The Power of Republican Magic Words

The power of Republican magic words

Andrew McCarthy could single-handedly keep the adult diaper industry in business is wetting his bed over Attorney General Holder’s reluctant use of the phrase “radical Islam” – AG Eric Holder Refuses to Say ‘Radical Islam’ Is a Cause of Terrorism Committed by Muslims

Mr. Holder would obviously rather get a root-canal than utter the words “radical Islam”…

[   ]…He referred to al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki as beholden to “a version of Islam that is not consistent with the teachings of it.” I wonder if he will enlighten us on what exactly Awlaki has gotten wrong.

And the aptly named right-wing Republican site Hotair chimes in, Holder really, really doesn’t want to talk about radical Islam

Excruciating, not least of all because he ends up basically agreeing with the premise of the question. Yes, of course Shahzad “might have been incited” by radical Islam. He’s an Anwar al-Awlaki fan who went to Pakistan for bomb-training, didn’t he?

While there is an element of political correctness in what to call radical fundamentalists, exactly what is McBedwetter and McBedwetter Jr’s point. Say the magic word – Islamic radicalism, Muslim fundamentalist terrorism and presto chango the crazed  mindset that caused 9-11 will end. Here we are over nine years later and calling terrorists names doesn’t seem to have much effect. This should be embarrassing to Hotair, but they do have a talent for rationalizing away their hypocrisy. In this post Obama: We’re not at war with Islam, posted at 10:30 am on April 6, 2009 by Ed Morrissey from Hotair just a year ago they brag about how Bush made several speeches in which he tried to assure everyone of the Muslim faith the U.S. was not at war with Islam,

“I’ve made it clear, Madam President, that the war against terrorism is not a war against Muslims, nor is it a war against Arabs. It’s a war against evil people who conduct crimes against innocent people.” — Remarks by President George W. Bush and President Megawati of Indonesia The Oval Office, Washington, D.C. September 19, 2001
* “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don’t represent peace. They represent evil and war.”

Which is the exact opposite of what McCarthy and Hotair are arguing today – the Times Square attack was not just the work of a few violent offenders, but a crime of Islam. I’m not a big fan of fundamentalism of any stripe, but just factually that it’s a little hyperbolic to say “I wonder if he will enlighten us on what exactly Awlaki has gotten wrong” in referring to the entirety of Islam. Islam is the world’s second largest religion with around a billion practitioners – most of them in Asia, not the Middle-East. If Islam is a violent religion and is at war with the west McCarthy and Hotair couldn’t get enough diapers to see them through the day. No More Mister Nice Blog picked up on the same story – LAMAR SMITH HAS “RADICAL ISLAM” TOURETTE’S

As I remember the same radical Republicans were very upset that there should be any reporting that tied the teachings of conservatism and right-wing Christian fundamentalist to violence – Going To Extremes: The Obama Era’s Top Ten Anti-Government Flare-Ups

1. The Hutaree: Nine members of the Christian militia group, which says it’s preparing for the arrival of the Anti-Christ, were charged  this week with plotting to kill law enforcement and “oppose by force the authority of the U.S. government.” The Feds acted after one member posted online that the group was “ready for war.”

3. James Von Brunn: The 88-year old shot and killed an African-American guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC last June. Von Brunn, who recently died in prison, had long moved in neo-Nazi circles, and in 1981 he tried to hold hostage an employee of the Federal Reserve at gunpoint. In recent writings he had expressed support for Birtherism, and had praised Sarah Palin.

So if we all play by the rules laid out by The National Review and Hotair – Christianity in its entirety is to be condemned for the plots of conservative militia groups. Sarah Palin followers are all violent extremist neo-Nazis? If those be the rules as prescribed by the Conservative movement, than so be it. Who are we to argue with such powerful wizards.