Black and White City That Never Sleeps wallpaper

Black and White City That Never Sleeps wallpaper

Conservative Media Push “Bogus” Argument That Collective Bargaining Correlates With State Deficits

Kilmeade Suggests That “Union Bargaining Should Be Abolished All Together” Because It’s “Breaking The Public Piggy Bank.” On the February 28 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, co-host Brian Kilmeade asked, “If union bargaining is breaking the public piggy bank, should it be abolished all together?” [Fox News’ Fox & Friends, 2/28/11]

Liz Cheney: Collective Bargaining “Reduces [Local Officials’] Ability To Actually Manage Their Own Budget.” On the February 20 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.’s Fox News Sunday, Liz Cheney stated that “when you’ve got collective bargaining in place and when you’ve got the benefits that are basically sealed in, and no ability by those local officials to touch those or affect them, it reduces their ability to actually manage their own budget.” [Fox Broadcasting Co.’s Fox News Sunday, 2/20/11, accessed via Nexis]

Kilmeade has done some bizarre historical revisionism lately, including denying that Bush ever used WMDs or bogus Iraqi connections to al Qaeda as causes for invading Iraq. Liz Cheney has inherited the pants on fire gene from dad. Both of these right-wing sycophants have a track record of falsehoods that would make a normal human being with a conscience seek therapy and meds, or run, not walk to the nearest confessional. Trusting them and other cardboard cutouts of the Right is like asking the arsonist who set your house on fire to babysit.

In Fact, Every State That Explicitly Prohibits Collective Bargaining Faces Budget Shortfalls

Five States Explicitly Prohibit Collective Bargaining. According to the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), five states — Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia – have made collective bargaining explicitly illegal.

CBPP Data Show All Five States In Which Bargaining Is Illegal Face Budget Shortfalls. According to data compiled by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), the five states in which collective bargaining is explicitly illegal all face budget shortfalls in FY2012. According to CBPP, Texas and North Carolina are at or above the average expected state budget shortfall in FY2012. [CBPP, 2/10/11]

Something I thought I would never read from a Forbes writer, The American Public Supports Labor Unions

I’m not sure what all is entailed in ‘loving’ unions. I think it’s more important to understand the benefits unions provide not just their members, but workers across the board. Unions may have all sorts of problems – just like any other organization – but unions do have a legitimate role, and it goes beyond wages and benefits. Union membership provides the middle class with more opportunities to become politically involved and powerful. That’s why it’s so important for people like Walker to bust the teachers unions, and why his poor calculation in this matter may end up helping the Democrats in ways the Democrats never could have helped themselves.

I would not go so far as to think Gov. Mubarak Walker, but he has managed to expose the underbelly of the beast. The Right has been deriding the concept of class warfare for longer than I have been writing this blog. While plenty of Democrats and progressive sites such as CBPP and American Progress have produced tons of compelling studies and graphs, nothing has quite highlighted the Right’s war on the middle-class like Walker.

Perennial Poor Little Victim Justice Clarence Thomas Undermines Court’s Integrity. Claims Questions Him About His Lack of Ethics is Bad for Country

He also lashed out at his critics, without naming them, asserting they “seem bent on undermining” the High Court as an institution. Such criticism, Thomas warned, could erode the ability of American citizens to fend off threats to their way of life.

“You all are going to be, unfortunately, the recipients of the fallout from that – that there’s going to be a day when you need these institutions to be credible and to be fully functioning to protect your liberties,” he said, according to a partial recording of the speech provided to POLITICO by someone who was at the meeting.

[  ]…* Failure to Disclose: Federal judges and justices are required by law to disclose their spouse’s income — thus preventing persons who wish to influence the judge or justice from funneling money to them through their husband or wife. Nevertheless, Thomas falsely claimed that his wife — a lobbyist and high-earning member of the professional right — earned no non-investment income whatsoever while she was working at the right-wing Heritage Foundation. When asked to explain this error, Thomas — who is one of the nine people responsible for issuing binding interpretations of the nation’s founding document — claimed that he “misunderst[ood] the filing instructions.”

Thomas may have disclosed the Right’s real problem with good governance, ethics and the common good; they have problems understanding basic written instructions.

The Right has been trying to bend this story into Mike Huckabee being portrayed as a “birther”. The point is not whether Huckabee is a birther. It’s about whether he has made any attempt whatsoever to retain some basic factual information about the president of the country. Not having this basic information and then claiming to be well informed and enlightened enough to possibly being president are at odds. At least in the reality based community, Mike Huckabee’s shocking and appalling ignorance The possible White House candidate reveals that his critique of Obama’s foreign policy is rooted in a falsehood

It’s hard to listen to the entire exchange and not conclude that Huckabee is simply — and appallingly — ignorant on the basic facts of the president’s life story. This doesn’t sound like a cynical attempt to send signals to the Republican base from a politician who, deep inside, knows better; this is a man who matter-of-factly believes that Obama was raised in Kenya — and who uses that belief to justify all sorts of zany theories about the president’s motives and sympathies in the conduct of foreign affairs.

How does Huckabee, who has been on the national stage for four years now and who may be the front-runner for the GOP nomination if he decides to run, not know that Obama wasn’t raised in Kenya? The statement that Huckabee’s spokesman just gave to ABC News doesn’t address this question:

“Governor Huckabee simply misspoke when he alluded to President Obama growing up in ‘Kenya.’ The Governor meant to say the President grew up in Indonesia. When the Governor mentioned he wanted to know more about the President, he wasn’t talking about the President’s place of birth — the Governor believes the President was born in Hawaii. The Governor would however like to know more about where President Obama’s liberal policies come from and what else the President plans to do to this country — as do most Americans.”

The WTF of the day, “The Governor would however like to know more about where President Obama’s liberal policies come from and what else the President plans to do to this country — as do most Americans”. So in his defense Huckabee claims he is against something, Obama and his policies, but going on three years, Huckabee confesses he has no clue what those policies are. How can one be against what one has no knowledge of. President Obama has had one of most successful legislative presidencies in our history. Much of that legislation has been progressive. On the other hand Obama has been a conservative corporatist Democrat on many issues. Huckabee and his camp seem to think keeping track of these minor details is too tiresome to be bothered with. Much easier to be adamantly opposed to anything Obama does because he was “raised in Kenya”, “hates the British” and thus hates Israel. Huckabee’s interview was with a contributor to the far-right web dinosaur Newsmax. How fitting that Huckabee’s world view, like Newsmax, is based on a bizarre narrative and paranoid delusions.

Malkin, Gateway Pundit and the usual assortment of serial liars, basement headquartered bed wetters, practitioners of faith based fakery, two-faced sleaze bags, nuclear solution fetishists and modern eliminationists who claim there is no racism in their ranks, are runing with this story, Mob rule video: Unhinged crowd corners Wisconsin GOP senator shouting “F**k you,” “Shame!”; Update: A Fleebagger returns?; Plus: Sen. Grothman speaks. Just for fun let’s look at what really happened, “Peacefully Explain Yourself” — For the Record, the Brownshirts Did Not Chant This

A Wisconsin Republican Senator approaches the capitol building, is recognized, a lot of people call “shame” at him, dozens of people with mobile recording devices follow him, you hear loads of cries about “don’t touch him,” he tries to get inside the building via an entrance that seems locked, there is a crowd crush (caused maybe as much by protesters as people with recording devices), a Democratic Assemblyman tells the crowd to back off, protesters up front tell the crowd to back off (“firefighters need a lane”), the Wisconsin Republican State Senator is escorted out of a tense situation by protesters to cries of “back off” and “give him room” and “he is a human being.”

The Right deserves points for some basic consumer psychology. The video is not fun to watch – not for me anyway, but the Right plants an idea in the viewers head of what they are seeing before they press the play button. Their visitors, already predisposed to seeing the world through the bottom of an old glass Coke bottle, believe they are seeing the most awful behavior since Dick Cheney told a Democratic Senator to fu*k off. Mission accomplished as they say.

A commenter at Whiskey Fire also notes the irony of the wing-nut bloggers yodeling about democracy. That would be the same bloggers who have fantasies of playing pocket pool with the Koch Brothers and the multitude of right-wing sugar daddies, out on Plantation America. The country of their dreams, where workers have no rights.