Very Old School Baseball wallpaper

Very Old School Baseball wallpaper

Adam Serwer writes a must read piece on the lawyers that defended some prisoners at Gitmo, How a smearing of Justice Department lawyers as “terrorist sympathizers” traveled from the conservative media to the United States Senate

“These lawyers were advocating on behalf of our Constitution and our laws. The detention policies of the Bush administration were unconstitutional and illegal, and no higher a legal authority than the Supreme Court of the United States agreed,” says Ken Gude, a human-rights expert with the Center for American Progress, of the recent assault on the Justice Department. “The disgusting logic of these attacks is that the Supreme Court is in league with al-Qaeda.”

That would be a very Conservative Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Roberts.

Even former military prosecutors have expressed views similar to those of the “Gitmo Nine.” Col. Morris Davis (retired) served as the former chief prosecutor for the Guantanamo Bay military commissions and has since argued that they should be abandoned. But initially, when the commissions were formed, he volunteered to be chief defense counsel. “I thought for the good of our system, they needed zealous representation,” says Davis. He dismissed the charge that having represented a detainee indicated “sympathy” for terrorist goals. “I don’t think that anyone, because they signed up to represent a detainee means they’ve signed up with al-Qaeda.”

“[McCarthy] was a prosecutor for a number of years, so he knows better than that,” Davis adds. “I think he’s just saying it for the shock value of it.”

Once again we have bedwetters such as Andrew McCarthy at the National Review, Byron York at the Washington Examiner and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) having the American public believe that everyone at Gitmo – merely because they have been accused, are guilty. In addition to assuming guilt in every case – how UnAmerican can one get -and  they are portraying suspects and actual terrorists of being super human villains. So dangerous that do not deserve a defense. Whether the man they arrested for the murder of Chelsea King is guilty is yet to be decided, but whoever committed that murder is certainly a monster. Yet even with DNA evidence and record that includes assaults, we do not precede to rig the noose and skip the trial. And most of the American public is not shaking in abject fear at the prospect of a fair trail. The McCarthys, Yorks and Grassley’s want the U.S to turn its back on the Constitution, legal precedent ( reestablished by a Conservative Supreme Court) and moral traditions which most of us cherish. We all want the actual terrorists and murderers of innocent young women to be punished, but turning the nation into a hateful lynch mob is not the path to justice. McCarthy probably believes every crazy thing he’s ever written. Most of it meant to get his readers to pee themselves in fear as often and gloriously he does. That cultivation of fear seems to be the unhinged Right’s aim. They’ve been doing it since the days of Joe McCarthy and enjoyed quite the revival after 9-11. It worked to get that disaster in $2000 cowboy boots who was afraid of horses a second term, so why not go with what has worked before. Related, Will Liz Cheney Attack Rudy Giuliani’s Firm For Representing ‘Terrorist Detainees’?

It turns out that among the many high-profile lawyers who have represented so-called “terrorist detainees” is a top attorney with Rudy Giuliani’s firm, Bracewell Giuliani, according to court documents examined by TPMmuckraker.

Karl Rove is going to revel us with another work of Conservative fiction, Rove Book: No Pushback on Iraq WMD My Bad

Sarah Palin is also planning to write a non-reality based tome about virtue and strength. Two things which will require Palin to do a lot of research considering the knowledge she has displayed about those subjects thus far.