The Weakly Standard, The Gateway Xenophobe, Matt Sludge, Big Gov’Mint and the Chorus of Health Reform Lies

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There was super secret contest this weekend among conservative pundits to see who could spin the lie about Speaker Pelosi not posting the House’s version of the health care reform bill 72 hours in advance. Among the contestants were The Weakly Standard, The Gateway Xenophobe, Matt Sludge, Big Gov’Mint and of course the big daddy of right-wing misinformation Fox News. Right-wing media falsely claim Pelosi broke pledge to post health care bill online 72 hours in advance

Right-wing media are claiming Speaker Nancy Pelosi broke a pledge to post the “final” House health care bill online 72 hours before it comes to a vote, echoing a Weekly Standard blog post that claimed amendments allowed by the House Rules Committee the day prior to the vote will change the bill. However, Pelosi’s office posted both the text of the bill and the “manager’s amendment” — which The Sunlight Foundation called an “extra final version of legislation” — 72 hours in advance; those actions meet guidelines set by a House transparency measure that Pelosi told the Weekly Standard she “absolutely” supported.( A pdf of the bill HR 3962 is here, but since the bill will now go into reconciliation with the Senate the link may go dead eventually)

Of course if the House waited 72 hours after every dot on every i was changed we’d never have any legislation pass. Stephen Moore of Rupert Murdock’s Wall Street Journal said, “I’m shocked. You know what, Greta, I am surprised because of the brazenness of this and the arrogance of Speaker Pelosi to say we’re not going to let the American people see the bill. I’m just–I am shocked by it.” [On the Record, 11/05/09]. Stephen is shocked by something that only happened in his fetid imagination.

Conservative columnists for the New York Times are hatched apparently. Hybrids of sorts who are too lazy to do basic research. Someone tell Ross Douthat that President Obama visited the Berlin wall in 2008.

That Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is now considered a moderate by the media and a secret liberal by the Beck-Palin wing of conservatives is a mystery based on substance. Though if he and Joe Lieberman manage to kill the public option or force it out of the main health care reform bill to get a separate vote might not be a bad thing. That all may sound like heresy, but its the reality of politics. Lieberman will be gone in two years – before any major amendments to health care reform. Graham will have a tougher fight being elected because he comes off as an obstructionist reactionary disliked by the few remaining moderate Republicans and not far Right enough for the direction the conservative movement is headed – off a cliff.

Frank Rich on the far Right versus the even further far Right. The Night They Drove the Tea Partiers Down. Sure the internal slap fights of the Right are fun to watch in a train wreck kind of way – its actually not good for the country to not have an honorable loyal opposition, but Democrats should not be over confident. The persistence of high unemployemtn and the continuation of Wall Street decadence has the potential to produce a lot of unfocused backlash at whoever is in office, regardless of party.