Glenn Reynolds Inadvertently Proves Conservative Super Stars Not So Super

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For those that might not be familiar with him Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, he is a far right conservative blogger – his protestations that he is an independent libertarian can be safely ignored based on years of posts and links that prove otherwise. In most ways Reynolds was never a blogger, but rather a Twitterer before there was a Twitter. He wrote posts that excelled in the thoughtful equivalent of the bumper sticker. Those insights or lack of, in combination with his Bill Kristol like propensity to be wrong about just about everything from WMD in Iraq to privatizing social security was bound to pay off; conservatives being such cherrios for the concept of compensating based on genuine merit. The instapundit now gets published by that steaming pile of Murdock dung called the New York Post. The Obama magic has faded – By GLENN HARLAN REYNOLDS ( those caps are NY Post, not mine.)

In fact, the elections underscored Obama’s political weakness just one year after his triumphant victory over Republican moderate John McCain. The Obama invincibility that was so much in evidence then seems to have lost its power. People can argue the reasons why these elections, all in places Obama carried handily, were so close. But if he were the political marvel he was thought to be, these races wouldn’t have been contests, but walkovers. So one consequence of this Election Day is the end of his special political magic. That’s no surprise — as that magic was a largely substanceless froth whipped up by campaign consultants and compliant big-media cheerleaders.

If there was a certification for “substanceless froth”, Reynolds would be Captain Crackerjack of the Substanceless Brigade. So maybe we should all pay attention to the master. The only people that ever thought Barack Obama was “magic” were conservatives. Is a tried and true tactic, build someone up so tearing them down seems like an even bigger fall. Reynolds wants to make these little special elections races all about Obama. Yet as is Reynolds habit it cannot bring himself to be intellectually honest – he might be constitutionally unfit for the task. Nor would he, much like the typical con lower himself to do some actual research, Exit Polls

* Per CNN, voters in Virginia did not see their state’s gubernatorial race as an opportunity to voice opposition to Barack Obama. A 55 percent majority of voters said that the President was not a factor in their vote, and an additional 18 percent indicated their vote in Virginia was one of support in the President. Just 24 percent of voters indicated that their vote was one of opposition to President Obama. The numbers out of New Jersey are not terribly different, with 60 percent saying that Barack Obama played no role in their gubernatorial vote, 19 percent saying that their vote was one in support of the President, and 20 percent saying that their vote was in opposition to President Obama.

Concludes CNN, this is not a referendum on Barack Obama.
* Chuck Todd reports that Barack Obama’s approval rating among Virginia voters stands at 51 percent (just under the 52.6 percent of the vote he received in the state last November) and 57 percent in New Jersey (almost exactly the same as the 57.1 percent of the vote he earned in that state last November). In other words, exit polling indicates President Obama has not really lost supporters over the past year.

Reynolds obviously could not handle the NY-23 race head on so we get dry toast.

Dede Scozzafava was a bizarre choice, bizarre enough to inspire a seemingly quixotic third-party run by Doug Hoffman.

Scozzafava, with the exception of a couple cultural issues a far right Republican in a red-purple district. Can we hold Reynolds to the fact that the preferred candidate of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) and GOP presidential hopeful for 2012 Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was “quixotic”. That’s some serious trash talk about the judement of a circle of people who are currently pushing the conservative movement’s agenda. Under the circumstances would it be fair to say that five of the super star opinion makers of the Republican Partay have lost their “magic”. Glenn’s lasting message to America is that any conservative hack can make their way to the top of the wing-nut welfare machine writing tripe.

Since I have friends and family in Virginia just a short take on the governors race. One old definition of insanity is a person that keeps banging their head against the wall hoping for a different result with each bang. Conservatives typify that mentality daily and Virginia’s new governor is a potential poster boy, VIDEO: MCDONNELL REITERATES SUPPORT FOR FAILED BUSH ECONOMICS. McDonnell hide his Salem Witch Trials cultural agenda during most of his campaign, but got the heretic hunters off their ass during the last weeks. Creigh Deeds owes at least part of his loss for running as a Republican-lite candidate. That said young Virginia Democrats and independents were the key to Deeds winning. To their credit they tend to be idealistic, but the downside to that idealism is lack of pragmatism. Sometimes you have to be pragmatic and vote for the less then ideal candidate – a rule in the Republican playbook that has paid off for them and one which young Democrats might want to consider. Given a few months of Bushnomics revival and the reintroduction of the conservative culture of hate from McDonnell, most Virginians will be suffering buyers regret. Though McDonnell, out of the three high profile races is the one Democrats should ponder. never under estimate the conservative movement’s ability to gain traction on divisive cultural issues and the public’s two week long memory when it comes to placing blame for their economic problems.