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Who knows some day there might be large scale systematic discrimination against white upper middle-class and wealthy conservatives, but for right now it is a ridiculous notion. “A true member of the team”: Coates’ testimony used to revive phony DOJ scandal

Right-wing media are citing the testimony of Justice Department attorney Christopher Coates before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to revive the phony New Black Panther Party scandal. But Coates reportedly became “a true member of the team” in the highly politicized Bush DOJ.
Right-wing media hype Coates’ Civil Rights Commission testimony as a “bombshell”

Hans von Spakovsky: Coates testimony is a “bombshell.” In a September 22 Pajamas Media blog post, Bush DOJ official Hans von Spakovsky called Coates’ decision to testify before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights a “bombshell” that was “likely to be incredibly damaging to DOJ leadership and the Obama administration.” [Pajamas Media, 9/22/10]

Probably just a coincidence that Coates became a poor beleaguered victim of discrimination after an African-American woman was promoted over him. What PJ media, that bastion of stellar reporting The Mooney Times  and Fox always leave out of their reportage whining is the Obama DOJ has pursued some cases of civil rights violations by African-American perpetrators. Among the right-wing conservative circle jerkers, blowing this pimple sized reverse discrimination nonsense up to mountain sized proportions is supposed to serve as a distraction. To bury the history of how deeply corrupt the Department of Justice was under the Bush administration. The Bush DOJ was Stalinesque in its pursuit of conservative ideological purity. We should be having hearings, disbarments and probably some jail time for ex-Bush DOJ officials. Some years ago before I stared this blog I used to read the blog of a self described former Democrat who became a Republican because of the Republican respect for the rule of law. I thought then such an assertion was laughable and conservatives have done nothing in the mean time to correct that impression.

GOP Pledge Architect Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) Can’t Name A Single Program He’d Cut From The Federal Budget. Strictly speaking McCarthy did name one thing he would cut which would reduce the deficit by less than 0.01 percent. Republicans really don’t take governing seriously.

Stephen Colbert’s two biggest sins have been offending the sensibilities of the press corps and the Beltway Villagers mentality –  Annoys Press Corps . . . Again

Let’s face it: Some in the Washington press corps still resent Stephen Colbert because he so brilliantly lampooned them to their faces at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner over their coziness with the Bush White House.

Yesterday, some elite journalists couldn’t contain their anger after Colbert testified before Congress on behalf of immigrant farm workers — mostly in character (with some funny and not-so-funny jokes) and partly in total seriousness:  “I like talking about people who don’t have any power and it seems like some of the least powerful people in the United States are the migrant workers who come and do our work and don’t have any rights as a result . And yet we still invite them to come here, and at the same time ask them to leave.”

Thanks to Colbert, a hearing on migrant workers that would have been ignored by mainstream journalists was jam-packed with mainstream journalists.

But hosting “Hardball” last night, NBC’s Chuck Todd was beside himself: “A lot of us frankly are offended.”  He suggested Congress members should have walked out of the hearing room as Colbert testified.

Ironically, Todd made the Colbert appearance his top story.

And that’s a good thing — because the plight of migrant farm workers is otherwise ignored on “Hardball.” I did a quick NEXIS search for variations of “immigrant farm workers” or “migrant farm labor” and found about three mentions in the last decade.

I wouldn’t call Todd a full tool, more like half a tool. Sadly, compared to much of the Washington press there are worse. Digby’s take nails the problem the press and too many average citizens have when it comes to satire and what is genuinely funny – The Beltway Quilting Bee And Ladies Pearl Clutching Society

@Chuck Todd has been wringing his hands for hours. Rough translation:

Lawdy, lawdy lawdy!! Bring me the smellin’ salts Miss Mellie, I almost like to daaaah! Ah have nevah been so appalled in mah laaaahf! Why, po Aunt Pittypat fainted dead awaaay!

Of course in a world where Glenn Beck is considered a serious political figure, I suppose you can’t blame them for not getting the joke. (emphasis mine)

Unfortunately we are forced to take Beck, Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Steve King (R-IA) and John the maverick McCain seriously. Look back at America’s history and the likes of the Whig Party, the John Birch Society, Joseph McCarthy, Jerry Falwell, Michael ‘there is no such thing as autism’ Savage, William Jennings Bryan and Warren Harding. The nuts don’t climb back into the tree just because they’re wacky. Colbert takes a right-wing sacred belief – illegal immigrant farm workers are the most pressing problem facing America and shreds it like the xenophobic trash it is. Of course the Right is offended. Colbert makes a more serious point and deflates more gas filled wingers in a few minutes of humor than the press does in an average year. Neither the Right or the press need worry. On Monday we’ll be back to taking the vacant minds of the Beck-Palin-Tea Nut brigades seriously and the real serious stuff will be dutifully relegated to standing in the corner facing the wall.

Has anyone told Robert Reich that we’re not doing statistics and facts now. It is all about the tears, the misspelled signs and the tax enough already who are not paying taxes. The Super Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Gets Poorer, and the Democrats Punt

The super-rich got even wealthier this year, and yet most of them are paying even fewer taxes to support the eduction, job training, and job creation of the rest of us. According to Forbes magazine’s annual survey, just released, the combined net worth of the 400 richest Americans climbed 8% this year, to $1.37 trillion. Wealth rose for 217 members of the list, while 85 saw a decline.

For example, Charles and David Koch, the energy magnates who are pouring vast sums of money into Republican coffers and sponsoring tea partiers all over America, each gained $5.5 billion of wealth over the past year. Each is now worth $21.5 billion.

Wall Street continued to dominate the list; 109 of the richest 400 are in finance or investments.

From another survey we learn that the 25 top hedge-fund managers got an average of $1 billion each, but paid an average of 17 percent in taxes (because so much of their income is considered capital gains, taxed at 15 percent thanks to the Bush tax cuts).

The rest of America got poorer, of course. The number in poverty rose to a post-war high. The median wage continues to deteriorate. And some 20 million Americans don’t have work.

Though Reich is mistaken to think the tax vote has to be right now before the short recess. It is not punting. The vote is about smart politics.