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If president Obama can be impeached for Sestak does that mean we can retroactively impeach Reagan. Ol Raygun should have been impeached for Iran-Contra and the HUD scandal – Morris fabricates “impeachable offense” out of alleged Sestak job offer

Reagan adviser reportedly offered CA senator a job with the administration “if he decided not to seek re-election.” A November 25, 1981, Associated Press article (from the Nexis database) reported that President Reagan’s political adviser Ed Rollins planned to offer former California Sen. S.I. Hayakawa a job in the administration in exchange for not seeking re-election.

To save time we could also impeach Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH), Sestak “bribe”-gate: Judd Gregg did it first

If that’s the case, we should probably appoint a special prosecutor to investigate whether Sen. Judd Gregg committed extortion when he demanded that the White House force a Democratic governor to appoint a Republican to his seat if they wanted him to be their commerce secretary.

As someone from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said, the Sestak offer, if it did happen is just another day inside the Beltway. That Sestak stayed in and as of today is favored to win the general election is probably the cause for the Right’s sudden infatuation with ethics.

Andrew Breitbart is a loon and a conservative quickly becoming famous for his cowardice so it is not much of a shock he lacks the humility to admit when he’s wrong. Is Breitbart ever going to get up the nerve to ask the NY Post for a correction?

In the wake of James O’Keefe’s New Orleans guilty plea, Breitbart’s site is pulling down out of storage one of its old talking points and pretending it’s a very big deal that when the O’Keefe story first broke in January some news outlets got a key fact wrong: O’Keefe was never charged with trying to wiretap, or bug, Sen. Mary Landrieu’s phone.

[   ]…But here’s the evergreen problem with the correction tact: lots of right-wing sites got the exact same fact wrong about O’Keefe and the alleged wiretapping and bugging charges [emphasis added]:

-“Filmmaker who targeted ACORN arrested for trying to bug La. senator’s office” (NY Post)

-“Feds Cuff ACORN ‘Pimp’ in Attempt to Bug Sen. Landrieu’s Phones”  (NRO’s The Corner)

-“James O’Keefe Arrested for Attempting to Bug Senator Mary Landrieu’s Offices?” (Ace of Spades)

-“ACORN Sting Man James O’Keefe Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Bug Mary Landrieu’s Office.” (The Lonely Conservative)

-“James O’Keefe arrested for attempting to bug Mary Landrieu’s office” (Another Black Conservative)

The high and mighty guardians of right-wing citizen journalism like Ace, the Lonely Conservative and the holy grail of wingnuttiness – The National Review were wrong? How could that be. Not admit they were wrong? What would we expect from sites that sold America the lies about Iraq, defended deadbeat Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and deregulating Wall St and letting oil companies like BP do whatever they wanted because all corporation are naturally fountains of virtue and goodness. That Breitbart will not hold his team of titanic liars to any ethical standards sounds about right since they never had any standards.

O’Reilly tells African-American Columbia University professor that he looks like a ‘cocaine dealer.’ This coming from someone one of America’s highest paid perverts.

Republicans have this product they really really want to sell America. It contains petty spite, bile and mindless vindictiveness that makes Les Miserable seem like a quaint fairytale. Everything that happens on Obama’s watch is his Katrina. get a speck of dust in your eye. That’s Obama’s new Katrina. Traffic light at 5th and main burn out? Obama’s Katrina. Kevin Drums replies to the latest attempt, Why BP is the Anti-Katrina

This conflates two very different things. Katrina was an example of the type of disaster that the federal government is specifically tasked with handling. And for most of the 90s, it was very good at handling them. But when George Bush became president and Joe Allbaugh became director of FEMA, everything changed. Allbaugh neither knew nor cared about disaster preparedness. For ideological reasons, FEMA was downsized and much of its work outsourced. When Allbaugh left after less than two years on the job, he was replaced by the hapless Michael Brown and the agency was downgraded and broken up yet again.

[  ]…The Deepwater Horizon explosion is almost the exact opposite. There is no federal expertise in capping oil blowouts. There is no federal agency tasked specifically with repairing broken well pipes.

Lets read between the lines of what people like Yuval Levin, Rush Limbaugh and others are saying. They want to establish a multi-billion dollar oil spill response team to be part of FEMA thus letting BP and other oil companies off the hook for their negligence.  Dear American Tax Payer the rabid right has another gift for you based on their twisted upside down inside out ideology. A policy that is not based on what is best, but rather on the tenant of spite. Even a Republican chaired Senate committee found the Bush administration response to Katrina lacking, but that does not mean, to the right-wing mind, that conservatives and their ideology we not thoroughly discredited and the Republican party highly embarrassed. It means such discredit and embarrassment will not go unpunished even if the lies and twisted logic are old reliables from the conservative dirty politics playbook. One of the liberal blogs on my blogroll even played along – they’re mad as hell that Super Obama didn’t put on his cape and spin the earth in reverse to stop that leak. Said blog was also woefully short on the details which would make that feat possible. Never let actual prescriptions get in the way of a pseudo populist rant. Does this sound like what the Obama administration did in the Gulf, White House Issues Defense Of Bush’s Handling of Storm

Three days after Hurricane Katrina wiped out most of New Orleans, President Bush appeared on television and said, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.” His staff has spent the past six months trying to take back, modify or explain away those 10 words.

[  ]…The video leaves little doubt that key people in government did anticipate that the levees might not hold. To critics, especially Democrats but even some Republicans, it reinforces the conclusion that the government at its highest levels failed to respond aggressively enough to the danger bearing down on New Orleans.

Does Peggy The Loon Noonan or the editors at the Rupert Murdoch’s Wall St Rag read her columns before they publish them, The spill is a disaster for the president and his political philosophy.

I don’t see how the president’s position and popularity can survive the oil spill. This is his third political disaster in his first 18 months in office. And they were all, as they say, unforced errors, meaning they were shaped by the president’s political judgment and instincts.

BP too cheap to buy a proper safety valve. That’s a failure of Obama’s political philosophy. President helps pass at least some of the historic health care reforms he promised and that help get him elected – that is an unforced error? I think BP’s safety engineers used the same math Peggy uses. Immigration reform? We could have had that three years ago except the xenophobes that control the Republican party killed it. Notice a pattern with Peggy. Conservative ain’t in no way never responsible for nuttin. Another way of saying looking for an adult in the Republican party is a long arduous journey.