Chairs and Beach Summer wallpaper and a news round-up

Chairs and Beach Summer wallpaper

Washington Post Alternate Reality: Public More Concerned About Deficit Than Jobs or Economy Overall or all that noise by the budget peacocks might be making some headway. As bsom notes in a several polls budget deficits matter, but unemployment and the general state of the economy tops deficit reduction. Democrats seem to be buying the meme,

Look, I’m well aware of Democrats’ election anxieties and the fear of “big spender” attacks ads. It’s hardly a secret what Republicans are going to say in their campaign pitch: Dems have spent too much and they’ve failed to lower the deficit. The message as a substantive matter, is ridiculous — GOP policymakers got us into this mess, left a $1.3 trillion deficit for Dems to clean up, and begged Obama for stimulus money to help the economy in their districts — but that’s the shpiel.

Democrats could shock everyone and get out ahead on correcting the message. Attack. We need to create jobs that will create tax payers who will in turn help pay down the deficit and repair the economic wreck Republicans left. Let’s not repeat the mistake Roosevelt made in 1937 when pushed by the budget peacocks of the day, and roll back spending letting the economy tumble back into the real possibility of greater than 10% unemployment. Sure Republicans have suddenly discovered deficits after eight years of being AWOL. Conservatism does not now nor has it since Eisenhower stood for anything other than opportunism and greed. President Obama and Democrats are not the biggest threat to the country’s future, we had the biggest threat to the country’s future – conservative economic policy shenanigans and we’re now reaping the benefits. As disappointing as Democrats have been on a progressive agenda, Republicans have zero ideas and zero intent on changing their ways. The official Republican response to deficits has been the ridiculous YouCut – Eric Cantor’s ‘YouCut’ Gimmick which will cut spending by .001 percent. Among the proposals that Cantor suggests is doing away with is a successful jobs program. Conservatives really have no respect for working Americans in their dog eat dog economic visions for the nation’s future.

If only we had used those yellow school buses barges oil would stop spreading across the Gulf. The only reason the yellow school buses barges have not been used is because of the administration’s incompetence – Does O’Reilly think protecting barge workers is an “amazing screw-up”?

On his Fox News show tonight, Bill O’Reilly opened his Talking Points Memo by declaring that there had been an “amazing screw-up in the Gulf cleanup.” He went on to relay the details of an ABC News report about 16 oil-collecting barges in the Gulf that had been called back to shore because of questions about safety measures aboard the ships.

O’Reilly does know that he is supposed to eat falafel not see if he can push them through one ear to the other side.

Sixteen crude-sucking barges are back in the Gulf of Mexico working to clean up oil, but the Coast Guard is defending its decision to ground the vessels because it couldn’t verify whether there were fire extinguishers and life vests on board.

“The Coast Guard is not going to compromise safety … that’s our No. 1 priority,” Coast Guard spokesman Robert Brassel told The Daily Caller.


Brassel said the barges are now “back in operating order.”

On Thursday night, the Incident Commander in Houma, Roger Laferriere, decided with the captain of the port in New Orleans to inspect the barges when they realized the ships did not have a certificate of inspection to demonstrate safety equipment on board. Thursday morning, the ships were inspected and grounded because they did not have the proper fire-fighting and life-saving equipment. There were also concerns about the stability of the barges. During the day Thursday, the problems were fixed, and the barges are back out on the water today.

What seemed to matter to Bill and the right-wing blogs was trying to score some sleazy political points. It did not matter that a few more people might be added to the BP spill death toll or that the barges might not be safe to operate.

Texas Can’t Afford To Buy New Far-Right Textbooks, But Rick Perry Still Resists Federal Aid. Rick Perry was among the rumored contenders for the 2012 presidential race. Perry and his fellow conservatives decide to shove some foul revisionists history down the nation’s throat ( Texas has an inordinate amount of influence on the content of the country’s text books), but have no way to pay for it. Texas is drowning in debt. These are the people who have the answers to the nation’s economic problems? I have a great little 1971 Ford Pinto I’d like to sell.

Gulf oil spill puts industry-friendly Republicans in tight spot

For the GOP leadership, it hasn’t been easy to get their people to stick to the script: Blame Obama, but scold BP. (The problem with message discipline is, it requires discipline).

It isn’t just Barton. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called the $20 billion escrow account a “redistribution of wealth fund.” Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga) accused the Obama administration of “Chicago-style shakedown politics.”

Sarah Palin has gone so far as to suggest that the real fault for the catastrophe in the gulf lies with the environmental movement.

Credit where it’s due the Right-wingosaurs have discovered the secret to stopping the BP spill. I’m not sure about the actual physics, but apparently if Obama and Biden stop playing golf the leak will stop. Newsbusters, the media watchdog of the Right offers this keen insight, Media Outraged BP CEO At Yacht Race Saturday, Don’t Care Obama Golfed by Noel Sheppard

Yet, from what I can tell, only The Hill has reported Obama and Biden going golfing:

President Barack Obama hit the golf course Saturday with Vice President Joe Biden.

The White House pool report noted that Obama left at about 1 p.m. for the course at Andrews Air Force base, and his golfing parters [sic] included White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and photographer David Katz.

So Hayward, who was officially relieved of his duties concerning the spill cleanup Friday, is a despicable, heartless cad for going to a yacht race upon his return to England.

But our President — who according to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 is INDEED considered by American law responsible for overseeing this cleanup — as oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico can do whatever he wants on Saturday without a care that his adoring press might treat him similarly.

First the Oil Pollution Act says that the president or his appointed representatives are responsible for seeing that the oil company that created the catastrophe provides for repairs and monetary damages. Not that the president of the U.S. micromanage every step of the response. That absence of truthiness aside, Newsbusters didn’t say a word about Bush setting a record for vacation time while, according to the Right, the “war on terror” was underway and represented the greatest threat to the nation since WW II. You can’t have an honest debate with people who are incapable of being honest or genuine or even bother to read the references they rely on.

In the case of natural resource damages, RPs are liable to the U.S., state, tribal or foreign government for natural resources belonging to, managed by, controlled by or appertaining to that government. The President or the authorized representative of the government shall act on behalf of the public, Indian tribe, or foreign country as trustee of natural resources to present a claim for and to recover natural resources damages. Natural resource trustees shall:   assess damages for the natural resources under their trusteeship; develop and implement a plan for the restoration, rehabilitation, replacement, or acquisition of the equivalent of, the natural resources under their trusteeship. If requested and reimbursed by a state or tribe, federal trustees may assess damages for natural resources under the state’s or tribe’s trusteeship.

The measure of natural resource damages is:   the cost of restoring, rehabilitating, replacing or acquiring the equivalent of the damaged natural resources; the diminution in value of those natural resources pending restoration; plus the reasonable cost of assessing those damages. The President, acting through the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and in consultation with the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the heads of other affected agencies must promulgate regulations for the assessment of natural resource damages. § 2706.

PR is responsible party. In the case of the Gulf spill that would be BP and possibly its contractors Halliburton  and Transocean. BP’s Partner in Gulf Well Anadarko Petroleum says “BP’s behavior and actions likely represent gross negligence or willful misconduct.”