Fools and Economics.Republicans Satirize Themselves.

Could the average sober U.S. citizen tell whether this was satire or not, Mean streak: Obama is not as nice as he looks

By their lights, Reagan could commit the most heinous acts, but their criticisms were usually shrugged off by the American people, who judged him a “nice guy” who deserved the benefit of the doubt. President Obama has enjoyed something similar during his first 2 1/2 years in office. Even as public opposition mounted to his policies — Obamacare, the failed economic stimulus program, cap and trade, skyrocketing government deficits — Obama retained a reserve of public good will reflected in consistently strong personal favorability ratings. People who didn’t like his policies generally still saw Obama as a likeable guy, somebody they would enjoy having over for dinner with the family.

But that may be changing. Recall that Obama invited House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to George Washington University to hear his Wednesday address on the federal government’s dire fiscal situation. The speech was advertised by the White House as a major address in which the president would join the serious conversation initiated two weeks ago by Ryan in his detailed proposal for cutting spending. What Obama instead delivered, with Ryan sitting in the front row, was, in the Wall Street Journal’s unsparing description, a “poison pen” speech dripping with mean-spirited partisanship, gross misrepresentations of fact, and sophistry of the lowest sort concerning Republicans’ alleged desire to hurt old people, the poor and mentally challenged children. It was the sort of harangue one would expect from a rabidly devoted partisan hack, with no relation whatever to the thoughtful appeals to reason and common values that historically have characterized presidential leadership in this country.

If you thought that was written by The Onion you would be wrong. It is a serious editorial in The Washington Examiner.

ObamaCare a failure? Not all of it has been implemented , but a failure? That would be a less than honest evaluation. Many Americans who would have lost or been denied, or could not afford health insurance now have it. ObamaCare ( I’m embracing the name because the Right has tried to use it as an epitaph) or the Affordable care Act has literally saved lives. In order for conservatives to care about whether you live or die, you have to jump in the time machine and go back to being a zygote.

Skyrocketing government deficits? When the cave dwelling deficit peacocks realized conservatives had run up the largest debt in U.S. history, there was a giant sigh of relief when they realized a Democrat had been elected. They’ve spent the entire Obama presidency trying to pin blame for the deficit on Obama. That would work, but once again would require the use of a time machine.

Conservative Policies and Tax Cuts Major Causes of Debt

“The failed economic stimulus program”? Nice try. The Right does like to find a lie and repeat it until the magic kicks in and it becomes their new reality. Crisis No More: The Success of Obama’s Stimulus Program and Obama’s Economic Stimulus Program Created Up to 3.3 Million Jobs, CBO Says. The TARP program started by Republicans, the auto bail-outs started by Republicans and Obama Recovery Act were not perfect by any means, but the nation did not hit rock bottom because of them. The banks have paid back most of TARP and the auto companies have paid back most of their bail-out. As much as the Right seemed to root for the total collapse of the domestic auto industry, they survived.

A “poison pen” speech dripping with mean-spirited partisanship? Kids, this is what happens when you twist your tin-foil hat too tight. Obama dared to tell the truth and did it in as civil a manner as one can reasonably expect considering the life and death consequences for which the WaEx has so little regard – Civil and Human Rights Coalition Urges Congress to Reject Ryan’s ‘Draconian’ Budget Resolution.

Chairman Ryan Gets Roughly Two-Thirds of His Huge Budget Cuts From Programs for Lower-Income Americans.

Rep. Ryan’s Free-Market ‘Death Panels’ . To be uncivil to Ryan would have been to ask him how he can sleep at night or look himself in the eye and deny that he is a scumbag social-Darwinist, and if his budget is adopted it will in fact kill quite a few grandmas and grandpas. But Obama was civil and did not tell America the unvarnished truth – we have a revenue problem not a spending or taxes are too high problem – because not stepping on toes is more important in American politics than telling the unvarnished truth. Well, it is for Democrats anyway. Conservatives can engage in behavior that makes Charlie Sheen seem almost reasonable – Examples of Uncivil: McCain camp: Obama is ‘radical,’ pals around with terrorists, Obama is a MarxistTea Pee Party Christine O’Donnell camp: O’Donnell Aide: Obama Is a Secret Muslim, Huckabee falsely claims Obama was raised in Kenya, Beck accuses Soros, Tides and Obama of conspiring to start a Czech-style communist revolution. Remember the Right judged that civility was not only dead, but any invectives and lies directed at their opponents were always permissible in the name of the cause – Wing-nut sycophant Don Suber declaring when it comes to civility, “bite me”. Don’s strange fantasies are still probably just that.

There is a speculative element to this, but there is some circumstantial evidence to support the speculation, An ‘Oh Please!’ Moment: Is S&P Running Interference for the Right to Help Crush Social Security and Medicare?

Fitch goes on to add, “The brinkmanship over the debt ceiling and the 2011 budget will be resolved…Fitch does expect that the tough choices on tax and spending will be made – as is starting to be seen at the state and local level – that are necessary to place public finances on a sustainable path.” Unlike S&P and Moody’s, Fitch’s analysts note the critical point that “The U.S. ‘AAA’ status is underpinned by the flexibility and dynamism of its economy, as well as the exceptional financing flexibility that derives from the U.S. dollar’s role as the world’s predominant reserve currency.”

Investors took the bad S&P news in stride.

The timing and the source is suspect. The timing would benefit the scorched earth economic policies of the right-wing tea smokers and pin-striped libertarians. Standard and Poor is not exactly the gold standard in unbiased ratings. They have a tendency to grease the wheels of their handlers, Credit Rating Agencies Triggered Financial Crisis, U.S. Congressional Report Finds

The Senate panel released internal documents showing how Moody’s and S&P failed to heed their own internal warnings about the deteriorating mortgage market.

Emails in 2006 and early 2007 show employees were aware of housing market troubles, well before the massive downgrades in July 2007.

“This is like watching a hurricane from FL (Florida) moving up the coast slowly towards us. Not sure if we will get hit in full or get trounced a bit or escape without severe damage …” one S&P employee wrote in response to an article on the mortgage mess.

Senate investigators concluded that had Moody’s and S&P heeded their own warnings, they might have issued more conservative ratings for the securities linked to shoddy mortgages.

“The problem, however, was that neither company had a financial incentive to assign tougher credit ratings to the very securities that for a short while increased their revenues, boosted their stock prices, and expanded their executive compensation,” the report said.