Steel Blue Water Drops wallpaper


Steel Blue Water Drops wallpaper

John McCain(R-AZ) has claimed his honor and integrity have been missing for over a decade and would appreciate the assistance of the general public in trying to find them. Strangely, Republican leadership has not requested his immediate resignation. One assumes because, thankfully, he has kept his Gucci loafers on during the entire time. OK, so that is not technically true, but it sounds like something that should be true, A SIMPLE FACT: NATIVE-BORN AMERICANS ARE KNOWN TO HAVE STARTED RECENT WILDFIRES IN ARIZONA

You probably know that John McCain has claimed to be aware of “substantial evidence” that Arizona wildfires were started by illegal immigrants — and that the Forest Service has denied that there’s any such evidence. Salon has a follow-up to the story, which includes an attempt at a clarification by a McCain aide, but that attempted clarification doesn’t help McCain’s case much:

… I inquired about it with his spokeswoman, Brooke Buchanan. She told me in an email Sunday that the senator “was given the information by a Forest Service official during his visit to the Wallow fire damaged area on Saturday.” …

A spokesman for the agencies fighting the Wallow fire, however, told ABC that while the fire is believed to be human-caused, he knows of “no evidence” that illegal immigrants were involved.

Buchanan says that McCain wasn’t referring to the Wallow fire, but rather some smaller blazes at Coronado National Forest near the U.S.-Mexico border.

She points to comments earlier this month by Jim Upchurch, forest supervisor at Coronado, who told the Arizona Daily Star that closing the forest was necessary because “the great majority, if not all the fires, on the Coronado National Forest (this year) have been human-caused. Causes of fires include ricocheting bullets, campfires, welding equipment and possibly ignition by smugglers or illegal immigrants.”

As NMMNB points out McCain’s attempts at a walk-back are still at variance with the truth,

Bill Edwards, the lead ranger at the Coronado National Forest, … cited four other southern Arizona fires, all of them in known smuggling areas, that were found to have been caused by American citizens. One was caused by a rancher whose welding created a spark that ignited the dry underbrush, he said. Another was found to have been caused by target shooters. In two cases, he said, military aircraft engaged in training exercises set off fires.

Illegal migrants, being flesh and blood human beings, might well start or have started a fire. What’s the Right’s point. Obviously native-born Americans start them. Are the fires started by illegals bad and the one’s started by native citizens good fires that cause less pain and damage. This reminds me of Matt Drudge and his tendency to report only crime perpetrated by African-Americans. Conservatives are always complaining about identity politics. Yet true to form who actually engages in the most toxic form of identity politics, conservatives.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, ‘Huge Science Geek’ Wins Miss USA — One Of Only Two Contestants Who Believe In Evolution! Sadly Miss Kentucky thinks the earth and all life on it appeared out of magic dust a couple thousand years ago along with King Arthur’s magic sword,

Kentucky’s Kia Ben-et Hampton, however, did her state’s Creation Museum proud by firmly rejecting evolution in schools. Believing that “scientists have their different theories,” she said, “I don’t believe it’s a good topic for school subjects. At all.”

She seems to belong to the Sarah Palin history club. The one where America doesn’t teach any facts that might offend someone.

Sarah Palin® Trademarks Her Name. Which does not seem to me to be particularly big deal. She is both a brand and a product. This caught my eye,

So it looks like the Patent and Trademark Office will award both patents trademarks in the near future. Better hold off on those bootleg Palin T-shirts you were thinking about printing up.

In other words if a Palin enthusiast was planning to silk-screen some Palin t-shirts and sell them at one of her appearances, she would be able to sue for trademark infringement.

Taking from the labor class to reward the wealthy elite, CEO of Walmart Makes in One Hour What the Average Employee Makes In a Year: How Skyrocketing Inequality Is Hurting America

S. Robson “Rob” Walton, Walmart chairman, has a net worth of about $19.7 billion. And he’s only number 9 on the list of 2010’s top 20 richest Americans.

Walmart workers, meanwhile, make around $8.75 an hour—about $18,000 a year. They’d have to work over a million years to approach what the chairman of Walmart Stores is sitting on. Alice and Jim Walton each have about $20 billion, and Christy Walton has $24 billion.

Last year Jonathan Turley noted that the CEO of Walmart, Michael Duke, makes his average employee’s yearly salary every hour.

A new report by the Washington Post on “Breakaway Wealth” contains new research by economists Jon Bakija, Adam Cole and Bradley T. Heim, who analyzed tax returns from the top 0.1 percent of earners in the U.S. That top percentile takes home more than 20 percent of the personal income in the country, and their average income is $5.4 million. The average income of the bottom 90 percent, according to the Post, is just $31,244.

The old argument that managers and executives should be rewarded more because they have extra responsibilities and bring special skills to the table are not utterly wrong. Though no one has responsibilities and skills that entitle them to the average worker’s yearly salary every hour. Back in days of old – thirty or forty years ago that kind of wage disparity was considered decadent. It is ironic that Wal-Mart, who relies on employees and customers who have modest incomes to make them millionaires/billionaires. They treat and view labor as though they were necessary parasites in a pyramid scheme.