It’s Official: The Death of Moderate Conservatism

The end of moderate republicans

The Death of Moderate Conservatism

Moderate conservatism – remember Dwight Eisenhower, Nelson Rockefeller and in recent history, Bernie Sanders who left the GOP to become an Independent. They’re reminders that moderate conservatism has been on a respirator for years. The far right conservative Redstate makes it official. In a I told you so tone, celebrating the ever so courageous primary victory of the tea party wackadoo Christine O’Donnell’s , Don’t Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

As a friend of mine in the business of campaigns and elections has said, electing moderates simply to secure a majority for Republicans is a self-defeating proposition. We’ve seen this play out time and again. Career politicians abhor principle, and adore power and fecklessness. Their presence in Washington provides constant aid and comfort to the Left. They dilute the brand, confuse voters and sell out conservatives just at the moment they are needed most.

It’s not about being right rather than winning, it’s about the definition of winning in the long term, which cannot be done with elected politicians who don’t believe in conservatism.

In the end, it’s really that simple.

That might be in the ballpark of touching in its embrace of principles, if modern conservatives hand any principles. The Bush era, in which six of those years conservatives dominated all three branches of government, was extremely  far right. They gave as record deficits, a war that was no less than the second greatest act of treason after the Civil War, a crumbling infrastructure, deteriorating education ( especially the sciences and math), special interests buying legislation from the Republican K-Street project and the dismantling of regulations pertaining everything imaginable safeguard from pet food to Wall St grand thrift. Where rational people witnesses the utter failure of a deeply anti-American political movement, conservatives such as Redstate and the tea nuts see they only failed by not being even further to the Right. There is little chance conservative will “dilute” their brand. America knows what it is and will be paying for that brand for decades.

Hey Breitbart, look to your left

During his speech at FreedomWorks’ September 12 rally on the National Mall, Andrew Breitbart berated the media for portraying tea party ralliers as “racist, sexist, homophobe,” and “Islamophobe,” but the crowd he addressed was full of inflammatory signs.

The signage is at the link. Most of them are more about stupidity and fear than anything. What bunker were these people hiding in from 2000 to 2008 when Republicans created an economy that need to be saved.

Racist and pornography provider Tea Party candidate Carl P. Paladino wins GOP gubernatorial nomination in New York

Buffalo multimillionaire and Tea Party candidate Carl P. Paladino defeated former Rep. Rick Lazio  to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination in New York last night. The “volatile newcomer,” who forwarded racist and pornographic e-mails to friends, has lent a “potentially destabilizing blow to New York Republicans” who have “historically succeeded by choosing moderates.”

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME)

“Stung” by Rep. Mike Castle’s (R-DE) primary loss, an “exasperated” Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) “sounded off” about the “shrinking wing” of moderate Republicans in an interview yesterday. Allowing that “Congress isn’t working right,” she argued moderate Republicans “can’t be endangered” if the GOP “want[s] to be a majority party” because “ideological purity at 100 percent is a utopian world.”