Mountain River Autumn wallpaper

Mountain River Autumn wallpaper

Bill Mahr’s latest observations, Is This as Good as It Gets From Obama?

Yeah, I’m disappointed, too. I thought we were sweeping into power; I thought change meant Change. I believed all that talk about another First 100 Days, a la Roosevelt. Well, that didn’t happen. The question is, is this as good as it gets from Obama, or is he pacing himself? He may have a four and eight-year plan and they included a first year of just gettin’ to know you and not gonna rock the boat too much. Well, Mission Accomplished on that.

I’m trying to be patient. The one obvious thing that President Obama has gotten wrong is the way he has gone about managing the economic recovery. Its actually Larry Summer’s recovery and to some degree Timothy Geithner’s, but the buck still stops in the oval office. Progressives would have put workers, homeowners and small banks ahead of Wall St. Its not that Summers’ way is sinking the economy, regardless of what the Party of Glenn Beck says, its a conservative elite’s recovery in which the trickle down will take years to get us back down to 4% unemployment. I’m a little disappointed in Ariana Huffington for her sensationalized headline lead into this story about the release of David Plouffe’s new book – Obama One Year Later: The Audacity of Winning vs. The Timidity of Governing. Obama was elected in November, but was not sworn in until January of this year. Huffington and some of the editors at The Nation ( which goes after Obama quite a bit) do serve a useful purpose; to keep the heat on the administration to not just live up to its promises – which were relatively modest in the details – but to pressure this administration to live up to its potential.

What with time constraints and a minor health issue that’s all I’ve got today.