Black and White Shore Rocks wallpaper

Black and White Shore Rocks wallpaper

The sad thing about manufactured outrage is there is far more of it in the conservative movement than there is values or genuine love of country, John Boehner (R-OH) Demands That Paul McCartney ‘Apologize’ For His Crack At The Former President. Boehner’s bromance with the guy that lied over four thousand Americans to their deaths, claimed that wars are good for the economy and gets a cheap thrill torturing people is touching. In a sick kind of way. Steve Benen notes,

The same day McCartney told a harmless joke about George W. Bush’s limited intellect, George W. Bush boasted about having ordered torture as president, and insisted he wouldn’t change a thing if he had it to do over again. So, just so we’re clear, a musician telling a Bush-is-dumb joke generates a fair amount of outrage in some conservative circles. A former president admitting to ordering torture — bragging about utilizing a technique that the United States has long considered criminal, and has even prosecuted — is completely fine. One, in Boehner’s mind, requires an apology; the other is a source of partisan pride.

Sarah Palin’s latest wise insights into petroleum geology, government regulation and the BP Gulf oil spill has already made the rounds, but Madison Gray provides some reality based perspective on Palin’s POV, Sarah Palin’s Facebook Blasts Environmentalists for Oil Spill

Palin insists that those those darned hippy environmentalists are the ones influencing public policy enough to keep oil drilling away from “safe” places like the Alaska Natural Wildlife Reserve that would finally break America from its dependence on foreign oil.

Yes, the blame lies solely with the activists who are clearly causing the plumes of oil to gush into the waters of the Gulf, and certainly not the failure of a blowout preventer mechanism that was allegedly shrugged off weeks before the catastrophe by an official from the drilling company, Transocean. It could not have been the decision not to employ or require an acoustic switch as a backup to the blowout preventer’s breakdown. And of course, any alleged negligence on the part of Transocean, BP and the Minerals Management Service, which is responsible for regulating offshore drilling of this type, doesn’t even come into play.

I’ve seen Palin’s propaganda in various forms in news comments on the net so it is becoming an entrenched right-wing meme. It is part of the rabid Right’s termination to use the spill as a gudgeon against the Obama administration rather than BP- Gulf Spill Will Cost Billions in Economic Activity – Conservatives Defend BP

Led by Fox News, right-wing media have attacked Attorney General Eric Holder over his announcement that the Justice Department has begun civil and criminal investigations into the Gulf oil spill. Their attacks echo previous criticism from Fox and right-wing media figures over SEC charges and congressional hearings into Goldman Sachs and hearings into a Toyota vehicle recall.

Fox News, right-wing media attack Holder, administration over investigation into oil spill

Kilmeade suggests criminal inquiry into oil spill “just tank[ed] the market,” asks, “Was that smart?” On the June 2 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade stated, “The Department of Justice is probing for a myriad of reasons, it looks like, into BP and what they’ve done and what they could have violated.” He then suggested that the announcement of the investigations “drop[ped] BP’s stock 15 percent” and “just tank[ed] the market,” and asked, “Was that smart?” Co-host Steve Doocy replied, “Maybe not, because if they’re facing all these lawsuits, suddenly, where’s that money going to come from?”

Johnson Jr.: “This prosecution is becoming a distraction.” Also during the June 2 Fox & Friends, Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. stated that the administration’s response was “a little bit delayed” and that “[t]his prosecution is becoming a distraction.”

The Horizon explosion was April 20, 2010. The administration responded immediately. Since the Right thinks President Obama is The One, one assumes he should have seen the explosion in his Stalinist-Satan-Hitler Special Crystal ball and responded the day before the explosion. The Conservative Asshats Crystal Ball, otherwise known as the Presidential Daily Brief was ignored when it said that Bin Laden was planning an attack. We all know the rules, when Republicans show all the responsibility of a mad arsonist it’s OK because they be special. It takes a truly special math to always triangulate events in a way that conservative elected officials and corporations that give handsomely to conservatives are never responsible for anything, but Democrats are responsible for everything that goes wrong.

Prosecuting criminal negligence, according to one of Sarah Palin’s ideological partners in propaganda is a “distraction”. The BP spill is likely to costs the Gulf Coast and the U.S. billions of dollars in economic activity and likely upend the lives of tens of thousands of people whose livelihoods depend directly or indirectly on the Gulf for income. This is the kind of populism Fox, Palin and their sheeple followers believe in. Good to know that once again the wacko ideology of conservatism is put before the common good of the nation.

Why Won’t the GOP Criticize BP?

As for the top Republicans in Washington, they’ve hardly said boo about BP. When it comes to the Gulf tragedy, there’s been a partisan outrage gap.

Let’s look at House minority leader John Boehner. He’s an active tweeter, but how many times has he mentioned BP on his Twitter feed? None. Unless you count a May 12 tweet about a USA Today editorial that urged politicians not to use the spill as an excuse to stop drilling. His congressional website blog has had no postings on BP or the spill. Boehner has called for BP to bear the entire financial burden of clean-up. But he has refrained from criticizing the company.

[  ]…Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the minority whip, has followed his leader’s example. He has not tweeted a negative word about BP.

[   ]…GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell has also refrained from slapping BP. Last month, he appeared on Meet the Press and emphasized the “administration’s involvement in this” more than BP’s role.

A little compare and contrast between Republican and Democrat behavior in a national emergency. As far as economic impact on the country the BP spill will likely costs far more than the 9-11 terror attack. Yet after 9-11 Democrats and independents put aside politics and supported Bush – who history clearly shows was negligent and which even Bush admitted. Here we have another national emergency and Republicans are spinning like little rats on speed trying to shift blame to President Obama and away from BP.

GOP Blocks Oil Spill Liability Bill