Obama is Just Like Hitler and Stalin?

tea party wallpaper

The Iowa Tea Party

North Iowa Tea Party displays billboard comparing Obama to Hitler.

Iowa Tea Party leaders now say they disagree with the use of the pictures, but not the Obama-is-Hitler message. North Iowa Tea Party co-founder Bob Johnson stated that while the “the pictures might be overwhelming,” the sign “highlights” the right message. Iowa state Tea Party coordinator John White agrees that while the “sign goes” where “the Tea Party doesn’t want to be”, “everything Obama has done is ‘lock-step’ with what Hitler did in his day.”

A chronology of the beginnings of the Nazi Party in Germany

The Reichstag Fire. A fire which broke out at the Reichstag building was blamed on the Communist Party (KPD). As a result the KPD, which was the second largest party in Germany, was banned.  The banning of the Communist party gave the Nazis a clear majority in government.
5th March 1933

With the Communist party banned Hitler ordered a new election at which the Nazi party gained 44% of the General election vote.
23rd March 1933

Enabling Act gave Hitler power to make laws without consulting the Reichstag for a period of four years
26th April 1933

The Gestapo, Nazi secret police, were formed
26th April 1933

The Nazis took over local government
2nd May 1933

Trade Unions were banned
10th May 1933

25,000 ‘un-German’ books burned in an “Action against the Un-German Spirit”. The move was encouraged by Joseph Goebbels, Head of Propaganda.
14th July 1933

All political parties except the Nazis were banned

We have had himbo and tea party candidate Scott Brown(R-Mass) elected to the senate. There are several tea nut candidates running for federal and state office. Tea smokers like Sarah Palin are criss crossing the country making millions of dollars campaigning for tea nuts. Why hasn’t Heir Obama kept to the Nazi playbook and banned all political parties. Republicans in the Senate have managed to stop the extension of unemployment benefits despite the fact they are the minority party. They have also stooped many of Obama’s judicial and other appointments. Wouldn’t a Nazi just drag these Republican obstructionists of the minority party off to the death camps. But I’m being reasonable and reality based in trying to refute what the Iowa and other tea parties believe. They are just a branch of the Republican party. It’s increasing most extreme branch. These are the same people who believe in the “death panels”, that President Obama was not born in Hawaii, the government is storing guillotines to behead its political opponents, create detentions centers to imprison conservatives and building indoctrination camps for children. By all means ignore the evidence and do not call the tea smokers racist because it hurts their feelings.

Its Wikipedia so it lacks some details but for a look at what Lenin’s rise to power i.e. the Russian Revolution looked like is here. The communist cam to power via bloody revolution and the over throw of a very repressive monarchy ( Tsar Nicholas II of Russia) and replaced Nicholas with a repressive regime of their own. Lenin would turn out to be the lesser of evils once Stalin came to power.  Stalin would go on to conduct the infamous purges where an estimated 20 million Russians were either murdered outright or were sentenced to labor camps where death was almost certain.