Black and White Rippled Sand wallpaper

Black and White Rippled Sand wallpaper

U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown (R-MA) is on the Conservative Welfare Plan. Scottie has chosen the Fox Pimp Option. That is where he goes on Fox and Dick Morris runs an interview free campaign ad pleading for funds. Should archeologists ever find the legendary self sufficient pure meritocratic Conservative the Smithsonian really should put them on display so we can see what one looks like. The least Brown could do is take all the money Fox is saving him on buying campaign ads and give part of the savings to children’s charities and soup kitchens in Massachusetts.

A “reporter” from The Weakly Standard acts like a crazed loon toward Attorney General Coakley(D) and ends up on the sidewalk. It cannot be that loon cannot walk in his brand new feet or act like a civilized human being, it’s the magic powers of liberalism that knocked him down. The WS’s John McCormack could have found his answer about why it seems the health-insurance industry is supporting Coakley here, The Health Insurance Industry’s ‘Duplicitous’ Campaign To Kill Health Reform. An informed, you know, real journalist would know the health-care industry is playing both sides. They’ve been pretty clever about it. Health-care insiders/lobbyist get to visit with the Prez and Congressional lawmakers selling their side, while at the same time trying to kill reform. A little complicated, but not very. Just too complicated for anyone on the Weakly staff to comprehend. Or more likely they have decided to play both angles themselves.The health-care industry in yet another kooky conspiracy involving Democrats plays well with the tea smoker crowd.

There is more about health-care lobbying groups playing games here, AHIP and Insurance Companies Funding Chamber of Commerce Attack Ads

Duplicitous – Janus-faced, ambidextrous, deceitful, double-dealing, double-faced.

Some day they are going to name a mindless breed of sheep after Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris Hunts for Obama’s ‘Secret Vault’ as Interpol Conspiracy Theories Get Wilder

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Tree and Sky Bliss wallpaper. For those of us looking forward to Spring.

Reading the conservative blogs about the Senate race in Massachusetts reminds me of the drooling wolf in the old Looney Tunes cartoons. The polls have been odd, but the important question is, does anyone know the real Scott Brown,

Just like George Bush, he claims to be a compassionate centrist but is in fact a ferociously partisan Republican. “I have a history of working as an independent thinker and voter having over 6,000 votes and working across Party lines …” he told WGBH’s Emily Rooney in 2009 . Rooney swallowed the claim in the interview, but the Coakley campaign checked the facts and found that Brown has voted with the Republican leadership 96 percent of the time. Last week, true to form, he announced that if elected he will be the “41st Senator”.

More of Borwn’s platform ( antics) at the link. He wants to be the Senator that makes sure health care costs continue to sky rocket. The Senator that makes sure insurance companies can continue to charge much higher premiums for women than men. He wants to be the Senator that makes sure your insurance company can cancel your insurance as soon as you get sick and really need it. In other words he is a far right tea smoker running as a “compassionate conservative”. Martha Coakley may and may not be the great legislator that Ted Kennedy was, but if the positives cannot get Democrats motivated, maybe learning about Brown’s negative can,

Turnout Will Matter — The big spread in results among the polls, and differences apparent within two of them, are all consistent in supporting one finding: The lower the turnout, the better the odds for Scott Brown. These differences indicate that the voters most interested and most likely to vote are Republican, while Democrats are more blase.

So Democrats in Massachusetts can be cynical or disinterested and stay home. Then we’ll have two years of a Senate that accomplishes nothing. Those that are pissed off about whatever – the public option, Afghanistan or  – think things suck now. Go ahead let Brown take Ted Kennedy’s seat.

Was Harry Reid Right? – It may not have been PC, but the majority leader may simply have been honest about how voters react to skin color.

CNN is aflutter. Bloggers are calling it a “big-time” mistake. Newspapers describe the “racially tinged” remarks as “sensational.” What is this “juicy revelation”? Apparently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid privately told two journalists in 2008 that Obama was more electable because he’s “light-skinned” and lacked a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

….Lost in all the handwringing and shock, however, is any clear explanation of what’s wrong with Reid’s comment. Clearly, using “Negro dialect” is about half-a-century behind the times, but does anyone think Reid meant ill by his anachronism? Moreover, as the recent kerfuffle about the 2010 Census revealed, “Negro” is still used by a non-trivial number of older black folks. In 2000, for example, more than 50,000 people went the extra effort of writing-in that they identified themselves as “Negro” (over-and-above the millions who checked the box for “Black, African-Am., or Negro”).

And what term would you use? Ebonics, a neologism coined in 1975 from ebony and phonics, is now laughably dated. Linguists currently refer to “black or African-American vernacular English,” but that hardly rolls off the tongue. Yes, Reid (and the Census) should get with the times, but using dated language with no bad intent should hardly be grounds for days of media analysis, conscience-stricken mea culpas or organized damage control.

Conservatives, always one to hold an unfounded grudge, want desperately to get revenge for Trent Lott. Swearing the Reid and Lott incidents are alike. That dog will not only not run it won’t leave the dog house. Lott had established his racist credentials long before the defense of Throm Thurmond, Trent Lott: Repeat Offender

Most notable has been Senator Lott’s close ties to the Conservative Citizen’ s Council, an openly racist and anti-semitic group which grew out of the terrorist White Citizen’s Councils, and which today, among other unpalatable positions, calls interracial marriage “white genocide.”

In 1992, Lott was keynote speaker at the Council’s national board meeting, ending his speech by enthusing that “the people in this room stand for the right principles and the right philosophy.” Throughout the 1990s, Lott maintained his intimate relations with the CCC, hosting a private meeting with Council leaders in 1997, writing a column for the CCC magazine Citizen’s Informer for eight years, and attending at least two CCC banquets in his honor.

The wing-nut does not fall far from the wing-nut tree, Liz Cheney Airs Hypocritical Attack Ad On Obama For Waiting ‘100 Hours’ To Respond To Terror Plot

On ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos confronted Cheney about her hypocritical attack. “As many Democrats and others have pointed out, President Bush waited I think six days before doing much about Richard Reid, the shoe bomber,” he noted. Cheney evaded the question entirely, pretending not to hear it. “The point of that ad,” she said, “was this notion that you cannot win a war if you’re treating it as sort of an inconvenient sidelight.”

Deflecting reality and making up one’s own was, and remains, a specialty of the Cheney clan.

Black and White winter forest wallpaper

Black and White winter forest wallpaper

Blue Winter Forest wallpaper. Thought I would include the color version with a pale tint.

The fantasy, spun daily by the right-wing noise machine, least anyone stop and think is that conservatives are the Cracker-Jack prize of national security. As a diarist at DKos notes the reality is that conservatives are a more inept version of Elmer Fudd, On Terror, GOP Goes from Oprah to Donald Trump

Of course, when President Bush presided over the 9/11 catastrophe, Osama Bin Laden’s escape from Tora Bora, the baseless claims about Saddam’s WMD, the disastrous invasion of Iraq and myriad other intelligence and national security debacles, Republicans instead played the role of Oprah.  Then, their message was “you get a medal, you get a medal, you all get medals!”

Of course, none of the Bush bunglers was fired.  Instead, a President whose mantra apparently was “nothing succeeds like failure” bestowed medals upon them.

Bush, typically Republican, believed so much in meritocracy that he promoted Condoleezza Rice ( his national Security adviser on 9-11 2000 to 2004) to Secretary of State after Colin Powell decided he had enough. Those that are calling for the resignation Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have conveniently forgotten Rice, with Bush’s backing, refused to testify before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Rice also perjured herself in testimony before the 9-11 Commission. Bush and Cheney didn’t fire her. Her lies to protect the criminal negligence of the administration simply strengthened her position as a member of the Elmer Fudd Team of Insecurity and Ineptitude. The right-wing pundits and bloggers that wet their diapers every time a firecracker goes off defended Rice and Bush’s eight years of failure as the infamous “war on terror”. Former CIA agent: Bush made intelligence problems worse

Speaking to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, Jack Rice, now an on-air personality at Air America radio, said the creation of the National Counterterrorism Center and the office of the Director of National Intelligence in the years after the 9/11 attacks means that information is being shuffled around too many different offices and agencies.

“The problem with that is sometimes you may not get the context of that information,” Rice said. “So they only get pieces of it. When you break this up into so many moving parts — and there are already incredible numbers of moving parts — you sort of misunderstand how the entire process works. So now they’re having to cobble it back together, and try to come up with an answer, and they’re still failing at that.”

Olbermann cited a 2005 essay (PDF) by National Counterterrorism Center Deputy Director Russell Travers, which argued that the Bush-era reforms “severed the collection of the data from the analysis of the data.”

“Are we on the road to ‘fixing’ intelligence, or are we at risk of making it worse?” the essay asked. “In truth, either outcome is entirely possible.”
Story continues below…

Rice also said the Bush administration wasn’t “as concerned about quality” of information. “Hence, they were willing to waterboard somebody 183 times in one month.”

Illinois Winter Stream wallpaper

Illinois Winter Stream wallpaper

I don’t like to pick fights with Democratic bloggers, but a couple of the more popular ones have run posts that act as though the sky is falling because two Democratic senators are going to retire. Which chimes in with the kind of mindless spin the MSM likes to portray daily events, especially when it comes to Democrats. Tapped notes,

Then the pack mentality sets in, and you get nonsense like “Wave of retirements speaks to uncertainty about 2010 elections.” Yesterday I said that 2010 was less predictable than your run-of-the-mill midterm election because of the state of the opposition party. By comparison the electoral consequences of Dodd and Dorgan are all but certain.

* Speaking of the unique set of obstacles confronting Republicans in an election year that would otherwise be very favorable to them, it’s a pretty big deal that the RNC’s finances are worse off now than a year ago, when chessmaster Michael Steele took over. Moreover, look at what spending $90 million (!) in 2009 netted the Republican Party: two governor’s mansions and the loss of five special congressional elections. And most significantly, the NRCC only has enough cash on hand at this point to finance a single congressional race in 2010, a year in which the GOP should be competitive in dozens of districts. Add to the mix the fact that the grass-roots energy (read: money) is being directed toward futile tea party jamborees, and it’s easy to see why this is all more politically interesting than the usual “liberal schism” storyline.

This is a great moment for liberals. We’re getting a little pay back from the tea baggers who are sending their money to their astroturf leaders rather than the RNC. GOP Vulnerabilities May Help Dems Hang On To 60 Senate Seats

Keep in mind that 2004 was a very good Senate cycle for the Republicans, with them winning nearly every state they possibly could. Now, six years later, they have a lot of territory where they have to play defense, and a wide variety of outcomes are possible.

This is not to say that Democrats should be over-confident. Just a few for examples. If you active in Missouri progressive politics now is the time to start the background research on possible conservative Senate candidates. Start blogging, faxing, e-mailing or whatever your talents lend themselves. Same thing for Ohio. Rep. Rob Portman has so much baggage he could open his own suitcase shop, he served as Trade Representative and Budget Director under  Bush.

Sarah Palin is destined for the crazy dustbin of conservative history. She lacks maturity. a grasp of issues and appears to have little need for the virtue of humility, Palin: I’m “Not Gonna Back Off” Death Panel Claim. You know the wacky claim that has been thoroughly debunked – Sarah Palin falsely claims Barack Obama runs a ‘death panel’. Hey way to act like a leader. We had a guy named George and his sidekick Dick who had the same hubris when it came to admitting fault and apologizing.

Glenn Beck Hate Mongering Of The Day: Obama And Progressives “Want To Intentionally Collapse Our Economic System”. Beck woke up from a walking coma just last week. OK, that’s not ture, but I was trying to find an excuse for Beck and conservative’s in general lack of knowledge about the history of the last 10 years. America’s Sea of Red Ink Was Years in the Making

The story of today’s deficits starts in January 2001, as President Bill Clinton was leaving office. The Congressional Budget Office estimated then that the government would run an average annual surplus of more than $800 billion a year from 2009 to 2012. Today, the government is expected to run a $1.2 trillion annual deficit in those years.

You can think of that roughly $2 trillion swing as coming from four broad categories: the business cycle, President George W. Bush’s policies, policies from the Bush years that are scheduled to expire but that Mr. Obama has chosen to extend, and new policies proposed by Mr. Obama.

The first category — the business cycle — accounts for 37 percent of the $2 trillion swing. It’s a reflection of the fact that both the 2001 recession and the current one reduced tax revenue, required more spending on safety-net programs and changed economists’ assumptions about how much in taxes the government would collect in future years.

About 33 percent of the swing stems from new legislation signed by Mr. Bush. That legislation, like his tax cuts and the Medicare prescription drug benefit, not only continue to cost the government but have also increased interest payments on the national debt.

Mr. Obama’s main contribution to the deficit is his extension of several Bush policies, like the Iraq war and tax cuts for households making less than $250,000. Such policies — together with the Wall Street bailout, which was signed by Mr. Bush and supported by Mr. Obama — account for 20 percent of the swing.

About 7 percent comes from the stimulus bill that Mr. Obama signed in February. And only 3 percent comes from Mr. Obama’s agenda on health care, education, energy and other areas.

Beck’s ‘expert’ observations and advice are said to bring him about $3 million dollars a years. It turns out conservatives do believe in welfare. Beck should be paying people to listen to his swill.

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Winter Snow and Forest at Sunset wallpaper

As we all know by now Fox and Politico are happy to give Dick Cheney a huge soapbox on which to rewrite history and extol the virtues of breaking the law( like torture). Every time he does we all revisit the facts and once again Cheney seems like one of those infomercial charlatans who think they can make millions selling people a device that will allow them to have six-pack abs while sitting on the sofa have some ice cream with their extra sausage pizza. Sadly, Dick is correct in a way. People do believe those commercials and Dick The Serial Liar Cheney. Army History Finds Early Missteps in Afghanistan

“Even after the capture of Kabul and Kandahar,” the historians write, “there was no major planning initiated to create long-term political, social and economic stability in Afghanistan. In fact, the message from senior D.O.D officials in Washington was for the U.S. military to avoid such efforts.”

In one telling anecdote from 2004, the history describes how soldiers under General Barno had so little experience in counterinsurgency that one lieutenant colonel bought books about the strategy over the Internet and distributed them to his company commanders and platoon leaders.

[  ]….The historians say resistance to providing more robust resources to Afghanistan had three sources in the White House and the Pentagon.

First, President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld had criticized using the military for peacekeeping and reconstruction in the Balkans during the 1990s. As a result, “nation building” carried a derogatory connotation for many senior military officials, even though American forces were being asked to fill gaping voids in the Afghan government after the Taliban’s fall.

Second, military planners were concerned about Afghanistan’s long history of resisting foreign invaders and wanted to avoid the appearance of being occupiers. But the historians argue that this concern was based partly on an “incomplete” understanding of the Soviet experience in Afghanistan.

Third, the invasion of Iraq was siphoning away resources. After the invasion started in March 2003, the history says, the United States clearly “had a very limited ability to increase its forces” in Afghanistan.

The history provides a detailed retelling of the battle of Tora Bora, the cave-riddled insurgent redoubt on the Pakistan border where American forces thought they had trapped Osama bin Laden in December 2001. But Mr. bin Laden apparently escaped into Pakistan along with hundreds of Qaeda fighters.

The historians call Tora Bora “a lost opportunity” to capture or kill Mr. bin Laden.

Taking national security advice from the neocons is like taking surgery instructions from Hannibal Lecter. Its not that the press should ignore Cheney, but how about challenging his and his supporters obviously warped reality. Cheney and Bush’s policies blew what had been a relatively easy victory in Afghanistan. Now the same people are claiming President Obama doesn’t know how to handle national security. If this was all a game where the winner scored the most points for unmitigated gall, the neocons would easily win.

A funny piece on right-wing conservative bloggers and their deranged conspiracy theories about INTERPOL, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order amending one of Ronald Reagan’s executive orders, which rescinded the exclusion INTERPOL would otherwise have from American tax laws.

How about some New Year’s resolutions for the right-wing media machine?

It’s that time of year again. Some have vowed to hit the gym more often. Others are swearing off cigarettes. For some, coffee has been replaced with copious amounts of socialist green tea. Still others are signing up for community service projects to help improve the world around them.

Yes, many Americans have made their New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps the conservative media establishment should do the same.

Fox News’ tear-shedding golden boy Glenn Beck should give up the infamous chalkboard he’s used to illustrate wild conspiracy theories and invest the money saved — he must spend a bundle on chalk — on a team of full-time fact-checkers.

For conservative pundits to turn over a new leaf would require the kind of soul searching and deep epiphany that the conservative mind-set seems to be incapable. Reagan was one of the most corrupt incompetent presidencies in our history. Setting new lows in political sleaze and disregard of governance for the common good. What did conservatives learn. The Bush presidency was just more corrupt, more blatant and arrogant about the corruption – both financial and ethics wise. Listening to the tea baggers their future plans include making Bush and Republican control of Congress seem like the good old days.

Boston Skyline wallpaper

city skyline

Boston Skyline wallpaper

1981 to 1989 should have been a great learning moment for Conservatives. We had an administration that was corrupt, arrogant, social darwinistic, irresponsible, anti-education, anti-environment, anti-science and seemed to hate the middle-class. Yet from 2000 to 2008 they doubled down. 2009 could have been that moment of clarity – the great epiphany where cons admitted after a total of sixteen years of policies that ranged from dismal to disastrous it was time to change course. No chance. They decided that moving even further Right – yes sadly that is possible – is the answer. As incoherent and immoral as conservatism has been, they’ve decided to turbo charge the crazy.

Health Care Misinformer of the Year award to Betsy McCaughey – McCaughey cooks up falsehood that recovery act puts government bureaucrats between you and your doctor

Despite the fact that McCaughey’s claim is demonstrably false, it nonetheless was widely repeated in the media. Her commentary was first picked up by Rush Limbaugh, then trumpeted by Internet gossip Matt Drudge. The falsehood jumped to Fox News, where it was promoted by co-anchors Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly and guest and Wall Street Journal senior economic writer Stephen Moore, and was then again touted by Limbaugh. The false claim subsequently was repeated or promoted by then-CNN host Lou Dobbs and Fox News host Glenn Beck, who each hosted McCaughey; syndicated columnist Ann Coulter…

If it’s a crazy claim the health-care debate proved conservatives will echo that claim faster than chicken pox can spread through an uninoculated elementary school.

The reason we can all laugh at political jokes is that politicians regardless of party have been known to short change the truth on occasion. There is or should be a limit. When a politician bases their entire career and policy perspective on lies and gross misinformation they have an integrity problem, The Conservative Most Lacking in Integrity for 2009 – Sarah Palin.

They should have included Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) in this, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) Wins GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award For Putting Union-Hating Ahead of National Security

Does Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) own stock in Chinese companies. Just wondering because he tends to take their POV on global warming. Chinese hackers linked to ‘Warmergate’ climate change leaked emails controversy

Slideshow – The Best and the Rightest, The Top Ten Conservatives of 2009

There are heavily medicated people in asylums with sharper cognitive abilities then one of conservatism’s new heroes, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Bachmann: We should ‘make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers’ against health care reform.

Glenn Beck: Media Matters’ 2009 Misinformer of the Year

Glenn Beck’s well of ridiculous was deep and poisonous before he launched his Fox News show, but the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States — and the permissive cheerleading of his Fox News honchos — uncorked the former Morning Zoo shock jock’s unique brand of vitriol, stage theatrics, and hyperbolic fright, making him an easy choice for Media Matters’ 2009 Misinformer of the Year.

When he wasn’t calling the president a racist, portraying progressive leaders as vampires who can only be stopped by “driv[ing] a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers,” or pushing the legitimacy of seceding from the country, Beck obsessively compared Democrats in Washington to Nazis and fascists and “the early days of Adolf Hitler.” He wondered, “Is this where we’re headed,” while showing images of Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin; decoded the secret language of Marxists; and compared the government to “heroin pushers” who were “using smiley-faced fascism to grow the nanny state.”

Beck’s brand of conservatism is in turns repugnant and hilarious. Perhaps not so funny is his viewers hang on every word as the new gospel.