Jet Airliner Sunset wallpaper, Republicans to Meet Their Waterloo


Jet Airliner Sunset wallpaper

In pass past week we’ve all probably read a few blog posts and pundit columns from the Democratic perspective that if only President Obama would bring his governing savvy up to the level of his campaign expertise. Its an interesting meme and one the White House should consider, but they may have already caught on. First, according to some analysis, that should have been self evident, by Nate Silver, President Obama enjoys quite a bit of public support on the issues ( and its mostly liberals versus liberal in regards to a poor showing in the health care debate). The public does give Obama credit for his sometimes exasperating attempts at bipartisanship. Republicans do remain struggling to regain public trust. Many may not think President Obama is doing enough to create jobs or keep people from losing their homes, but the fact is the public has those problems primarily because of conservative economic polices that put the interests of Wall Street ahead of Main Street. We can debate all day about whether Democrats are doing enough to correct the situation, but Republicans dug the hole. Its a testament to the screwball mindset of conservatives that they seem to have taken to National Review- Glenn Beck style attacks on Obama, i.e. he is too liberal. Let’s remember that it was Republicans back in the 80s that caused the savings and loans crisis and it was Reagan that seized those institutions. All Obama has done it try and rebuild the house of anything goes deregulated financial institutions Republicans built. So if conservatives truly believe Obama is the second coming of Mao, that indicates Republicans have moved further toward the soft fascism that has been their fetish for fifty years. What have Republicans learned from the last eight years in particular? That they did not curtail more freedoms, make government even more a surveillance state that panders to their bed wetting fears and working class Americans should learn their place in the plantation style wage slave economy of Republican dreams. First up on the policy agenda for Republicans in their great push back to regain power in 2010 is to turn over Social Security to companies like bank of America, AIG, and Goldman-Sachs – see Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Kit and Marsha were part of the car wreck and wants all the Americans that have been thrown through the windshield to cut up their safety belts and throw them away. When it comes to conservatism getting older does not mean getting wiser it means polishing your jack boots to give the United States of America another swift kick of social darwinism. That recent forum with Republicans seems to have been a learning moment for Obama. He is not dealing with principled opposition, but empty suits with ideas from the days of the Robber Barons and Mussolini’s trains. They easily knocked off their game when confronted with actual facts. The health care summit might be what one Republican called health care, a Waterloo, but it will be conservatives laying in the trenches battered and bloodied. The president has the biggest soap box and hollow bumper sticker slogans that go over so well at the tea smoker conventions will not cut it as America looks for actual answers. Considering the history of Obama’s constant reaching out to Republicans and having an administration with Republicans appointees, its clear that Obama’s goals for bipartisanship are for real. But its also going to be the fine art of political jujitsu. As the presidents listens and the Republicans try out their national debut as the remade conservative tea baggers that had nothing to do with tanking the economy and spending a trillion plus dollars to invade and rebuild Iraq, Obama gets to slice and dice. Limbaugh says its all a trap. No, its what happens when Republicans have to stand up and be made accountable for their lame warmed over policy proposals. Its that moment on the witness stand when the perpetrators are shown to to liars and unhinged political ideologues. When the American people, the jury, gets to see the breakdown of that hollow loathsome rat tailed thing called conservatism laid bare.

Some indications that liberals may not be getting their dream president, but an Obama 2.0 – Recess Appointments: Obama Prepares to Implement “Yes We Can!” and Obama Won’t Drop Potential Use Of Reconciliation On Health Care.

update: The health care summit has not happened yet and Republican leadership is already doing their weasel act, Boehner: How Dare Obama Televise The Health Care Debate After I Demanded He Televise The Health Care Debate! (VIDEO)

After slamming the Obama administration for “secret deliberations” and going back on his campaign promise to televise the health care debate, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) criticized the President yesterday for televising the bipartisan health care summit on Feb. 25, asking “is this a political event or is this going to be a real conversation?”

Boehner had been a rather vocal supporter of C-SPAN’s request to televise the earlier negotiations, writing to the network in January that “House Republicans strongly endorse your proposal and stand ready to work with you to make it a reality.”

Well now, it seems, the idea of televising the health care summit has Boehner a bit squeamish.