Organized Labor and Conservative Credibility


Video: CWA union thug strikes young female FreedomWorks activist. If M’s Hale was assaulted that is obviously a bad thing. I have watched this video twice. There does seem to have been some kind of confrontation – the supposed CWA worker perhaps shoving someone or using his sign to push away the camera, which is very close to his face. While the pushing or shoving, if it did occur is poor behavior, the police would call it aggravated assault at best. The law does recognize the concept of personal space. If someone gets too close to you in a way meant to maliciously cause distress and fear of further attack is considered justification for responding. M’s Hale is actually not to be seen. Except that might be a shot of her shoes as the camera points down. The Right has a couple of problems with this video and future videos which do not display a clear and unedited version of events. These are issues of their own making. One, we recently had a tea bag activist call for posing as union members to cause trouble –  Tea Party plan to impersonate union protesters: “Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes & pictures will linger as defacto truth.” We actually do not know if the person depicted in the video is an actual CWA member of what his political affiliations are. Another credibility problem the Right has is its recent history of editing video to make themselves look good and people, and organizations they hate look bad,  See Andrew Breutbart, Big Hollywood, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe – ACORN Sting Tape EDITED: Rachel Maddow Dissects Edit-Bay Trickery (VIDEO). Just a month ago, having learned nothing from their previous video hoax we had the James O’Keefe inspired Lila Rose try to pull an ACORN-like con-game on Planned Parenthood, A Refresher Course On Andrew Breitbart’s Dishonest Tactics -Planned Parenthood Actually Reported The “Potential Sex Trafficking” To Law Enforcement Officials. If this M’S Hale was shoved or hurt that is unfortunate. Besides the credibility the Right and their sugar-daddy organizations have when it comes to exposing alleged wrong doing by the subjects of their never-ending hate campaigns, there is the immediate issue of lack of other reports in the Wisconsin press and why hasn’t Hale in fact filed a police report. A quick search of broadcast affiliates and newspapers in Wisconsin showed no reports of assault or an account of the confrontation. The only place you’ll find the video – besides YouTube – is on right-wing Republican web sites. Yes, the Right can claim the big bad librul press is hiding this breaking story, but that would mean an admission that no public report was filed – perhaps from lack of evidence? And a lost opportunity for the Right to portray middle-class workers and unions as “thugs”. Considering the tens of thousands of protesters on the public workers side, this one incident – if it occurred as the Right claims, is nowhere near having the moral weight to indict the vast majority of workers, their families and friends.

Hale even admits the video was edited or framed in a certain way to serve her purposes,

I was not asking for this. There was no confrontation between the thug and myself prior to this. He had not asked me to put the camera away. I was not as close as the video implies (it was cropped from a vertical iPhone video so it would fit on youtube). I was simply filming a protest, as I have done for the past two years. Amazingly enough, none of those crazy right wing extremists ever hit me.

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano ‘bloody’ comment becomes flashpoint in union flap. This was definitely not a proud moment in Democratic history. To Rep. Capuano’s credit he did apologize. A lost art on the Right,

“I strongly believe in standing up for worker rights and my passion for preserving those rights may have gotten the best of me yesterday in an unscripted speech,” he said in a statement. “I wish I had used different language to express my passion and I regret my choice of words.”

Rep. Edward Markey(D) was at the same rally as Capuano,

U.S. Rep. Edward Markey also took on the Tea Party protesters, telling the News Service prior to his public remarks Wednesday that they bordered on “economic illiteracy.”

Where were they when George Bush was squandering the surplus? Where were they when George Bush was fighting two wars without paying for it? Where were they when George Bush turned the keys to our economy over to Wall Street? Where were they then?” he said. “The blame that goes down to school teachers for being responsible for what happens just shows you how completely and totally ignorant of the actual operations of the economy over the last 10 years they are.”

The tea smokers would never lose the taint of living in a bubble for eight or nine years, suddenly waking up, indignant at how the nations’ finances have been run. If we did not have Bush’s debt plus the three trillion dollars from invading Iraq we’d be in much better shape.

Before we move on one more note on the Civil Discourse wars, Conservative Indiana Official Jeffrey Cox On Wisconsin Protestors: ‘Use Live Ammunition’.

Wisconsin Governor Hosni Mubarak Walker, like most far Right cons have convinced themselves they are the gurus of economics. Actually that is an understatement. They truly believe whatever they say about economics is the last word even if they contradict themselves. While the nation and working class Americans economic problems can all be traced back to them and conservative Democrats. Walker keeps claiming he is just getting Wisconsin’s’ fiscal house in order. There is no connection between union busting and a better economy,

“As a state economist and policy analyst, I was surprised that no one asked me about this proposal. I analyzed it for its economic impact. If public employee salaries are cut (through increased withholdings as proposed) by enough to fill the $137 million budget gap, the resulting drop in consumer spending will lead to: 1) a loss of over 1,200 nongovernment jobs; 2) a loss of about $100 million in business sales statewide; 3) a loss of nearly $35 million in personal incomes of nongovernment employee households; 4) ironically, a loss of nearly $10 million in state tax revenues.” — Robert Russell, economist and analyst, Madison.

The Republican Deficit Hysteria Will Not Solve Our Economic Problems or Why Budget Cuts Don’t Bring Prosperity

Similarly, there is no evidence that the government is gobbling up too many workers and keeping them from the private sector. When John Boehner, the speaker of the House, said last week that federal payrolls had grown by 200,000 people since Mr. Obama took office, he was simply wrong. The federal government has added only 58,000 workers, largely in national security, since January 2009. State and local governments have cut 405,000 jobs over the same span.

The fundamental problem after a financial crisis is that businesses and households stop spending money, and they remain skittish for years afterward. Consider that new-vehicle sales, which peaked at 17 million in 2005, recovered to only 12 million last year. Single-family home sales, which peaked at 7.5 million in 2005, continued falling last year, to 4.6 million. No wonder so many businesses are uncertain about the future.

Without the government spending of the last two years — including tax cuts — the economy would be in vastly worse shape. Likewise, if the federal government begins laying off tens of thousands of workers now, the economy will clearly suffer.

Leonhardt is likely correct about some tax cuts. Republicans went too far in insisting on keeping the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250k. All we hear now from those same Republicans is  we ( the middle-class and poor) have to start making sacrifices. It was not asking for much of a sacrifice for someone who was making $395k a year to somehow get by on $5k less. Yes, the wealthy should pay more, not because they are all mean and greedy, but because they are the ones who benefit most from the basic infrastructure that makes their wealth possible.

AssRocket at Powerline sends out his deepest, and as usual, weird compassion to the poor beleaguered Koch brothers who have to suffer the mean things libruls say about them, Wanker of the Day: Assrocket.