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1981 to 1989 should have been a great learning moment for Conservatives. We had an administration that was corrupt, arrogant, social darwinistic, irresponsible, anti-education, anti-environment, anti-science and seemed to hate the middle-class. Yet from 2000 to 2008 they doubled down. 2009 could have been that moment of clarity – the great epiphany where cons admitted after a total of sixteen years of policies that ranged from dismal to disastrous it was time to change course. No chance. They decided that moving even further Right – yes sadly that is possible – is the answer. As incoherent and immoral as conservatism has been, they’ve decided to turbo charge the crazy.

Health Care Misinformer of the Year award to Betsy McCaughey – McCaughey cooks up falsehood that recovery act puts government bureaucrats between you and your doctor

Despite the fact that McCaughey’s claim is demonstrably false, it nonetheless was widely repeated in the media. Her commentary was first picked up by Rush Limbaugh, then trumpeted by Internet gossip Matt Drudge. The falsehood jumped to Fox News, where it was promoted by co-anchors Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly and guest and Wall Street Journal senior economic writer Stephen Moore, and was then again touted by Limbaugh. The false claim subsequently was repeated or promoted by then-CNN host Lou Dobbs and Fox News host Glenn Beck, who each hosted McCaughey; syndicated columnist Ann Coulter…

If it’s a crazy claim the health-care debate proved conservatives will echo that claim faster than chicken pox can spread through an uninoculated elementary school.

The reason we can all laugh at political jokes is that politicians regardless of party have been known to short change the truth on occasion. There is or should be a limit. When a politician bases their entire career and policy perspective on lies and gross misinformation they have an integrity problem, The Conservative Most Lacking in Integrity for 2009 – Sarah Palin.

They should have included Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) in this, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) Wins GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award For Putting Union-Hating Ahead of National Security

Does Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) own stock in Chinese companies. Just wondering because he tends to take their POV on global warming. Chinese hackers linked to ‘Warmergate’ climate change leaked emails controversy

Slideshow – The Best and the Rightest, The Top Ten Conservatives of 2009

There are heavily medicated people in asylums with sharper cognitive abilities then one of conservatism’s new heroes, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Bachmann: We should ‘make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers’ against health care reform.

Glenn Beck: Media Matters’ 2009 Misinformer of the Year

Glenn Beck’s well of ridiculous was deep and poisonous before he launched his Fox News show, but the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States — and the permissive cheerleading of his Fox News honchos — uncorked the former Morning Zoo shock jock’s unique brand of vitriol, stage theatrics, and hyperbolic fright, making him an easy choice for Media Matters’ 2009 Misinformer of the Year.

When he wasn’t calling the president a racist, portraying progressive leaders as vampires who can only be stopped by “driv[ing] a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers,” or pushing the legitimacy of seceding from the country, Beck obsessively compared Democrats in Washington to Nazis and fascists and “the early days of Adolf Hitler.” He wondered, “Is this where we’re headed,” while showing images of Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin; decoded the secret language of Marxists; and compared the government to “heroin pushers” who were “using smiley-faced fascism to grow the nanny state.”

Beck’s brand of conservatism is in turns repugnant and hilarious. Perhaps not so funny is his viewers hang on every word as the new gospel.