broadcasts over the course of his reign as king of the dittoheads. The pathetic thing about Limbaugh is that he probably genuinely believes he is not a racist. To be aware of one’s faults takes some level of self evaluation and reflection. Oxycontin Limbaugh would have to have the courage and humility to put his ego in check to undertake such soul searching. That is unlikely to happen at this stage. Is there some hypocrisy on part of the NFL a sports-entertainment franchise in which it is common knowledge that most of the owners are far Right conservatives. You betcha. Unlike Limbaugh, the current crop of owners know their franchises would not not last long if they decided to make public asses of themselves a-la Limbaugh. One conservative blogger claims its hypocritical to pick on poor Limpie when there have been so many players that misbehave –  Rush Has No Place in the NFL, But Look Who Does

What does have a place in the NFL? Here’s a short list of players who were active after being convicted of felonies — I added Michael Vick to a list I found here:

– Michael Vick: felony dogfighting charges
– Leonard Little: vehicular manslaughter/DUI
– Michael Irvin: felony drug possession
– Ray Lewis: obstruction of justice in a murder
– Plaxico Burress: felony weapon possession (in jail but not yet banned for life from the NFL)
– Pacman Jones: technically a felon since he pled guilty to obstruction of an officer case in GA

Whiskey Fire points out the obvious. Rush is not trying out as a player, he wants to be an owner. That is why they have different adjectives to describe those groups. The owners could in fact, those uber conservative owners could and probably should in a couple of those cases ban those players for life, but when has a conservative let a little felony weapons possession get between them and a stack of cash. If the con blogger at The Powers That Be and those linking to him in ditto-like ( the usual suspects -NewsBusters, Confederate Yankee, Pajamas Media, Hot Air, Michelle Malkin) agreement do not like the way the NFL is run….well take it up with the elite group of Conservatives that run it. It makes sense that Limbaugh should want in on some of that easy pro sports team owner money, its a great example of corporate communism.


Autumn Jazz wallpaper

Autumn Jazz wallpaper

Nice video of Keith Jarret playing Autumn Leaves.

Listening to health care/financial advice  from PricewaterhouseCoopers from like gett’n up in the morning and plowing the back forty with an old mule. So its no wonder konservative kool-aid drinkers have broken open a new box of straws to celebrate PC’s health care cost impact (pdf report) from health-care reform, The Insurance Industry’s Deceptive Report

At least, it would in the world of PWC’s report. But it wouldn’t do so in the real world. So too with these assumptions. Economists think that the tax on high-cost health-care plans will lead employers and consumers to demand cheaper plans that do more to control costs. In fact, PWC expects that, too. They just don’t build it into their estimate. On Page 6, they say, “Although we expect employers to respond to the tax by restructuring their benefits to avoid it, we demonstrate the impact assuming it is employed.” That’s a bit like saying although I expect to eat doughnuts this morning, I will instruct my scale to act as if I had abstained.

If you read all of PricewaterhouseCoopers footnotes where they place their cornucopia of assumptions you do not have to be brilliant at health-care economics to understand how worthless it is. Since AHIP ( the insurance industry trade group that commissioned the report) has been semi-pro health-care reform there is some speculation as to why, at this late date, they are suddenly blowing smoke up the public’s collective backside. One reason is that pharmaceutical companies and hospitals have gotten some assurances and lacking similar deals, AHIP is pushing for the mandatory element of reform( millions in new policies). If health-care reform is game and this was an aggressive move by the insurance industry to get its way, probably not the brightest thing they could have done in the age of the intertubes. Blow back from fact checking is hell. Bloggers have not only noticed how cheesy the report is, but the major print editorials as well. That guarantees a week of sound bites from Democrats and the White House along the lines of this, Insurance Industry Report Promises To Increase Premiums By 111% Under Health Reform

As Rep. Anthony Weinder (D-NY) explained this morning on MSNBC, “the health insurance lobby today fired the most important salvo in weeks for the public option“:

If you have the health care industry complaining that we’re going to raise costs because of these changes, it is them putting us on notice that we haven’t put enough cost containment in the bill. You know, the health care industry themselves is putting out a whole report saying that. That should be a tell to the Baucus team that you know what, maybe it’s time for them to go back and revisit the public option. In a strange way, and look, obviously they didn’t mean this, the health insurance lobby today fired the most important salvo in weeks for the public option, because they have said, as clear as day, left to their own devices, according to their own number crunchers, they’re going to raise rates 111%.

Some more analysis here, AHIP’s Hissy Fit

Leaves Changing Autumn wallpaper

Leaves Changing Autumn wallpaper

Limbaugh: “We all agree with the Taliban and Iran” that Obama does not deserve Nobel, just one of the typical reactions by the Right. Limbie lives down to the expectations predicted by Jerome Doolittle at Bad Attitudes, Nobel Peace Prize Talking Points. One of the most frequent and supposedly clever attacks by conservative bloggers and pundits is the Nobel Peace Prize is both all just politics and is meaningless. If the prize is political and meaningless then why all the hateful vitriol and implied envy. Glenn Greenwald has a point somewhere in this post – Accusing Obama critics of “standing with the terrorists”– the problem is that many of the moderate writers that he says are being too hyperbolic use direct quotes, like the one above from Limbaugh. Yes, unfortunately some moderates have replied to the shrill Right with some shrillness of their own, but this is one of the extremely rare times in years of near daily faux outrage from the Right, where usually reasonable moderates just happened to shout that enough was enough. And for goodness sake nobody cares what Fidel Castro thinks about anything one way or the other, he’s a walking dinosaur with with about as much relevance as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY). This is from one of Glenn’s colleagues at Salon Joe Conason that proves the point, The vast right-wing conspiracy is back

Using a photo of Mohammed Atta, the first NRT ad connected Obama to the 9/11 hijackers with the false claim that he wanted to permit illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. described that ad as “one of the sleaziest false TV ads of the campaign.”

[  ]…Beyond spreading paranoia about the Foster tragedy, Ruddy and Scaife both played central roles in the distribution of nearly half a million copies of “The Clinton Chronicles” and other covert machinations against the Clinton White House –- most notably the “Arkansas Project,” a $2.4 million scheme to dig up or invent crimes by the president and first lady, with assistance from several unsavory characters, including die-hard segregationist Jim Johnson…

The conservative character assassination bureau does not hit the bottom of the public debate gutter on occasion, it lives there. Glenn is much better when using his space keeping the heat on Obama to repair the rips Bush and conservatives ( with a few complacent Democrats) made in the Constitution, making job creation a priority over helping too big to fail banks make their quarterly profits and a sane policy for wrapping things up in Afghanistan.

Substance Free Conservative Punditry

I Don’t Know Much About Art, but I Know I’m a Right-Wing Moron – a story in which a freeper notices a shiny object and tugs at it with his chewed on toe nails until he is darn sure he has uncovered this week’s synthetic scandal.

Well, the wingers have determined – with their characteristic insight and certainty – that it does. The Freeper’s blaring headline trumpets “Obvious Copy” and “Apparent Fraud”. Gateway Pundit declares that “it’s just too bad [the Thomas work] is a fake”. Scared Monkeys congratulates Gateway Pundit for “confirming” this; noting “there is a fraud in The White House. But we already knew that didn’t we? What a metaphor.” The always-idiotic Ann Althouse tries condescension – something she is uniquely unsuited for: “Anyway, it’s really sad to see this sentimental stretching to identify African-American artists. There are plenty of real ones, and mistakes like this make it seem as though there are not and that patronizing — which really ought to be called racism — is necessary.”

Its like watching the asylum scene from Suddenly Last Summer where the patients start tugging at Elizabeth Taylor’s dress. Michelle Malkin posts an explanation of the painting from Art in America,

A good place to begin thinking about Alma Thomas’s ravishing late work might be the moment in 1964 when, close to paralysis and bedridden, the 73-year-old artist found herself staring at the hollyhock shadows she had known her entire life and calculating how to use them in her paintings. A year earlier, she had seen the late Matisse cutouts at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Matisse’s work had prompted her to paint an acrylic-on-canvas version of his collage The Snail (1953), in which nearly all the original colors were reversed. Thomas named her painting Watusi (Hard Edge), after Chubby Checker’s dance hit “The Watusi.” As well as marrying high modernism with the popular culture of black America–then entering the American mainstream–the title she chose noted Matisse’s debt to African art.

Having posted this background on the “Obvious copy” -“fake” we all know that reading is fundamental, but its a useless skill without the reading comprehension component. As Lean Left explains in painstaking detail artists using the work of other artists as a form of commentary is a tradition – not one I’m fond of, but a tradition. Thomas’s work is not even as derivative as Andy Warhol. Without apology and quite intentionally uses a kind of mirror image of the paining to make her our statement. Patriot Boy has his own take, Michelle Malkin, Racialist Art Investgator

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann seriously thinks two millionaire bags of hot air are the voices of the American people. Maybe in an America on another planet. Though Beck and Limbaugh do seem to be the voice of the Village of Wingnuttia.

John Assrocket at Powerline reads this poll from Rasmussen ( which has a history of pro Right bias) 60% View American Society As Fair and Decent

Twenty-seven percent (27%) of all voters say U.S. society is basically unfair and discriminatory, up six points from late August and the highest level measured since December.

Only 14% of African-Americans now feel society is fair and decent. That number has dropped 41 points from 55% a month after Obama took office. Sixty-six percent (66%) of black voters think society is unfair and discriminatory, up 26 points since early February.

Assrocket’s air tight logic,

The only possible answer is that many Americans have opposed President Obama’s policies. But why would that cause African-Americans to think that our society is “discriminatory” rather than “decent”? No mystery there: in a well-coordinated campaign, the Democratic Party has relentlessly portrayed all disagreement with the Obama administration’s policies as “racist.” That contemptible and divisive tactic had seemed to produce no results, but we now see that it had one consequence: alienating African-Americans from their country.(emphasis mine)

Maybe, just maybe there are other reasons then some kind of weird double back flip jujitsu manipulation by the new President, The State of Minorities: The Recession Issue

In December 2008, unemployment rates for minorities were substantially higher than those for whites. The unemployment rate for African Americans amounted to 11.5 percent, compared to 8.9 percent for Hispanics, and 6.3 percent for whites. That is, minorities were at least more than 40 percent more likely than whites to experience unemployment at the end of 2008.

Furthermore, although the unemployment rate rose for all groups, it increased much faster for minorities than for whites.

Even back in June of 2008 with the mere possibility that an African American might become president interest in joining white supremacist groups started to increase, White Supremacists Report an Increase in Visits to Their Web Sites. Assrocket is an actual lawyer. If he argues cases it makes one wonder about his competency since he keeps up with the news and finds the only possible reason for something is some lame nonsense that seems to only exist in his imagination. The “Democratic Party” has done this or that would carry a little more weight if Assrocket could provide a few examples. That he did not is typical of the laziness that infects conservative commentary – for examples check the front page of Media Matters.

Georgia restaurant uses N-word on anti-health care reform sign

And there is something in the news about some Peace Prize and that alienator of affections President Obama.

Black and White forest path wallpaper, Black and White monument valley tree

Black and White forest path wallpaper

Black and White monument valley tree

Timothy Noah bends over backwards to be fair about the House and Senate versions of health-care reform on the table, Health Reform Winners and Losers

I have reproduced the Tax Foundation’s chart above. It might easily be the handiwork of the White House press office. (Indeed, its findings jibe roughly with those of the labor-affiliated nonprofit Citizens for Tax Justice, which examined only the House health reform bill’s tax provisions.) In 2016, the first year the House health reform bill would go into effect, the measure would cause average net income to rise by $595 to $1,908 for families earning up to $141,000, with the maximum benefit going to those in the middle 20 percent of American incomes. Everybody’s a net gainer, on average, until you get to the 70th percentile.

Republican nit-pickers can (and probably will) point out that the Tax Foundation’s distribution chart puts President Obama in technical violation of his (ill-advised) campaign pledge not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000. Families earning between $141,000 and $181,000 would lose, on average, $34. Families earning between $181,000 and $252,000 would lose, on average, $358. That’s a pretty trivial hit for people in these income groups and a very small price to pay to make sure your health insurer won’t cancel your policy if you get diagnosed with lymphoma. Even families earning between $252,000 and $358,000 would lose a similarly trivial (for them) $581.

Noah doesn’t think that Congressional Republicans will or should whine too much about people hauling in over 350K a year chipping in what amounts to pocket change in terms of percentage of income. In a logical world any household currently making over 200k a year shouldn’t be complaining about anything. Sure if you’ve got eight kids that few bucks matter, but those families will pick up a few dollars in lowering inflation of health care costs and the possibility that a serious illness of one of the house income earners could be financially devastating for the entire family. That doesn’t mean that the circle jerk of Limbaugh-Beck- Newsmax and assorted other loons will not somehow cast savings for the middle-class as somehow evil. They thought Chicago getting the Olympics was evil. They think clean rivers and lakes are evil and preserving our natural heritage for future generations of Americans is evil. Millionaire spinmeisters have to do something besides snicker at the gullibility of their cult-like followers.

Michael Moore asks, “You’re not into conspiracy theories, are you?” after Hannity suggests there were WMDs in Iraq

Dorset Lighthouse wallpaper

Dorset Lighthouse wallpaper

Steve Forbes On Fox Panelist Says Creating Green Energy Jobs Is A Bad Thing. Forbes is echoing the same falsehoods perpetuated by a right-wing think tank about Spain’s transition to green energy( a transition that has benefited both Spain’s workers and technology sector) that has received funding from Exxon-Mobil. Pseudo-science plus pseudo-economic studies equals the truth for Forbes and Fox. Forbes is yet another fine example of conservative meritocracy, much like George W. Bush, having never done an honest day’s work in his via the family name and fortune. The least one should expects from the Forbes of the conservative gravy train is a little humility. They should by all means enjoy their luck and life circumstances, but keeping their foot in the face of working class Americans is the very class warfare conservatives say does not exist.

Not news particularly, but a study to be published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences shows that torturing people is counter productive.

Robert Samuelson at the WaPo of all places acknowledges that President Obama’s economic policies keep the economy from sliding into The Great Depression Redux. Many of us are not happy with some of the individual aspects of those policies, i.e. Goldman Sachs, but that is a issue within the bigger picture. How to spin the stimulus

Using two very different estimation methods, the CEA found that the fiscal stimulus has raised real GDP growth by roughly 2 to 3 percentage points in both the second and third quarters. We estimated that as of August, it had raised employment relative to what otherwise would have occurred by approximately one million. We also showed that our estimates were very much in line with those of a broad range of private forecasters and the Congressional Budget Office. There is a widespread consensus (except perhaps on the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal) that this aspect of the policy response has been highly effective at alleviating the real decline and counteracting the effects of the financial crisis.

Bush 43 was supposed to be the new improved compassionate conservative. In many ways over the last three years the Right with the media’s assistance has been promoting Mike Huckabee as the newer new compassionate conservative. He’s just as much an opportunistic self promoting hustler as any Republican,  Huckabee sends viewers to his PAC under the guise of signing a petition. And if there is wacky extremist contest Glenn beck would probably beat Huckabee, but just by a hair, Still Another 10 Moments in Mike Huckabee’s Extremism

32. Huckabee Uses Ted Kennedy to Push Death Panels Myth
33. Huckabee Warns of “Union of American Socialist Republics”
34. Huckabee Says Governors Should Ignore Court Rulings
35. Huckabee Sees “Hand of God” in Prop 8 Victory
36. Huckabee Claims Civil Rights of Gays Not Being Violated
38. Huckabee Calls for Abolition of IRS and Putting Politics in the Pulpit
40. Huckabee Headlines Electromagnetic Pulse Conference

More at the link.

The New Conservatives are as Big a Liars, Corrupt and Unethical as the Old Conservatives

Antique City Skyline wallpaper

Senator John Ensign(R) of Nevada tried to bribe himself some silence after his affair with a staffer’s wife, but it also turns out he tried to get Senate staffer Doug Hampton a job as part of the please keep quiet package. The job gave Hampton’s lobbying clients head of the class access to Ensign’s office.

ACORN Is the New Dirty Word

The attack on ACORN isn’t about fighting corruption. If it was, then dozens of corporations with federal contracts far larger than ACORN’s would be under investigation now, or would already have been cut off. The anti-ACORN Senate bill implicates any government contractor that has fraudulent paperwork, or is accused of violating lobbying or campaign finance laws. That list includes Blackwater, the private security contractor that has been implicated in civilian deaths during the Iraq war. Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is collecting a list of such contractors.

The lack of balance in the ACORN saga would be even worse if not for a hand full of newspapers printing columns like this one. Why aren’t the broadcast media wondering out loud why Congress – both Democrats and Republicans are holding ACORN to standards that are not used for the Republican party, right-wing pundits (Drudge, Fox, The Washington Times, the co-ed page of the WSJ) and government contractors like Xe(Blackwater).

Jon Stewart Schools Sean Hannity About History, The Food Chain (VIDEO) – Its a battle about water rights – water brought to farmers courtesy a government program of dams and water diversion. The farmers had a stage, lights and lots of signs to wave around. All the Federation of Fishermen had was a plain spoken representative. Easy to guess who Hannity the drama queen decided to take sides with. Just another day with a right-wing hack bungling a report on a complicated issue.

Newsbusters, that paragon of conservative hackery has this spindiffic post up on President Obama daring to connect health-care reform to small business growth and unemployment, Essay: Obama Now Links Job Growth to Healthcare Reform. In comparison to the usual right-wing hackery on conservative blogs it does spin what to its conservative readers seem like some plausible propaganda that can be passed around the water cooler. Part lies, part distortion and they might have one part right – the part where they point to Democrat Robert Reich’s critique of the administration’s record of job creation. 10% doesn’t look good on any president’s resume, but  that 10% is not on Obama’s resume. Bush and a Republican controlled Congress own 7.6%. It has edged up to ten because the economy Bush left America was rolling down hill. In 8 months Obama has managed to stop the hemorrhaging. Will health-care reform help small business which in turn increase hiring, this conservative writer at Businessweek thinks it will. In this article at CNN/Money it reports that most small business owners would prefer some type of public option.  Newsbusters acts as though some heresy has committed by the White House when its NB that seems out of touch with reality. Not a big surprise, reality is one of the things you have to give up in the Republican party initiation ceremony. The NB piece is part of the current attempt by conservatives to make the past eight years dissappear down the memory hole, Let’s make it all Obama’s fault Republicans know whom to blame for the problems in the world — no matter when they started

The attempt to blame Obama for the whole state of the world isn’t limited to TARP, though that’s the most glaring example. Republicans routinely talk about the number of jobs lost since the administration took office, as if the entire recession started at the stroke of noon on Jan. 20. “Americans are asking, ‘Where are the jobs?'” House GOP leader John Boehner said Thursday. “But since the ‘stimulus’ was signed, we’ve lost roughly 3 million private sector jobs, and we’re nearing 10 percent unemployment.” True enough. But you rarely hear the GOP mentioning that unemployment was at 7.6 percent in January 2009, Bush’s last month on the job. Or that White House economists believe that without the stimulus, another million jobs would have been lost this year so far. Some GOP strategists even seem to have forgotten who was responsible for the federal government in August 2005. “Here is the government that gave us the compassion of the IRS, the efficiency of the Post Office, and the effectiveness of Katrina, and now they want to take over our healthcare?” Republican message guru Frank Luntz told Fox News’ Sean Hannity after Obama’s healthcare reform speech last month. “Sean, use those three together and you have got a powerful message.” And sure enough, at the Values Voter Summit, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins used the same line.

Democrats like Robert Reich might be right about the Obama crew’s emphasis on recovering Wall St rather then job creation, but just a few months ago lots of people were saying that it would be years before Wall St or jobs recovered. If, as Madden suggests jobs start to pick up after the first of the year, the Right will still be whining, but they’ll be doing it in an echo chamber of other righties, not in new seats in Congress.

Rooting against America: Beck, other conservatives cheer elimination of Chicago’s Olympic bid

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal(R) turns down $300 million in stimulus funds for high-speed rail. Kind of difficult for moderate Americans to belive the tripe from the Wall Street Journal and Newsbusters about job creation when Republicans are fighting the creation of jobs and getting America ready for the future.

Square Top Mountain wallpaper

Square Top Mountain wallpaper

Time is a little short today so just some headlines:

Conservatives have gone Hollywood, first they saw death panels and now they hear voices, Breitbart burns Beck, Dobbs, right-wing media with false claim of “Community Organizers Praying TO” Obama

Who knew that America’s emergency rooms were handing out one stop miracle cures for depression, rboken bones, diabetes and cancer, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA). says that constituent who has major depression should go to the emergency room.

The Lynching Of ACORN – If Republicans would hold themselves to the same standards of immaculate perfection they hold ACORN the United States would look much less like a banana republic.

Watchdogs: Health industry giving more to Congress than thought – Say hello to Sen. Max Baucus(D) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The best representation the health-care industry can buy.

Newsmax removes, runs away from military coup-advocating column – A  Newsmax spokesperson, when questioned about the column tried to act like they never hear of the guy, even though he is a regular contributor.

A Friday cheer to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who thinks the only circumstances under which Rep. Alan Grayson should aplogize is that is all the Republican zealots in Congress – see Rep. Broun above,  Trent Frank(R) Chuck Grassley(R) and others also apologize.