Morning Sun Forest wallpaper

Morning Sun Forest wallpaper

A couple different conservative views of the effort to repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). One based on greed and one based on pure wingnuttery.  Bill Frist: Health Care Is ‘Law Of The Land,’ GOP Should Drop Repeal And Build On It. Did Frist have a sudden epiphany and become a responsible citizen and  humanitarian. That would be a leap for Doctor for Dollars,

This may be wishful thinking. As The Washington Examiner’s lobbying editor Tim Carney notes, Frist “is invested, literally, in the law.” He has made a fortune as a result of stock ownership from the family-founded Hospital Corporation of America, the for-profit hospital chain.

And than there is one of my favorite know nothings Rep. Steve King(R-IA). Steve King Claims Health Insurance Regulations Violate The Constitution. When a Democrat makes a sweeping statement like that they better be prepared to back it up. They better be prepared to be informed about the Constitution, the commerce clause in particular and the necessary and proper clause. Steve, who is always ready to live down to my low expectations, as is typically right-wing Republican, prefers the pull things out of his arse approach,

First of all [the Affordable Care Act] is unconstitutional. We can go through all of that component, Gordon, but, in the end, this trade off of giving up our personal decisions on what health insurance policy we choose to buy, what health insurance policy will be delivered to us because of market demands, and making decisions on doctors and tests and second opinions, as a whole list of things that are taken away from us under Obamacare. All of that, for what? So that we have a federal mandate that children must stay on our insurance until age 26? I want mine to grow up, as a matter of fact.

So few sentences. It looks like Stevie Boy would toss in an actual fact just to throw everyone off balance. Employers can choose whatever health care insurance they prefer to provide health care coverage. If an individual buys it on their own they will buy it from private carriers through the insurance exchange. The big spooky govmint ain’t going to come between you and your doctor. As Politifact noted, PPACA is a private sector solution – none of those pesky death panels. Canada has a single payer system and even in that evil Marxist scheme doctors and hospitals are private institutions who make their decisions based on the best results for the patient. Notice we do not hear horror stories from Canadians about being denied care or older relatives being put to death because of costs. The option for children to stay on their parents insurance has already become one of the most popular aspects of health care reform. Finally there are at least 100 legal scholars who not only disagree with Super Constitutional Steve, but actually took time to make their case in rational terms, Over 100 Law Professors Agree on Affordable Care Act’s Constitutionality(pdf)

We, the undersigned, write to explain why the “minimum coverage provision” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which requires most Americans who can afford it to have health insurance or pay a tax, rests on sound, long-established constitutional footing. The current challenges to the constitutionality of this legislation seek to jettison nearly two centuries of settled constitutional law.

Congress’s power to regulate the national healthcare market is unambiguous. Article I of the U.S. Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate interstate commerce. The national market in healthcare insurance and services, which Congress found amounts to over $2 trillion annually and consumes more than 17% of the annual gross domestic product, is unquestionably an important component of interstate commerce. One of the Framers’ primary goals was to give Congress the power to regulate matters of national economic significance because states individually could not effectively manage them on their own. The problems facing the modern healthcare system today are precisely the sort of problems beyond the reach of individual states that led the Framers to give Congress authority to regulate interstate commerce.

[   ]…In 2005, Justice Antonin Scalia explained that the necessary and proper clause gives Congress broad authority to ensure that its economic regulations work. In Justice Scalia’s words, “where Congress has authority to enact a regulation of interstate commerce, it possesses every power needed to make that regulation effective.” Just last term, a majority of the Supreme Court, in an opinion joined by Chief Justice John Roberts, wrote that in “determining whether the Necessary and Proper Clause grants Congress the legislative authority to enact a particular federal statute, we look to see whether the statute constitutes a means that is rationally related to the implementation of a constitutionally enumerated power.”

A total of 13 pages of legal precedent and justification for the Constitutionality of the PPACA. More work and thinking than Steve has probably done in his lifetime. The people of Iowa are not getting their money’s worth. Even a chimp would have enough sense to step aside and let the adults do their job.

Good Q&A type article, Do Republican critiques of the healthcare law add up? As they campaign to repeal the law, they argue that it will hurt the job market and add to the federal budget deficit. Repealing reform will increase the deficit and will not be a job killer. It’s must be nice to be a modern-day Republican. No allegiance to the facts. No need for honor and honest debates. Just repeat the same lies over and over until they become the nationally accepted order from the czars of doublespeak.

Mid-terms were a downer, but the Right was a little a head of itself on all the triumphalism. The game changes fast and yesterdays bleak days for Democrats are already looking a little better, Bysiewicz Poll Shows Her Leading Lieberman

An internal poll conducted for the nascent campaign of former Conn. Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz (D) shows her narrowly ahead in Democratic primary matchups and three-way general election contests against incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) and the two GOP statewide nominees last year.

Try not to cry all over your keyboard, Joementum is retiring. Voluntarily, before he was trounced in 2012.

The vindication of Dick Cheney – By Glenn Greenwald

It overstates the case to say there are no differences.  There were some: Obama formally ended the “enhanced interrogation program” (the authorization for which had been withdrawn when he took office); banned CIA black sites (which were empty when he took office); and has not invoked the Article II lawbreaking theories of Bush’s first term (Bush largely abandoned them as well in his second term as Congress began legalizing his programs).  And there is a more conciliatory tone, and some greater technocratic efficiency, in some foreign policy pronouncements.  But the crux of Bush/Cheney radicalism — the mindset and policies that caused much of the controversy — continues and has even been strengthened.

Glenn asks why liberals are not making as much noise about this as they were a couple of years ago. I’m not sure exactly what Glenn wants. All the challenges to the excesses of the Bush – and now Obama national security policies have either played out in court, or as is usually the case they have been stopped in their tracks by the administration’s use of national security privilege to stop them in their tracks. I’m a back street blogger, but say The Nation, or Kos, or Rachel Maddow made regularly weekly rants about investigating the CIA and torture for example. Does Glenn really think that would make any difference. Even before the mid-terms we had a Congress that was very skittish about pushing such investigations. There is definitely no chance now for legislative branch inquires. So the courts have dead ended. The legislature is not going to do anything. That leaves bloggers shaking their fists. Not very effective in getting the executive branch and it’s Justice Department to take action. Glenn is frustrating sometimes, he has a list of grievances and no answers.

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