Scooter Santa Claus wallpaper

Scooter Santa Claus wallpaper

Glenn Greenwald reminds us that conservatives wake up every morning shaking in a cold sweat at the mere though of terrorists or they’re happy to exploit that fear, cultivate obsessive fears or a combination of those things, The Right’s textbook “surrender to terrorists” – “We’re too scared to have real trials in our country” is a level of cowardice unmatched in the world.

Understanding and Combatting Terrorism, USMC Major S.M. Grass, 1989:

Terrorism is a psychological weapon and is directed to create a general climate of fear. As one definition cogently notes, “terror is a natural phenomenon, terrorism is the conscious exploitation of it.”  Terrorism utilizes violence to coerce governments and their people by inducing fear.

[   ]…GOP House Leader John Boehner, condemning Obama’s decision to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York for trial, yesterday:

The Obama Administration’s irresponsible decision to prosecute the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in New York City puts the interests of liberal special interest groups before the safety and security of the American people.

Boehner has a tendency to break down in tears over projections of of his insecure ego so in his case its reasonable to assume the guy is a genuine basket case. If terrorists have little gold stars next to the names of the people they have managed to “exploit”, John and just about every well known conservative politician and pundit is on the list – mission accomplished they scared the BGs outta these folks. Abolish the Military Commissions and Prosecute Terrorist Suspects in Federal Court

Although some have defended the commissions as an efficient form of military justice, their track record in prosecuting terrorism cases has been abysmal. Since their establishment, the commissions have concluded only three cases, two after trials and one based on a guilty plea. During the same time period, the federal courts have tried more than 107 terrorism cases, obtaining 145 convictions. Several defendants have been sentenced to life in prison.

The only legitimate fear that conservatives could have is that our justice system actually works sometimes. Former New York  Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani(R) in a rare moment of mental clarity said of the convictions of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers,

“[M]any who were bruised by the traumatic event were certain that no verdict by a jury or punishment by a judge will exorcise the pain and terror that remain. … Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani declared that the verdict ‘demonstrates that New Yorkers won’t meet violence with violence, but with a far greater weapon — the law.’” [The New York Times, 3/5/94]