Tranquil Blue Lake wallpaper, The Grand Old Boring Tea Bagger Awakening

Tranquil Blue Lake wallpaper

As The World Turns or the continuing saga of treading lightly in the Bizarro World of Republican Political Correctness. Palin uses her child as a political prop, yet again. Says that White House Chief of Staff  Rahm Emmauel should resign forthwith for using the word retard and then says yea that includes you too Limbaugh. Oops, Palin forgets that Jabba the Hutt Limbaugh is not to be criticized, so walks back the including Limbaugh. Republicans now have the permission of Mrs. Palin to call anyone they chose retard, but any Democrat that uses the r-word should turn into a pillar of salt. To be fair – all, some, none or half of what M’s Palin says could be her own thoughts or they could be the thoughts of her husband who was at least half the governor of Alaska before she resigned.

During the 2 1/2 years that his wife, Sarah, was governor of Alaska and then a vice presidential candidate, Todd Palin inserted himself into a host of state decisions, including judicial nominations and gas pipeline bids, according to e-mails released Friday.

Before Sarah Palin resigned her office in July, the “First Dude,” as Todd Palin became known, weighed in on appointments to state boards, labor disputes and the use of government aircraft, according to the documents, which were obtained by under Alaska’s public records law.

MSNBC are the ones that filed the request for the e-mail records,

* The governor coached her staff on how to disguise the $3,252.35 cost of electrical work at the mansion to hook up her new tanning bed.
* Palin and her staff stewed over the refusal of the state Public Safety Department to provide a plane so their children could fly to Todd’s family’s home in Dillingham; after all, they were going to attend a bill signing, so the travel requests could be justified. Sarah Palin called the decision “outrageous,” and an aide said it provides “a great excuse to privatize” the governor’s jet service.
* The manager of the Palins’ travel schedule searched for a public event to use as justification (“I just need one”) to charge the state for an airplane flight for Palin’s daughter, Willow, who had already made the trip but missed the event given as its justification.

Some of this news about Todd Palin and his “First Dude” status is not new. Mike Madden had a first rate report on Todd’s unusual degree of influence back in 2008, Sarah Palin’s powerful “First Dude”. It is reasonable to ask if Todd wants to play politics why doesn’t he run for office rather then governing through his wife. Sarah has somewhat plausible deniability since she never registered with – though she did attend an event with Todd, but Todd did belong to an Alaskan political party that advocated secession. That might go over great with the tea bagger crowd, but there are still a few relatively moderate Republicans left that are not thrilled about the idea of voting for a secessionist. And elections still being won by relatively small margins, Todd would lose most independents. Together those moderate Republicans and independents make the difference between winning a primary or election.

According to Sarah’s Rule we cannot call Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds the r-word. We could say his candle wick seems to be missing, he’s a few bricks short of a full load, the lights are on, but his brain is in cold storage or he’s a half wit missing the other half or he is proof that conservatives can still navigate the river of denial and delusions, Glenn Reynolds: Nashville Shows Tea Party Is America’s Third Great Awakening

I attended this past weekend’s National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, and I came away feeling that I had seen something important.  The Tea Party movement is part of something bigger:  America’s Third Great Awakening.

No doubt there are some average Joes and Janes that participate and believe in whatever it is the tea baggers believe in. Though it is an amazing coincidence this “Great Awakening” also parrots the talking points of some very wealthy and powerful right-wing lobbyists, corporations and power players. The Immaculate Convention

And to be sure, the ersatz revolution wasn’t just televised by the organs of the Republican Party, but funded by their donors as well. As ThinkProgress documented here, here, here and here, Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and other of the usual suspects among Republican moneymen showered cash and organizational expertise on the Tea Baggers.

The tea baggers movement will be joined by the new American Action Network. Which is yet another  nutroots campaign to save supposedly save America by the same grand old grumps and schemers of the conservative movement Robert K. Steel, Kenneth Langone, lobbyist and John McCain alum Ed Gillespie and convicted felon Fred Malek. Glenn also writes from the inner sanctum of his delusions, “It’s America’s politicians and parties.  They’ve grown corrupt, venal, and out-of-touch with the values, and the people, that they’re supposed to represent.  So the people, once again, are reasserting themselves.” For those that have not received their right-wing secret decoder ring, what Glenn means is the tea baggers and the same old rabid rightwingers plan to further erode the middle class, make sure science is buried in an avalanche of ignorance, that the white male power structure remains intact, that we have a permanent under class of Americans to clean their houses and let Wall St run Social Security. And of course expect them to throw in a heavy dose of of good old fashioned racism and xenophobia.  More here, Palin and the tea-party “movement”: nothing new