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Condeming the American middle-class and working class to outrageous health-care costs they cannot afford or even when they can, a debilitating illness cannot condemn them to bankruptcy and even homelessness is a social injustice akin to slavery. making that comparison as Senate majority Leader Harry Reid did is well within the realm of reasonable discourse. The usual chorus of hate mongers and multimillionaire right-wing elitests sewar on their gold Rolex watches their little feelings are hurt, Conservatives express outrage over Reid remarks. First what Reid said in full context, Reid Compares Health Battle to Emancipation, Women’s Suffrage

“Instead of joining us on the right side of history, all Republicans have come up with is this ‘slow down, stop everything, let’s start over,'” Reid said on the Senate floor today, CBS News Capitol Hill Producer John Nolen reports. “You think you’ve heard these same excuses before? You’re right.”

“In this country, there were those who dug in their heels and said, ‘Slow down, it’s too early. Let’s wait. Things aren’t bad enough,’ about slavery,” he continued. “When women [wanted] to vote– ‘Slow down, there will be a better day to do that.’… When this body was on the verge of guaranteeing equal civil rights to everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, some senators resorted to the same filibuster threats that we hear today.”

The senator went on to ask when Congress should reform health care, if not now.

“There are now those who don’t think it is the right time to reform health care,” he said. For those who feel that way, he added, “it will never, never be a good time to reform health care.”

For fifty years big C conservatives -Forget the Democrat and Republican labels. There used to be liberal Republicans like Nelson Rockefeller and right-wing Democrats like Richard Shelby – have been admittedly opposed to economic progress for real working Americans and anti-social justice. It has been part of the very philosophy that defines them and the platform they run on. In the lala land of conservatism its wrong to call conservatives out on the foundations of their beliefs, but ironically it is also perfectly alright for conservatives to pretend their senistive little feelings have been hurt when a promient Democrat such as Reid pints that out, Conservatives express outrage over Reid remarks

Limbaugh: “This is outrageous.” On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said that Reid’s remarks were “outrageous, because Harry Reid knows the Republican Party was born in the fight against slavery.” Limbaugh added that Reid’s remarks are an indication of what Democrats have “been reduced to.”

Malkin: Reid “playing the race card.” In a December 7 post, Michelle Malkin wrote that Reid was playing the race card in his remarks, adding: “I’m sure Nevadans appreciate being likened to slavemasters, too.”
Conservatives frequently accuse Obama administration, progressives of creating “slavery”

For instance:

* Beck: Recipients of federal aid have been “taught to be slaves”

* Beck: Progressive policies create “slavery”; “slavery to government, welfare, affirmative action, regulation, control”

* After ranting about how “illegal immigration is modern-day slavery,” Beck compares himself to Ben Franklin

* Beck says he can “make a case” Rathke brothers are “enslaving people through ACORN”

* Beck: “The government’s irresponsible spending is turning us into slaves”

* Tax deduction change latest Obama proposal Beck claims “involves enslaving people”

* Beck: “You know what this president is doing right now? He is addicting this country to heroin — the heroin that is government slavery.”

* Beck says of stimulus package: “It is slavery”

* Beck again compares recovery bill to slavery

* On Fox, Forbes’ Ozanian refers to Employee Free Choice Act as “pro-slavery bill”

* Breitbart’s publishes blog post comparing health care reform proposal to slavery

* In rant on health care, Levin equated Senate Finance bill with “economic slavery”

* Limbaugh: Democratic Party “obsessed with your death,” “party of abortion and euthanasia, slavery and not liberty”

* Limbaugh’s guest host is latest radio host to compare current policies or proposals to slavery

Modern Conservatives by their own definition define any and all attempts to rectify social and economic injustice as radical and unAmerican. Yet Malkin once again claims that Democrats are the party of slavery because of Lincoln’s Emancipation. Lincoln has very little in common with today’s rightwing Republicans. Liberalism in the 19th Century was the active implementation of Enlightenment ideals. Something conservative southern slave holders adamantly fought. It was the considered opinion of Abolutionists that slavery was destined by implication of the Bill of Rights to become a sordid relic of America’s past and should not be allowed in expanding western territory. Lincoln was not an abolitionist, but he was a political liberal of his era. By the time he reached the presidency, while he was not as strident as the Abolitionist he knew that slavery had to be abolished. As many writers have noted, he was pragmatic to the point where if he could have saved the Union and delayed Emancipation he might have done so. That kind of pragmatic politics has not changed much. And to point out the obvious, Lincoln saved the Union by rejecting a fundamentalism political view of state’s rights.

Not a complete or definitive history by any means, but here is some background on two phenomenon that happened simultaneously – the Republican party of Lincoln became slowly more conservative, while Democrats, especially in the North returned to their Jeffersonian roots and were supportive of Black American issues and ambitions to elected office, African Americans Return to Congress, 1929–1970. One would think a patriot would be aware of the realignments of liberals and conservatives between and within political parties, but we are talking about Malkin, Limbaugh and Beck – poster children for malicious ignorance.