Spring Green Rye wallpaper and Some Wacky Highlights From ConWorld

Spring Green Rye wallpaper


Making everything worse as usual, Megan McArdle:

I haven’t generated great interest in the Elena Kagan nomination.

Why was she trying to generate interest in the Kagan nomination? Oh, right: Words, meaning, Humpty Dumpty, etc.

But I do think that David Brooks is onto something when he notes that her relentless careerism, her pitch-perfect blandness, are a little creepy… the driven, hyperachieving spawn of the Ivy League meritocracy…

What’s disturbing is that this is what our nomination process now selects for: someone who appears to be in favor of nothing except self-advancement.

My take on Kagan is that she is yet another disappointment for liberals, but I’m glad I’m defending her from unfair attacks rather than writing about John The Gigolo McCain’s second nomination to the SCOTUS. Every Justice on the Court is from the Ivy League, most of them Conservatives. McArdle – who is not the least bit interested  – wakes from her lifelong nap to draw a line in the slobber over her keyboard at one more Ivy Leaguer. And pardon her and Brookemiester’s hypocrisy – on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays Democrats are all lazy leftists on welfare, but on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Democrats are ruthlessly ambitious.  Erick “Bubba Bubbason” Erickson objections to Kagan are perfectly normal for someone has probably downed one too many shots of dishwasher detergent. Detergents have been shown to kill the will to do research before penning one’s factless opinions and claiming they’re the truth. Blogger/plagiarist Ben Domenech has sworn Kagan is gay and Andrew Sullivan for reasons I would rather not know more about, desperately hopes she is gay, but Kagan is not. Which answers the hottest issue of the day.

Tea Parties Rage as Taxes Hit Lowest Level Since 1950

For almost a year and a half, furious Tea Party protesters have been chanting “Taxed Enough Already.” But as it turns out, “taxed enough” actually means “at the lowest levels since 1950.” That’s the word from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which found that Americans paid the smallest overall tax bill since Harry Truman was in the White House. Of course, that inconvenient truth for Tea Baggers is tied to another: their plummeting payments are due in part to the tax relief delivered by President Obama.

The tea nuts are not about issues so we can throw all the charts, statistics and studies in the world at them and they’ll still be pissed off. These are the last 25% that thought Dubya and Cheney walked on water and dammitt they’re not going to take responsibility for voting Republican for five election cycles and enabling the financial meltdown and that trillion dollar picnic in Iraq. They got rid of far Right Republican Bob Bennett(R-UT) for an even further Right candidate, which certainly kills the wacky claim the tea partay was bipartisan. This is part of their goal not to correct course from the policies of the Bush years, but to gain enough power to turn so far Right they make Bush seem like a progressive. Hatch Explains Bennett’s Defeat: Tea Party Doesn’t ‘Have An Open Mind And They Won’t Listen’

HATCH: A lot of these Tea Party people are angry, and I’m angry too. … I mean my gosh, They’re mad. They have a right to be mad and I think these Tea Party people are doing the country a service. But when they don’t have an open mind and they won’t listen, that’s another matter and that’s something I think anybody would find fault with.

Also noted at the link is a poll showing that the rabid-Right Hatch could not win reelection if he was running in this cycle. The tea bagger conservatives would replace him with – surprise – someone even further Right. I would like to thank the tea nuts for the irony of Orrin Hatch complaining about closed minds.


Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ) for failing to provide CREW with records relating to the missing John Yoo emails. In February 2010, DOJ made public a July 2009 report of its investigation into the roles of former high-ranking Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) officials John Yoo and Patrick Philbin in the drafting of OLC’s torture memos, which authorized the use of torture when interrogating detainees outside of the United States. The investigation was hampered by the fact that most of Mr. Yoo’s emails and many of Mr. Philbin’s had disappeared.

Religion can bring out the best in people, sometimes not – Muhammad cartoonist ‘head-butted’ during lecture

A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog was assaulted Tuesday as furious protesters interrupted his university lecture about the limits of free speech.A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog was assaulted Tuesday as furious protesters interrupted his university lecture about the limits of free speech.

Why this faction of fundie Muslims is choosing to live in a liberal democracy is a mystery. With freedom comes the freedom to be offensive. If they want to live in an authoritarian theocracy as Sarah Palin would like, they need to find some place like Iran.

Mojave cross at center of court fight reported stolen – there are at least three schools are speculation – those darn atheists did it, someone did it purely to sell off the scrape metal and conservative pranksters ala James O’Keefe did it hoping to cast blame on liberals.

Frank Buono, a former Park Service employee, initiated the lawsuit, saying the cross represented government endorsement of the Christian faith. A federal appeals court ultimately agreed, and rejected a move by Congress in 2003 to transfer the tiny portion of land where the cross sits to the VFW as a privately held national memorial.

The transfer of the land to the VFW sounded like a good compromise.

The Gulf Spill Truther Movement – Poll: Ten percent of Americans believe environmentalists intentionally caused oil spill