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Jonathan Cohn on the recent report on the cost projections of the Senate health-care proposal, BREAKING: New Cost Estimate on Senate Bill

Over time, the cumulative effect of these changes will grow, so that the gap between what we’d spend on health care without reform and what we’d spend with it will shrink. In 2019, the last year of the projection, the difference–that is, the amount of extra money our society devotes to health care–is a measly $23 billion out of more than $4.5 trillion total.

That’s 0.5 percent–not five percent, but zero-point-five percent. If that were the price of expanding insurance to around 40 million people, it’d be an absolute bargain.

Not the first use of the phrase, but does anyone remember John McCain rejuvenating the phrase “like a drunker sailor” to describe the spending of Bush and Republicans. He put on a good show of course and the media act it up as part of perpetuating the “maverick” image, but McCain did nothing  to either cut spending or increase revenue. Now after spending a trillion dollars of money, mostly borrowed from China to create the new and improved Iraq, McCain and Republicans are blowing a fuse over some simple arithmetic to claim we just cannot afford health care reform – as is always the case with conservatives we can afford to let people go bankrupt or dieMcCain Calls New Report ‘Dagger In The Heart’ Of Health Care Reform

But Democrats argued the report said something very different. From a White House blog post on the report published this afternoon:

So how did reform’s opponents manage to use this report to claim that costs will increase? They cherry-picked total expenditures at a singular, fixed point in time – ignoring the overall rate of cost growth, the impact on Medicare and America’s seniors, and the fact that millions of more Americans will be covered.

It’s the kind of claim folks here in Washington love. It might be technically “true” but it hardly explains the truth.

Never underestimate the power of a conservative smear campaign, Historic Win for Constitutional Rights! Injunction Granted in CCR Lawsuit on Behalf of ACORN. The only reason those funds were with held were because of those doctored video tapes. There was no trial, no one was found legally guilty of anything. ACORN was found guilty by conservative media with the help of conservatives in Congress and a few DINOs.