Black and White Rain Drops Leaf wallpaper II, Why Aren’t We Hearing Demands for Sen. Richard Shelby’s (R-AL) Resignation

Black and White Rain Drops Leaf wallpaper II

Let’s imagine the following interview is taking place back in 2006 with a senior Democratic Senator,

Earlier this month, Sen. Democrat (D-AL) quietly and selfishly put a blanket hold on dozens and dozens of President Bush’s pending nominees in order to secure pork for his state. Some of the nominees who were caught in Democrat’s hold included the candidates for “the top Intelligence officers at the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security as well as the number three civilian at the Pentagon.”

In a new interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Democrat is unapologetic about placing the holds, saying that he wanted to get the “attention” of the administration and was, ironically, concerned about the “lack of transparency and openness and fairness” in the tanker contract affecting Alabama. “I don’t think I abused the rules,” said Democrat defiantly.

Democrat has released most of the holds, but they remain in effect on three Air Force positions. Democrat dismissed the Pentagon’s statement that these holds are inhibiting the agency’s work, and admitted that he has no idea whether they are qualified:

BASH: I spoke with Geoff Morrell over at the Pentagon and just asked him what the impact is of not having these three people in place — one of whom, as you know, is the number two at the Air Force. He said, “Without these people, we’re not firing on all cylinders.” And he also said, “It does adversely affect the organization.”

Are you worried about that? This is a time of war –

DEMOCRAT: The Pentagon is a big place. I don’t think one or two will affect anything except on the margins.

BASH: Do you think that the nominees you have holds on are qualified?

DEMOCRAT: Oh, I don’t have any idea. I looked at them closely and we’ll see. Sometimes that’s not the issue.

The reality is that every place it says Democrat replace with Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL). Shelby is bragging that he does not know or care about these command positions at the Pentagon as we still have troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. It happens that in 2006, as the previous five years, pompous hypocrites like Shelby were constantly using using any petty excuse to accuse Democrats of being less than patriotic in their support of the infamous “war on terror”. Bush said in one speech “There’s a group in the opposition party who are willing to retreat before the mission is done,” he said. “They’re willing to wave the white flag of surrender. And if they succeed, the United States will be worse off, and the world will be worse off.” And recently Republican bedwetters were so afraid of terrorists that they were diving under their beds at the idea of trying terrorists in courts – you know just like Bush did. So what does that make Shelby for placing holds on national security related positions for no other reason than petty spite. A friend to terrorists that is ready to rise the flag of surrender. Maybe its time for the Republican fake patriot from Alabama to turn in his resignation.

Multi-millionaire drug addict draft dodger Rush Limbaugh and multi-millionaire loon Glenn Beck who used to make fun of people’s miscarriages think its fun to make fun of people struggling to survive. Let Them Eat Applesauce: Right-Wing Media Mock The Uninsured

If Glenn Beck’s hateful incendiary rhetoric sounds familiar, that is because it is, It Is Happening Here

In a melting-pot nation of slave descendants and immigrant refugees haunted by ancestral memories of despotic violence, Beck is deliberately employing coded and menacing language, warning his opponents not to believe Sinclair Lewis’ refrain that such horror “can’t happen here.” Beck wants adversaries to know that it can and it will — to them, and at his movement’s hands.

Really, the threat isn’t even veiled. To understand it, just ponder comparisons. For instance, ask yourself: What is the difference between Beck’s decree and that of Rwanda’s genocidal leaders in the 1990s? The former broadcasted a call to “eradicate” the “cancer”-like progressives; the latter a call to “exterminate the cockroaches.” Likewise, what separates Beck’s screed from a bin Laden fatwa? They may employ different ideologies and languages, but both endorse the wholesale elimination of large groups of Americans.

Some if not most days conservationism seems not so much a political ideology as a cult.