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Donald H. Rumsfeld. Remember him. He was the Secretary of Defense, the conservative wonder boy of straetgy and tactics. He and his likewise brilliant commander-in-thief George W. Bush(R) squandered victory in Afghanistan to divert resources to Iraq because, as he claimed about WMD ,“We know where they are.” He now swears he does not remember a request for more troops for Afghanistan.

…the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said that Rumsfeld refused U.S. commanders’ requests in December 2001 for U.S. troops to deploy on the mountainous Afghan-Pakistan border to prevent Osama bin Laden and his closest followers from escaping into Pakistan.

Conservatives do tend to live in their own little world. Perhaps as conservatives try and reinvent themselves they might try living in the real world enough of the time that it doesn’t let terrorists like Bin laden escape, claim there is an urgent need to invade a country because of weapons that do not exist and then get hundreds of thousands killed. Oh, and check the local community college to see if they have any classes in competence and how to improve one’s memory – or at least learn how to be better liars.

OK, so I over generalized a little. They do remember how to be common criminals, Watergate redux: Break-ins reported at another climate research center.

Burglars and hackers have attacked the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, apparently in an attempt to further the “Climategate” intimidation of global warming researchers. The Climategate smear campaign rests on the release of thousands of emails illegally hacked last month from the British Climatic Research Unit (CRU).

Conservthink: That’s when faced with facts they hack e-mails, distort said e-mails, then repeat.

Michelle Malkin just cannot make up her mind who she hates and fears more, Latinos or gays. Anti-gay right advances new smear that DOE official Jennings promoting “Child Porn in the Classroom”. This kind of tactic is not new to the rabid Right. They have attacked classic literature for years, including such works as To Kill a Mocking bird, Catcher in the Rye and Orwell’s 1984. We all know that conservatives are up to their neck in producing porn, whether books or movies. Conservatives are also the biggest consumers of porn. This is just another faux outrage and part of their completely unfounded and unhinged hatred of Mr. Jennings.

When not remembering where and what the troops were doing, attacking Latinos and the gay community or breaking into research facilities,  conservatives enjoy circulating e-mails about confrontations with Muslims that never happened. Fish Stories More Risky Via Email

Guy sends an email to friends and family recounting his single-handedly thwarting a potential terrorist plane hijacking at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport by man-handling a group of Arabs in “full attire” and tossing them from the plane. The email goes viral on the right-wing interwebs, even ending up on Glenn Beck’s Project 9/12 website.

The airline has debunked the e-mail. Neither Beck or blogger Debbie Schlussel. Beck and Schlussel’s track record for truth-telling is such if they started claiming The Theory of Gravity was correct, I’d start to have doubts. Schlussel double checked with the writer of the e-mail who was not where he said he was and not involved in an incident where a Spanish gentleman was simply asked to turn off his cell phone. Schlussel is not the least bit phased by the facts:

Debbie Schlussel wrong again