Winter Snow and Forest at Sunset wallpaper

Winter Snow and Forest at Sunset wallpaper

As we all know by now Fox and Politico are happy to give Dick Cheney a huge soapbox on which to rewrite history and extol the virtues of breaking the law( like torture). Every time he does we all revisit the facts and once again Cheney seems like one of those infomercial charlatans who think they can make millions selling people a device that will allow them to have six-pack abs while sitting on the sofa have some ice cream with their extra sausage pizza. Sadly, Dick is correct in a way. People do believe those commercials and Dick The Serial Liar Cheney. Army History Finds Early Missteps in Afghanistan

“Even after the capture of Kabul and Kandahar,” the historians write, “there was no major planning initiated to create long-term political, social and economic stability in Afghanistan. In fact, the message from senior D.O.D officials in Washington was for the U.S. military to avoid such efforts.”

In one telling anecdote from 2004, the history describes how soldiers under General Barno had so little experience in counterinsurgency that one lieutenant colonel bought books about the strategy over the Internet and distributed them to his company commanders and platoon leaders.

[  ]….The historians say resistance to providing more robust resources to Afghanistan had three sources in the White House and the Pentagon.

First, President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld had criticized using the military for peacekeeping and reconstruction in the Balkans during the 1990s. As a result, “nation building” carried a derogatory connotation for many senior military officials, even though American forces were being asked to fill gaping voids in the Afghan government after the Taliban’s fall.

Second, military planners were concerned about Afghanistan’s long history of resisting foreign invaders and wanted to avoid the appearance of being occupiers. But the historians argue that this concern was based partly on an “incomplete” understanding of the Soviet experience in Afghanistan.

Third, the invasion of Iraq was siphoning away resources. After the invasion started in March 2003, the history says, the United States clearly “had a very limited ability to increase its forces” in Afghanistan.

The history provides a detailed retelling of the battle of Tora Bora, the cave-riddled insurgent redoubt on the Pakistan border where American forces thought they had trapped Osama bin Laden in December 2001. But Mr. bin Laden apparently escaped into Pakistan along with hundreds of Qaeda fighters.

The historians call Tora Bora “a lost opportunity” to capture or kill Mr. bin Laden.

Taking national security advice from the neocons is like taking surgery instructions from Hannibal Lecter. Its not that the press should ignore Cheney, but how about challenging his and his supporters obviously warped reality. Cheney and Bush’s policies blew what had been a relatively easy victory in Afghanistan. Now the same people are claiming President Obama doesn’t know how to handle national security. If this was all a game where the winner scored the most points for unmitigated gall, the neocons would easily win.

A funny piece on right-wing conservative bloggers and their deranged conspiracy theories about INTERPOL, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order amending one of Ronald Reagan’s executive orders, which rescinded the exclusion INTERPOL would otherwise have from American tax laws.

How about some New Year’s resolutions for the right-wing media machine?

It’s that time of year again. Some have vowed to hit the gym more often. Others are swearing off cigarettes. For some, coffee has been replaced with copious amounts of socialist green tea. Still others are signing up for community service projects to help improve the world around them.

Yes, many Americans have made their New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps the conservative media establishment should do the same.

Fox News’ tear-shedding golden boy Glenn Beck should give up the infamous chalkboard he’s used to illustrate wild conspiracy theories and invest the money saved — he must spend a bundle on chalk — on a team of full-time fact-checkers.

For conservative pundits to turn over a new leaf would require the kind of soul searching and deep epiphany that the conservative mind-set seems to be incapable. Reagan was one of the most corrupt incompetent presidencies in our history. Setting new lows in political sleaze and disregard of governance for the common good. What did conservatives learn. The Bush presidency was just more corrupt, more blatant and arrogant about the corruption – both financial and ethics wise. Listening to the tea baggers their future plans include making Bush and Republican control of Congress seem like the good old days.