Historical Print – The Overland Mail Begins From San Francisco to the East

Overland Mail Begins From San Francisco to the East

Sep 15, 1858: The first transcontinental mail service to San Francisco begins

With California booming, thanks to the 1849 Gold Rush, Americans east and west had been clamoring for faster and surer transcontinental mail service for years. Finally, in March 1857, the U.S. Congress passed an act authorizing an overland mail delivery service and a $600,000 yearly subsidy for whatever company could succeed in reliably transporting the mail twice a week from St. Louis to San Francisco in less than 25 days. The postmaster general awarded the first government contract and subsidy to the Overland Mail Company.

[   ]…Travelers also found that toilets and baths were few and far between, the food was poor and pricey, and the stage drivers were often drunk, rude, profane, or all three. Robberies and Indian attacks were a genuine threat, though they occurred far less commonly than popularly believed.

Postal service has improved immensely but travel still has a lot in common with the good ol’days. Now you get poked and prodded between x-rays. Or the might just leave you in a room to die because they think you have a bad attitude. It has been known to happen when you treat people badly, they get cranky and upset.

Now that would be nice Christmas present: Hawaii’s governor wants to finally demolish the birthers. Mr. Abercrombie’s heart is in the right place, but he is likely wasting his time. Like the Theory of Gravity, it is almost a law of right-wing nature to be impervious to facts that conflict with their bizarro-world view. There are occasional exceptions. Abercrombie’s little crusade for reason and sanity has been ridiculed by the usual suspects. An Associate Clinical Professor at Cornell Law School and right-wing conservative blogger William A. Jacobson gives us a glimpse into what the Right considers clever insight, So The Anti-Birther Hawaii Governor Is Actually A Birther

If you demand to see Obama’s actual birth certificate, you will be called a “Birther.”

It doesn’t matter if your position is that anyone ascending to a constitutional office should provide the best evidence of constitutional qualification, you’re a Birther.  It doesn’t matter that you think all candidates should comply, you’re a Birther.  It doesn’t matter it you think Obama was born in Hawaii, but should put the issue to rest by releasing the records, you’re a Birther.

Is anyone else tearing up at yet another incident in which conservatives are the victims of their honest curiosity. We’ll probably never know if Bush 43 skipped out on his TANG enlistment, but we do know that while it takes some physical courage to fly a jet, Bush could not muster up enough of that courage to join the regular troops via the draft. That didn’t stop the Right from voting for a draft dodger. Bush’s charade is nothing compared to what birthers think President Obama has achieved. Obama has apparently conned the state of Illinois where he was a Senator and Harvard University – where he earned his law degree. Not only that, Obama has a passport, so he has fooled the State Department. Between the NSA ( The National Security Administration – a section of the Department of Defense), the FBI and the CIA – have access to any information about anyone. They all take orders from a guy that was really born in Kenya and does not have the legal right to be president? Call Hollywood, this has the makings of like, the best political thriller ever. Almost as good as conservatives convincing the country that a sand bound nation of 25 million people was worth spending three trillion dollars to go to war against. Obama’s nefarious tentacles even reach into the nation’s court system and the military – Birther Army Doc Who Refused To Serve Pleads Guilty, Faces Up To Three Years In Prison

Earlier this year, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an 17-year Army veteran, refused to report for duty at Fort Campbell, KY because he said his orders emanated from an illegal President who is not a natural born U.S. citizen. As such, Lakin said he had “no choice” but to disobey the orders and that he would “gladly deploy” if Obama released his birth certificate.

In September, a military judge ruled that Obama’s birth certificate was irrelevant in Lakin’s case, thus he was not able to raise the issue in a military court today where he pleaded guilty to two charges related to the case:

An Army doctor who disobeyed orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he questions President Barack Obama’s citizenship pleaded guilty Tuesday to one of two charges against him.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin of Greeley, Colo., pleaded guilty in a military court to a charge that included not meeting with a superior when ordered to do so and not reporting to duty at Fort Campbell.

Lakin faces up to 18 months in prison and dismissal from the Army. He pleaded not guilty to a second charge of missing a flight he was required to be on, and the court-martial proceeding continued on that count.

As Anderson Copper noted this guy has never asked for proof of birth or citizenship from anyone who has given him orders over the years. Note that Jacobson and the birthers have never made a crusade of verifying the citizenship of any Republican serving in federal office. I wonder if free tin foil is one of the benefits of being a conservative prof at Cornell.

Barack Obama's birth certificate