Cheney Displays All the Integrity of a Gutter Rat

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Cheney ‘cannot recall’ almost anything about Plame outing. In the Conservative Field Guide it lists rewriting history as one of conservative’s favorite pastimes. Dick is hardly the kind of conservative to break any molds. If he wants to spend his last years of life blowing smoke up America’s backside, well, its not like most of us haven’t built up an immunity.

Cheney also said he “could not remember any reaction he had to the Kristof article at the time it was published,” did not follow subsequent newspaper coverage of Wilson’s claims, was not aware of whether reporters were asking his office about the trip, and only discussed the matter with Central Intelligence Director George Tenet once by phone.

When asked about Wilson’s New York Times editorial of July 6, 2003, Cheney stated that he was “relatively certain he spoke to someone about the article, but he cannot recall exactly who it was.” Even when shown a copy of the editorial with notes in his own handwriting in the margin, he indicated “he has no specific recollection of when he wrote the notes” and that “he cannot recall if he discussed the underlined portions of the editorial with any one.”

Emptywheel beat me to the blog post – Hanging Scooter Libby Out To Dry. That was my first thought, Libby took four felony convictions for the team. Cheney in particular. Bush ended up coming to Libby’s rescue, but now Cheney publicly damns Libby for the sake of Dick’s ego and lifelong habit of redacting what is already well established facts.

Does Glenn Beck understand the words that he sputters. If he does, does Glenn think his viewers are utter morons. If Glenn believes and understands what he says, and his viewers believe what he says, together they might be violating some kind of reality denial barrier hence to unknown to science. Net Neutrality May Be The Next ‘Death Panels’

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to move forward with regulations to preserve the open architecture of the Internet. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is trying to make our current system’s “net neutrality” official by ensuring that broadband providers “cannot discriminate against particular Internet content or applications” and are “transparent about their network management practices.”

[  ]…Fox News host Glenn Beck has been fear-mongering on net neutrality for weeks, saying that the Obama administration is trying to shut down freedom of speech. “You have a freedom of speech or the government,” said Beck last week. “You can’t really have both.” He’s been getting his talking points from Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity, who also fueled Beck’s campaign against former Obama adviser Van Jones. Some telecom companies — which, along with the cable industry, is driving opposition to an open Internet — have begun astroturfing efforts as well.

The only way to have free speech is for corporations to control the net? The only way to keep dry is to jump in the lake. The only way to keep your family safe is to run red lights. Lucky for Beck and his sycophants that Beck’s claims are not subject to the same rigors of proof we apply to even basic arithmetic.