Black and White Rippled Sand wallpaper

Black and White Rippled Sand wallpaper

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown (R-MA) is on the Conservative Welfare Plan. Scottie has chosen the Fox Pimp Option. That is where he goes on Fox and Dick Morris runs an interview free campaign ad pleading for funds. Should archeologists ever find the legendary self sufficient pure meritocratic Conservative the Smithsonian really should put them on display so we can see what one looks like. The least Brown could do is take all the money Fox is saving him on buying campaign ads and give part of the savings to children’s charities and soup kitchens in Massachusetts.

A “reporter” from The Weakly Standard acts like a crazed loon toward Attorney General Coakley(D) and ends up on the sidewalk. It cannot be that loon cannot walk in his brand new feet or act like a civilized human being, it’s the magic powers of liberalism that knocked him down. The WS’s John McCormack could have found his answer about why it seems the health-insurance industry is supporting Coakley here, The Health Insurance Industry’s ‘Duplicitous’ Campaign To Kill Health Reform. An informed, you know, real journalist would know the health-care industry is playing both sides. They’ve been pretty clever about it. Health-care insiders/lobbyist get to visit with the Prez and Congressional lawmakers selling their side, while at the same time trying to kill reform. A little complicated, but not very. Just too complicated for anyone on the Weakly staff to comprehend. Or more likely they have decided to play both angles themselves.The health-care industry in yet another kooky conspiracy involving Democrats plays well with the tea smoker crowd.

There is more about health-care lobbying groups playing games here, AHIP and Insurance Companies Funding Chamber of Commerce Attack Ads

Duplicitous – Janus-faced, ambidextrous, deceitful, double-dealing, double-faced.

Some day they are going to name a mindless breed of sheep after Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris Hunts for Obama’s ‘Secret Vault’ as Interpol Conspiracy Theories Get Wilder