Vintage Maps and Compass wallpaper – The Tea Puppets Versus the Reasonable People

Vintage Maps and Compass wallpaper

Remember the videos of the angry “grassroots” tea nuts who were the modern incarnation of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The 2010 mid-terms were all about sending them to Washington or your state capital to finally clean house. To show us all how clean government, by and for the people was supposed to work. The tea nuts were Hope and Change 2.0, Its Official The Tea Party is Just a Puppet for Wall Street

Check out the financial services subcommittee, which handles legislation affecting Wall Street bankers. Five tea partiers got coveted slots on this panel, and all five were suddenly showered with big donations from such financial lobbying interests as Goldman Sachs. Now, all five are sponsoring bills to undo parts of the recent reforms to reign in Wall Street excesses.

Steve Stivers of Ohio, for example, hauled in nearly $100,000 in just his first two months in office — 85 percent of it from the special interests his committee oversees. He insists that the cash he took from Goldman Sachs and others has nothing to do with his subsequent support of bills that Goldman is lobbying so strongly for. Stivers claims that his sole legislative focus is on jobs for Ohio’s 15th district.

Really? Among the deform-the-reform bills that Steve is carrying is one to let Wall Street giants avoid disclosing the difference in what the CEO is paid and what average employees make. Another would exempt billionaire private equity hucksters from regulation. I can see that these bills are great job extenders for the barons of Wall Street, but how do either of them create a single job in his district?

This stuff does nothing but shelter the greed-headed banksters who wrecked our economy.

President Obama’s former director of the White House National Economic Council Larry Summers was certainly a black-eye on the appearance of change if nothing else – for better or worse sometimes appearances matter. Summers is a linchpin in understanding the deregulation bandwagon that lead to the too big to fail financial firms. Despite the presence of Summers the country got at least some modest financial reforms. Now the tea baggers, the great faux populists of two years ago, are now up to their necks in Wall St money trying to protect the too big to fail kingdom. One assumes it is  since this recession is so much fun, the tea bags would prefer we  have another one sooner rather than later. Where sane Americans see the Great Recession as a bad thing, conservatives have been happy to exploit it to undermine every progressive policy since Teddy Roosevelt – from protecting our national parks to knee capping Medicare.

This is especially frustrating in light of the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D-NV) is going to give Paul Ryan’s Road map to gutting Medicare and the middle-class a vote, The Left’s Stealth Budget Plan

Unlike unpopular budget plans by Obama and Paul Ryan, the People’s Budget saves Social Security, jacks up taxes on the rich, and produces a surplus within a decade. David A. Graham explains why the plan is flying under the radar.

Perhaps most important, though, is the question of “realism.” “We’re not getting attention because the attitude is, ‘It’s a great effort, but it will never happen,’” says Rep. Raul Grijalva, an Arizona Democrat and co-chair of the CPC. But pointing at recent polls that show widespread opposition to entitlement cuts and support for higher taxes on the rich, he insists that’s wrong: “This is more than just a message. We put a budget together that reflects desires of the American people, based not just on conversations with constituents but on polling. People haven’t been given the option.”

“Why is cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security courageous, but raising taxes is not?”

The Villagers have decided the national meme  and not surprisingly that meme is two plans that are right of center. The Ryan plan is a far Right radical wet dream that rewards wealth and punishes the working class. While the Obama plan is just Right of center and is not quite as punitive. Now admittedly Reid’s political ploy is to get Senate Republicans on the record as supporting Ryan’s to give grandma and grandpa, and the grand kids the map to Pottersville. Why not get everyone on the record for the People’s Budget. Even if it goes down the country will know where individual senators stand. Most of the public, including most of the tea baggers do not want cuts to core social programs like Medicaid and Medicare and most Americans think it is a travesty that many of America’s richest corporations are paying little to no taxes. The People’s Budget is not perfect, but it a far better starting point for negotiations than a choice between a fringe Right-wing budget and a Republican-lite budget.

This is from Hawaii’s largest circulation newspaper, The release of Obama’s birth papers puts a spotlight on an isle doctor’s family

Short-handed staff at the offices of the governor, attorney general and Health Department hope they can finally move on from spending untold hours devoted to the issue of President Barack Obama’s place of birth after he released copies of his “long form” birth certificate yesterday.

The move was an attempt to put to rest doubts that Obama was born in Hawaii, but it also catapulted the family of the late Dr. David ASinclair into the glare of the national media because the document showed Sinclair was the physician who delivered the future president.

[  ]…At a time of deep cuts in government services in the islands, the single issue of Obama’s birth at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961, at Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital “has taken up a lot of staff time … dealing with mail and phone calls from across the country from birther conspirators,” she said.

On Friday, Obama sent a letter to state Health Director Loretta Fuddy, asking for two certified copies of his original Certificate of Live Birth. On Monday, Fuddy made an exception to state policies regarding the release of birth certificates and witnessed the copying of the original certificate and attested to the authenticity of the two copies, which were certified by state registrar Alvin Onaka, Abercrombie’s office said.

Original forms from the time of birth are used to produce computer-generated documents recognized as official birth certificates in the state of Hawaii.

Obama’s personal attorney, Judith Corley, showed up at the Health Department on Monday and paid $10 for the first certified copy of the state’s original certificate and $4 for the second copy.

“The exception made in this case to provide President Obama with a copy of his original Certificate of Live Birth was done according to the letter of the law,” Attorney General David Louie said in a statement. “Director Fuddy exercised her legal authority in a completely appropriate manner in this unique circumstance. We will continue to maintain the strict confidentiality requirements afforded to vital statistics records, such as birth certificates. These requirements help protect the integrity of the records, and keep us all safe from crimes, such as identity theft.”

Everyone, including the White House is using the term “long form”, but there still is no such thing. There is the state of Hawaii’s and the hospitals “certificate of live birth”. It was and still is the law that residents requesting a copy of their birth certificate be given the one Obama released years ago. A legal exception had to be made in this case by state officials. It still will not make the birthers happy.

Sinclair suffered from Alzheimer’s disease when he died of cardiac arrest in 2003 at the age of 81. He rarely spoke about his patients, or the thousands of babies he delivered from 1960 through 1988 — many of whom are named “David” after him, said Sinclair’s wife, Ivalee Sinclair, 82, who lives in Manoa Valley, and started the Learning Disabilities Association in Hawaii and works for the Community Children’s Council.

“For our family, it’s a historic footnote,”?Ivalee Sinclair said yesterday. “I consider it a great honor and a big surprise.”

She said she instantly recognized her husband’s signature on Obama’s birth certificate — especially because it had no period after the middle initial “A.”

“He was supposed to be named David Augustus, but his mother didn’t like Augustus,”?Sinclair said. “So he didn’t have a middle name. It was just ‘A.’

Sinclair was the son of former Territorial Engineer Karl Sinclair, who later became engineer for the City and County of Honolulu.

David A Sinclair, a lifelong Democrat, witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor as a 15-year-old boy and later became an Army Air Corps lieutenant, flying night missions in a P-61 over Asia, Ivalee Sinclair said.

She met him after the war in trigonometry class at the University of Hawaii in 1946 when Sinclair wanted to become a doctor.

“After dropping so many bombs, he wanted to do something that was positive in the world,” she said. “He felt badly about all of the people he had killed and went into medicine to give back the lives he had taken.”

Sinclair was a solo practitioner at the Dickson Bell medical offices on Bishop Street, with privileges at the three hospitals now known as Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, the Queen’s Medical Center and Straub Clinic & Hospital, when Obama was born, his widow said.

Sinclair’s medical career inspired one of his three sons, Brian, a 52-year-old neuroradiologist at Straub Clinic & Hospital, to pursue his own medical career.

Another son, Karl, 55, of Kailua, looked at a copy of Obama’s long- form birth certificate yesterday and also recognized his father’s signature.

Karl then imagined his dad — with his ever-present pipe in hand — chuckling over the discovery 50 years later that he had delivered America’s 44th president.

“My dad would have definitely thought it was funny,” Karl said. “‘Imagine that: I delivered the president.'”

I tend to think, heading into the 2012 elections, that this was a brilliant move by the White House. All the crazies who believe the bogeyman lives under their bed, the earth is only a couple thousand years old and that Barack Obama was not born in the USA can line up over there. Let America get a good look at what a mindless assclown wing-nut looks like. Reasonable people like President Obama can line up over here. What do most American want to be associated with – the loons like Orly Taitz, Terrance Lakin and WorldNutDaily or the mature reasonable black guy. The GOP’s Birther Blues

Of course, Obama wasn’t talking to the hardcore birthers. He was talking over their heads to the other “adults in the room” who were likely nodding their heads in agreement with his remarks about how the question of his birth got more attention than any of the serious challenges the country is grappling with.

Obama was speaking over the birthers’ heads to the 4 out of 10 Americans who believe the economy is getting worse. He was talking to those Americans who are mystified by the agenda the GOP is pursuing in the midst of what Robert Reich called a “wageless recovery” that puts many households in a bind because they had a tough enough time making ends meet with two paychecks before the recession, and now they’re down to “one-and-a-half, or just one, and its shrinking.”

Obama spoke to Americans who are exasperate with lawmakers who seem oblivious to their economic realities and their concerns.

Do we want to have a national discussion about the multitude of conspiracy theories – the certificate issue was only one – or do most of us regardless of party want to discuss real solutions to real problems. As citizens, do most Americans want to model their civics and standards on the rantings of Glenn Beck and clones or the reasoned measured judgment of  Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR.