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Conservatives Continue To Claim The Stimulus ‘Failed,’ After CBO Report Said Otherwise

Today, the White House is hosting a jobs forum, “to sound out ideas for accelerating job growth during the worst labor market in a generation,” as Democrats in both houses of Congress are attempting to craft jobs legislation. Yesterday, the administration for the first time expressed support for new legislation, so long as it has a “relatively small deficit impact.”

This effort comes in the wake of a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report showing that the economic stimulus package is having its intended effect — creating or saving 600,000 to 1.6 million jobs — albeit in a weaker than anticipated economy.

Republicans, though, have said that additional jobs legislation “would meet resistance.” They’re justifying this position — aided by the conservative media — by claiming that the “failed economic stimulus” has not created jobs, despite the CBO reporting otherwise.

It might be too soon to create another stimulus package since the current one has not be spent yet. We could have the entire conservative noise machine have some kind of miraculous epiphany and start having an honest discussion about where to put stimulus funds to best create jobs, but that is as likely to happen as aliens beaming down bars of gold for everyone. They’ve had some sleazy economists from the Hoover Institute write columns about how the stimulus si not working just after funds had barely started to be disbursed. And the fact is Congress had not dispersed all the Recovery Act funds yet, The $800 Billion Deception: Conservatives claim the stimulus has already failed. But it has barely started.

The Obama administration believes the stimulus is working. “There is broad agreement that the ARRA has added between 2 and 3 percentage points to baseline real GDP growth in the second quarter of 2009 and around 3 percentage points in the third quarter,” the CEA reports. Given that Macroeconomic Advisers is projecting the economy grew at about a 3 percent clip in the third quarter, it’s possible that stimulus activity could have meant the difference between growth and contraction in the just-ended quarter. And far from being out of ammunition, the government still has about 75 percent of the $787 billion Congress appropriated to spend during the next two years.

Where is the thoughtful criticism about jobs and the economy coming from. You can skip the Rupert Mudock’s Wall Street Rag, Faux News and The Weakly Standard. If there is angle on the economy that can somehow be twisted to blame on the guy that will be in the White House for one lousy year in January, they’ve found it. If someone wants some cogent criticism try Paul Krugman or some of Robert Reich columns at HuffPo.

Over at the ThinkProgress link at the top there are some quotes from conservatives about spending, the stimulus and deficits – such as Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), both of whom voted for the original TARP bail-out and did little more than whine while they spent the country into its worse deficits during the Bush era.

How tiresome, Palin trips over the ever growing pile of hypocrisy – of her own making of course, Sarah Palin: Birther

So, to recap: Palin, prompted only to talk about “the birth certificate,” realizes that she’s being asked about President Obama’s proof of citizenship. She says the public is “rightfully” making it an issue, that it’s a “fair question,” and that it’s fair game — and because some people have questioned whether Trig Palin is really her son, it’s fair to “reverse that” and ask questions about the president’s birth certificate.

The Trig stuff should be off limits. The birth certificate stuff is perhaps one of the most thoroughly debunked urban myths ever. To keep bringing up the birth certificate has reached well beyond the point where its “rightfully” an issue and become some kind of mob based delusion. If Palin’s desire is to be taken seriously on policy issues it seems like she is her own worse enemy in regards to developing that persona. If Obama had spent his campaign yammering about Area 51 and martian corpses we would have had a President Hillary Clinton. Yet conservatives embrace equally bizarre myths and are embraced as a true conservatives, or as Palin and Beck like to call them, “common sense” conservatives.