Teabaggers Down with Goldilocks Fever

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I’m not a big fan of A.N.S.W.E.R. While the Right makes no real distinction designating everyone to the left of Alfred Haighton a communist or socialist, I’m a moderate to liberal Democrat, thus ANSWER is a little too far out their for me. Even though we have some opinions in common just as I share some opinions of a Republican on occasion. So when John ” Assrocket” at Powerline writes in condemning some street violence by ANSWER I’m not going to be so blinded by partisanship that I’ll defend ANSWER. Only its not the simple dynamic that Assrocket would like to portray it as. I’ve watched the video at the rabid Right Gateway Pundit ( a kindred spirit of Alfred Haighton) and what I see is two sides – anti-immigration reform tea smokers versus ANSWER – both sides angry and violent. Like Gateway, Powerline suffers from typical conservative tunnel vision and an addiction to spin. Assrocket in fact goes on to do his Michelle Bachmann impression with calls for more violence – More Liberal Violence ( again ANSWER is not a objectively liberal organization)

We conservatives have long talked about our willingness to fight for freedom. In a sense, that’s generally been metaphorical, especially when talking about domestic rather than foreign enemies. With the far left now on the march, however, it isn’t metaphorical any more. It’s just one more sign of the Age of Obama–fighting in the streets, as the extreme Left has been empowered as never before. ( emphasis mine)

Do weenies like Assrocket, Limbaugh and Glenn Beck ever look at themselves in the mirror. They keep their dainty little hands clean, fighting the good fight from the comfort of their cushy offices and fully loaded keyboard. Those Mighty Righties have started a cycle of rhetorical and physical violence. Any opposition to teabaggery has been met with violence – teabaggers opponents are supposed to stand there and be a punching bag, any deviance from this rule will be spun by spinmeisters like Assrocket ( “Gateway Pundit: Che-Supporting Commie Goons Beat Tea Party Protesters In Florida (AMAZING Video)” as a call for an escalation of even more violence. There is a glaring omission from these fascist-lite pundits – a call to ratchet down the violence, rhetorical or otherwise. The teabbagers are/were planning to burn effigies of Rep. Tom Perriello(D) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Apparently even some teabaggers think things might be veering off into Reichstagish territory, yet the chairman ( the grassroots tea baggers have chairmen now) does not understand what all the fuss is about, Can’t These Teabaggers Burn Their Nancy Pelosi Effigy in Peace?

“We’ve been getting a lot of flack about this,” [TPP Chairman Nigel] Coleman said, “about burning those two in effigy and a lot of people in the public are unhappy about it. The story has gotten so large, it’s kinda strange.”

[   ]…Coleman sent a news release to local media Friday about the event, which opened with: “In a move sure to spark controversy, the Danville TEA Party will close their ‘Fired Up for Freedom’ rally by burning Rep. Tom Perriello and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in effigy in response to the passage of landmark health care legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

The unhinged elements of the conservative movement seem to be suffering a bout of Goldilocks fever – too much violence one minute, not enough the next.