December Snow Wallpaper

December Snow Wallpaper

Oregon Senator Wyden(D) effectively kills Internet censorship bill. At least for this session of Congress.

Opponents of the bill insist that many sites which contain allegedly infringing materials also traffic in legitimate data that’s constitutionally protected. There’s also a fear that whatever action the US takes, other countries will seek to emulate, and some to a much more zealous degree.

Activist group DemandProgress, which is running a petition against the bill, argued the powers in the bill could be used for political purposes. If the whistleblower Web site WikiLeaks is found to be hosting copyrighted material, for instance, access to WikiLeaks could be blocked for all US Internet users, they suggested.

A group of academics, led by Temple University law professor David Post, have signed a petition opposing COICA.

“The Act, if enacted into law, would fundamentally alter U.S. policy towards Internet speech, and would set a dangerous precedent with potentially serious consequences for free expression and global Internet freedom,” Post wrote in the petition letter

Democrats also step up to guard net neutrality – FCC may regulate Internet lines days before Christmas

Republicans are already mounting a campaign to oppose the potential Internet line regulations, which would aim to rein in how cable and phone companies manage Internet traffic. Nineteen Republicans signed a letter to Genachowski on Friday urging him not to move forward with net neutrality.

“Reigniting the network neutrality debate will only distract us from that work and further jeopardize investment, innovation, and jobs. We ask you not to circulate such an order,” they wrote.

Democrats on Capitol Hill may come to the commission’s defense, however, as the policy has various supporters in the House. Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) said in a statement on Friday that he wants the agency to act this year.

“Preservation of a free and open Internet is essential to protect consumers, spur investment, foster innovation and promote the free flow of ideas,” he said.

An FCC official also remained steadfast on Friday that net-neutrality rules are a sound policy.

“Net Neutrality is about preventing anyone from regulating the Internet. There are some cable and phone companies out there that want to decide which apps you should get on your phone, which Internet sites you should look at, and what online videos you can download. That’s regulating the Internet — and that’s what the FCC is trying to stop,” the official said.

Republicans are complaining about the Dec. 22 vote. You know the same people that back in 2003 were having votes at one AM Friday morning to pass some stealth legislation that would rather avoid Democrats voting on and the press talking about all week.

In 2007, Beck Praised IAVA But Now Demonizes The Vets Group As Part Of His Made-Up Soros Conspiracy and Glenn Beck Promotes Socialism to West Point Cadets. Beck is very difficult to take seriously. Then you read the comments on stories about him and his followers talk like members of a cult where Beck is the holy guru who can do no wrong. These are people who have given up anything resembling critical thinking skills, blather on about freedom and act like Beck puppets.

Doubling down on the stupid and misogyny – Bryan Fischer Defends ‘Feminized’ Medal Of Honor Comment: God Honors ‘Aggressive War’. It difficult for people such as Fischer, who seem to have a god-complex to realize the thoughts in their heads are not coherent or relevant to reasonable sentient beings.

Family group demands Florida’s governor-elect stop selling porn

Family group demands Floridas governor elect stop selling porn

A conservative Christian group wants Florida’s Republican governor-elect to stop selling “pornography” to Latinos.

The Christian Family Coalition (CFC) is calling for Rick Scott to divest in the website QuePasa which has a partnership with Playboy Mexico. Scott reportedly owns shares of QuePasa worth about $6-8 million — nearly 15 percent of the company

Conservative values are like rip tides, difficult to keep track up and dangerous to swim in. Where were these people when a guy who committed 14 counts of Medicare fraud was running for governor. Go into a bank and steal $20 and go to jail for ten years. Be a Republican with a spreadsheet, steal millions and be rewarded with elected office to steal some more while collecting dividends from your adult entertainment investments. Yep, tea partiers are nothing like ordinary conservatives.