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Curved Modern Skyline wallpaper

The tea nuts are a tiresome bunch that represents fewer people than they and the media would have us believe. At the end of the day while some casual participants – as compared to the hardcore activists – may really believe they are part of something new and important – the tea bagger phenomenon is largely about an allegedly new and improved conservatism ( Newt Gingrich declares they will be the “militant” wing of the GOP). A way to deflect blame for the 10 years that Republicans ruled one to all three branches of government. As worthy of being completely ignored as they are, to do so would be the same mistake moderate Americans made when they ignored the growth of right-wing radio in the 80s. Rabid zealots like Limbaugh, the late Jerry Falwell and others were too extreme to take seriously or deserve a reply. There are not enough gullible Americans out there to believe the garbage, conspiracy theories, anti-Democracy vitriol and bizarre alternate reality they were selling? It turned out that if nothing else, the constant repetition of their message sunk in with enough of the electorate to get some razor thin victories. Enough to change the political landscape. So if the rebranded conservatives are going to use the same tactic of repeating the message over and over, then they must be answered over and over. The Tea Party’s Toxic Take on History – Ignore it at your peril.

The muddled Tea Party version of history is more than wrong and fraudulent. It’s offensive. Calling Obama a tyrant, a communist, or a fascist is deeply offensive to all the real victims of tyranny, the real victims of communism and fascism. The tens of millions murdered. It trivializes such suffering inexcusably for the T.P.ers to claim that they are suffering from similar oppression because they might have their taxes raised or be subject to demonic “federal regulation.”

Any readers remember 1993 when President Clinton was trying to pass health care reform. The demagoguery might sound familiar:

LIMBAUGH: “Most Canadian physicians who are themselves in need of surgery, for example, scurry across the border to get it done right: the American way. They have found, through experience, that state medical care is too expensive, too slow and inefficient, and, most important, it doesn’t provide adequate care for most people.” (Told You So, p. 153)

REALITY: “Mr. Limbaugh’s claim simply isn’t true,” says Dr. Hugh Scully, chair of the Canadian Medical Association’s Council on Healing and Finance. “The vast majority of Canadians, including physicians, receive their care here in Canada. Those few Canadians who receive health care in the U.S. most often do because they have winter homes in the States–like Arizona and Florida–and have emergent health problems there.” Medical care in Canada is hardly “too expensive”; it’s provided free and covered by taxes.

LIMBAUGH: “If you have any doubts about the status of American health care, just compare it with that in other industrialized nations.” (Told You So, p. 153)

REALITY: The United States ranks 19th in life expectancy and 20th in infant mortality among 23 industrialized nations, according to the CIA’s 1993 World Fact Book. The U.S. also has the lowest health care satisfaction rate (11 percent) of the 10 largest industrialized nations (Health Affairs, vol. 9, no. 2).

Another passage from The Tea Party’s Toxic Take on History,

Consider the role that fraudulent history played in Weimar Germany, where the “stab in the back” myth that the German Army had been cheated of victory in World War I by Jews and Socialists on the home front was used by the Nazis to justify their hatreds.

It’s a historical lie, but it caught on, and Hitler rose to power on it, asking Germans to avenge the (nonexistent) stab in the back! It may be true that the Tea Party will disintegrate before it acquires any real power, as more and more of its leaders are revealed to be fanciers of racist jokes and bestiality videos. But one can’t be assured of it. It’s important to expose the lies for what they are before they further debase the language with their false use of words.

Mr. Rosenbaum is not calling the tea baggers Nazis, but the analogy to the tea baggers/conservatives dangerous attempts to rewrite history could bring us an administration and Congress that is even further to the rabid Right than the Bush years. He cites Jonah Goldberg’s egregious attack on history and political science that is often found in the rants of Glenn Beck where fascism and communism are one and the same. We’re not arguing over who played first base in the World Series in 1959 ,we’re talking about the suffering and deaths of millions of people by butchers like Stalin and Hitler. In addition the soldiers that gave their lives and a large chunk of several nation’s wealth to defeat the very real tyranny of real tyrants. The tea baggers must be able to muster up some awful powers of denial to block out the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by Bush and the Right’s lies, distortions and hysteria. Something that we continue pay for. There is no logic to the Right’s attacks. These are grown adults that genuinely think passing a law that prevents insurance companies from suddenly canceling a child’s insurance coverage is the same thing as being a mass murdering communist or  fascist. Recent surveys and media reports say the tea nuts are just average folks. That’s defining average way down.

The internet has a lot of crap to sift through, but Hitler and Stalin’s writings and speeches are on-line and neither of them had any love of liberalism:

Today Christians … stand at the head of [this country]… I pledge that I never will tie myself to parties who want to destroy Christianity .. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit … We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press – in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess during the past … (few) years.

– Adolf Hitler, quoted in: The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, 1922-1939, Vol. 1 (London, Oxford University Press, 1942), pg. 871-872

the liberal intelligentsia is persistently striving to kill the political independence of the proletariat and to impose its tutelage upon it — at such a time we must be  extremely vigilant and never forget that our Party is  di fortress the gates of which arc opened only to those who have been tested.

from LENINISM – Selected Writings – BY JOSEPH .STALIN

The SEC, Porn and How to be a Conservative Blogger

SEC Porn Problem: Officials Surfing Sites During Financial Crisis, Report Finds

The investigation, which was conducted by the SEC’s internal watchdog at the request of Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, found 31 serious offenders during the past two and a half years. That’s less than 1 percent of the agency’s 3,500 employees but 17 of the alleged offenders were senior SEC officers whose salaries ranged from $100,000 to $222,000 per year.

[  ]…A similar SEC report for October 2008 to March 2009 said that a regional supervisor in Los Angeles accessed and attempted to access pornographic and sexually explicit Web sites up to twice a day from his SEC computer during work hours.

Notes those dates. President Obama, gifted with super powers so awesome to be honored with the title The One by right-wing bloggers, was sworn in as president in January of 2009. How is The One responsible for 17 of 3,500 SEC employees viewing porn rather than doing there jobs when Bush was president and the current Great Recession begin in 2007? The Bush administration significantly weakened the SEC, blocking investigation of even the most blatant signs of wrong doing as in the Bernie Madoff scandal among others – Here’s why SEC failed to investigate Madoff

— Lax oversight, according to the SEC’s inspector general, of the five biggest investment firms – including Bear Stearns, which nearly collapsed into bankruptcy. The voluntary oversight program was so ineffective the agency killed it in September. “We have a good deal of comfort about the capital cushions at these firms at the moment,” SEC Chairman Christopher Cox said in March, a few days before the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department arranged a rescue of Bear Stearns.

— The failure of the SEC’s Miami office to act against Bear Stearns in its pricing of about $63 million in collateralized debt obligations, also cited by the inspector general. CDOs are one of the financial instruments that fueled this year’s global financial meltdown.

— The rebuff of a whistle-blower’s complaints by the agency’s Boston office about mutual fund trading abuses, in a case that led the head of the office to resign in 2003. The whistle-blower, Peter Scannell, got a more sympathetic hearing from Massachusetts regulators, who acted on his disclosures about fund giant Putnam Investments, where he worked. Enforcement actions against the firm eventually were brought by both the state regulators and the SEC.

Let’s acknowledge the ABC report notes some of this porn viewing by a few SEC employees is currently going on. Though obviously the time period in question was largely during the Bush administration under a Bush appointed head of the SEC. If the situation was turned around it would be a bad day for moderate bloggers. Not so for Republican bloggers. The right-wing Townhall reports this story this way – Blog : Carol Platt Liebau : The SEC Porn Mongers

So now it turns out that some of the the financial industry’s cops at the SEC spent hours looking at internet porn rather than doing their jobs.  Note that half of the most egregious offenders were senior officials making in excess of $100,000 per year.

[  ]…And with President Obama knocking himself out to insert more government oversight into every American’s life — whether it’s health care, the financial industry, or even our salt intake — it’s particularly galling to be reminded once again that our government overlords may not be all that their booster in The White House wants us to believe they are.

Liebau gives quite the lesson in right-wing blogging. Leave out inconvenient dates during which most of these events occurred. Complain about government employees not doing their job, but then claim if they had done their job they would just be ratcheting up the tyranny. This is all directly connected to The One because he wants everyone to have health care and for government to be an effective tool to protect consumers from the type of meltdown that started under a Republican administration and a Republican Congress. A meltdown that could have been avoided if conservatives did not have a knee jerk reaction to sensible measures to regulate greedy bastards that could care less if 12% of the population is put out of work. get thy to the polls in 2010 – we gotta get back to the good old days of anti-regulation and porn watching.

On to the next conservative blogger: as·tute, adjective, 1. of keen penetration or discernment; sagacious: an astute analysis. The Astute Bloggers write: ABCNEWS: SEC OFFICIALS SPENT MORE TIME LOOKING AT ONLINE PORN THAN MARKET OVERSIGHT ( all caps from original)


Maybe conservatives just do not get dates or, excuse my cynicism, they find it more convenient to push their meme by leaving them out. “THIS IS PROBABLY GOING ON IN EVERY PART OF THE GOVERNMENT. …” that’s some ace citizen journalism. Not when, where, why and how, but probably. Very astute. We do know that it has gone on in other parts of the dreaded gov’mint –   Homeland Security official arrested in child sex sting (4/04/2006)

A Department of Homeland Security official was arrested Tuesday night on charges of using his computer to seduce a child after he allegedly struck up sexually explicit conversations with a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl, authorities said.

Let’s play right-wing citizen journalist. Was Bush’s Department of Homeland Security full of sexual predators rather than protecting the nation from terrorists? “THIS IS PROBABLY GOING ON IN EVERY PART OF THE GOVERNMENT. …”

One more. Another Black Conservative writes – The Regulators Need Regulating: SEC Execs Surfed For Porn During Economic Collapse

As Obama tries to go after Wall Street “fat cats” by giving the government more regulatory control, the very agencies that should have been minding the store in the first place were busy searching for porn.

[  ]…This story, like so many we have all heard before, is just more proof that the big government socialist model is ineffective. Just think, horny incompetents like the ones at the SEC will soon be involved with your health care.

The hackery of conservative bloggers has an amazing constant – the ability to ignore the most pertinent details. Most of those “horney incompetents” worked there under Bush. As far as what constitutes horney incompetence, conservatives would know since they seem to be the most badly afflicted – Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers

Eight of the top 10 pornography consuming states gave their electoral votes to John McCain in last year’s presidential election – Florida and Hawaii were the exceptions. While six out of the lowest 10 favoured Barack Obama.

The Republican Party has been happy to profit from porn – it is a capitalist enterprise and as we all know when it comes to choosing between values and money, conservatives generally go for the cash – a post I did back in 2006 – Porn and The Two Faces of Conservatism, which included this news story,  GOP Corporate Donors Cash In on Smut.

For those that were thinking of starting a Conservative blog – this shows how easy it is. Leave out any data that conflicts with the propaganda you’re pushing. Make tenuous connections in logic – 2+3 somehow equals the square root of 16. Ignore the gross indiscretions of your own political clowns that strongly suggest you’re a raving hypocrite. Top off with some faux outrage.