Spring Creek wallpaper, The Conservative Noise Machine is Still Sleazy

Spring Creek wallpaper

Giles Admits O’Keefe, Breitbart ACORN ‘Pimp’ Story was a Lie: ‘That Was B-Roll, Purely B-Roll’. Andrew Breitbart continues to defend a bogus story and a fellow kool-aid drinker, who would have thought.

Right wing runs wild with Fox News and CBN reports on dubious Fort Jackson “terror” plot

Right-wing media seized on Fox News and Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reports and claimed that in December “five Muslim soldiers” were “arrested for trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson,” often while fearmongering about a “jihadist” plot against the base or speculating that the delay in reporting on the allegations was due to a “Fort Jackson cover-up.” The right wing has made these claims despite the fact that military officials have said “there is currently no credible evidence to substantiate the allegations.”

Fort Jackson officials said, “[T]here is currently no credible evidence to substantiate the allegations

Breitbart and Fox seem to share the same dedication to shoddy journalism.

At CPAC Glenn Beck and crowd embarrass their high school history teachers, bark like dogs and then both cheer and boo George W. Bush. As usual Glen has it backwards, its conservatism or right-wing fanaticism that is the cancer eating away at the United States and its ideals. More here, Beck brings the Crazy.

The far Right National Review and Commentary have been pedaling their tricycles so fast trumpeting the DOJ report about war criminals John Yoo and Jay Bybee they left out a few highly pertinent facts. Kind of par for the course for rabid right-wing journalism, The flailing falsehoods of America’s war criminals

Just think about that for a minute.  Margolis said that whether Yoo “intentionally or recklessly provided misleading advice to his client” when authorizing torture — about the most serious accusation one can make against a lawyer, as it means he deliberately made false statements about the law — “is a close question.”  That’s the precise opposite of what Burck and Perino told National Review readers about Margolis’ conclusion (“This shouldn’t have been close — and it wasn’t, on the merits”).

Moreover, Margolis repeatedly adopted the OPR’s findings that the Yoo/Bybee torture memos — on which the entire American torture regime was constructed and which media elites now embrace in order to argue against prosecutions — were wrong, “extreme,” misguided, and the by-product of “poor judgment.”  As Yale Law Professor Jack Balkin so clearly explained, the only thing that saved Yoo in Margolis’ eyes was that attorney ethical rules have been written by lawyers to protect themselves, and the bar is therefore so low that it basically includes only “sociopaths and people driven to theft and egregious incompetence by serious drug and alcohol abuse problems.” As a result, Margolis could not ultimately conclude that Yoo — as shoddy and misleading as his torture authorizations were — purposely lied because Yoo “was an ideologue who entered government service with a warped vision of the world in which he sincerely believed.”  Does that remotely sound like exoneration?