Black and Blue Rain Drops wallpaper, Republicans Believe Their Own Bull

Black and Blue Rain Drops wallpaper

It’s genuinely difficult to find anything positive to say about the modern soft fascism movement conservative movement, but there is one thing they should be given credit for. They can spin like a top in a hurricane, House GOP document: We won showdown with President Obama

House Republicans won their televised debate with President Barack Obama last month, according to a GOP document distributed to lawmakers on Thursday.

The document, obtained by The Hill, notes that Obama’s job approval ratings have dipped since the Jan. 29 meeting while Republican numbers have soared.

Obama traveled to Baltimore to attend the House Republican retreat and engaged in testy exchanges with several members. Many political observers said Obama came away victorious.

The Hill notes Republicans, and Democrats for that matter, are using popularity polls to prove their point. Those weekly pools that show a point or two shift back and forth and frankly do mean have any substantive value since they rely so much on perceptions rather than real metrics. Judging the Baltimore Republican retreat solely on the facts discussed between Cons and President Obama. The president won. The American people also won. They saw some real give and take democracy in action, in addition to seeing Republicans act like irresponsible airheads. Fact-checking Obama and Republicans at GOP retreat.

• Rep. Jeb Hensarling did some extreme cherry-picking to suggest that deficits have ballooned under Obama. But using the Hensarling technique, you could also say they were bigger under President George W. Bush. Hensarling earns a False.

• Rep. Tom Price complained that Obama and his aides have repeatedly said that Republicans “have no ideas and no solutions” on health care. We rated that True.

• Obama again cited numbers to complain that he inherited a budget mess when he took office. We rated that Mostly True.

• Another point Obama and the House Republicans sparred over was health care reform. Republicans told Obama they did have positive solutions to improve the health care system, but their efforts were ignored. Obama replied that he is always willing to look at Republican ideas, but those ideas have to be realistic and effective.

“There’s got to be a mechanism in these plans that I can go to an independent health care expert and say, ‘Is this something that will actually work or is it boilerplate?'” Obama said. “It can’t just be political assertions that aren’t substantiated when it comes to the actual details of policy, because otherwise we’re going to be selling the American people a bill of goods.”

Actually President Obama shot himself in the foot with the spending numbers he cited. He said we have had to spend a trillion dollars to rescue the economy, but actually that figure is below $800 billion. I know when we get into numbers that large $200 billion may not seem like a lot, but rounding off to the next trillion is a goofy political misstep.

President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) delivered on their threats and it worked, SENATE GOP BACKS DOWN AFTER RECESS APPOINTMENT THREAT

Mike Allen reported that the president “won” the showdown with Senate Republicans, and last night’s breakthrough was the result of a “tense exchange” between Obama and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). Apparently, the president explained that he could no longer tolerate the “unprecedented” holds. When McConnell said Dems did the same thing to Bush that Republicans are doing now, “Obama disagreed, saying that when Bush made his first recess appointments, a handful of nominees had been waiting for more than a month. Obama had more than 60 waiting.”

Some of the Democratic blogs like Steve’s have some comments about President Obama not going far enough and there is some legitimate debate to be had since there are still dozens of appointees not available to perform the essential day-to-day running of the government – it’s like running a big company without enough accountants or marketing experts – the government limps along without them. Just a few examples of the appointments Republicans were holding up – Robert A. Petzel, of Minnesota, to be under-secretary for health of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Caryn Wagner to be Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security and Richard S. Hartunian, of New York, to be United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York.

As outrageous as these holds were and continue to be, consider Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky). We have all come to expect the strange fact-less assertions and conspiratorial ass whistles from right-wing bloggers and pundits such as Limbaugh and Beck, but here we have the Senate’s Republican leader in a face-off with the President of the United States, citing and believing the same bogus garbage about appointees and holds during the Bush administration spread by rabid rightie loons. That’s Conservative leadership. An empty suit utterly oblivious to recent history and the actions of his own party. Sometimes I wonder if the far Right believes its own bull. Thanks to Mitch McConnell we have the answer.