Summer Sailing wallpaper – The Republican Stellar Record of Failure

Summer Sailing wallpaper. My sailing usually involves a boat much smaller than a sailing yacht like this one. Though if you think of it as the same as saving up for a vacation rentals with an experienced captain are not completely unreasonable in terms of price. Even if you can only rent a small two-seater ( they go by different names  – Sun Fish, Super Snark, in the 12′ to 14′ range) the price is well offset by the stress relief.

By way of Steve Benen, An unyielding track record of failure

In 1982, with the economy struggling badly and unemployment pushing 11%, President Reagan agreed to a tax increase. Under the thinking that dominates Republican thought in the 21st century, such a policy would, of course, represent true insanity. After all, “everyone knows” tax increases “kill jobs.” If there was already a jobs crisis, why would Reagan dare do such a thing?

At the time, the right was livid, and made all kinds of drastic predictions about the consequences of this misguided policy. Bruce Bartlett, a former official in the Reagan administration, this week flagged a letter U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Richard Lesher sent to Congress in August 1982, analyzing the proposed tax increase:

“If H.R. 4961 is passed in these troublesome economic times, we have no doubt that it will curb the economic recovery everyone wants. It will mean a lower cash flow as more businesses pay more taxes, with a depressing effect on stock prices. It will reduce incentives for the increased savings and investment so badly needed to improve productivity and create more jobs. It will mean higher prices for many products and services. It will increase government costs in caring for those who, because the economy is held down, cannot find employment.”

As Bruce noted in his column, “It would be hard to find an economic forecast that was more wrong in every respect.” He added that it wasn’t the Chamber that had it backwards.

Economist Arthur Laffer told his clients on July 26, 1982, that the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which raised taxes by about one percent of GDP, “will stifle economic recovery,” “retard economic growth,” and undercut “the economy’s ability to enter into a period of expansion.” On August 20, 1982, he told his clients that TEFRA “will tend to lengthen and deepen the recession.” Writing in the New York Times on September 12, 1982, economist Norman Ture said the administration’s claim that TEFRA would promote economic growth was “bizarre.” He said it would “weaken the impetus for economic growth” and make the economic recovery “less certain and less vigorous.”

All of this, we now know, wasn’t even close to being right. Almost immediately after Reagan raised taxes by quite a bit, the economy began to soar.

This isn’t just some historical footnote. This is worth keeping in mind because the basics of modern Republican economic thought are, quite literally, always wrong. It’s not a matter of ideological or philosophical differences — these questions have been put to the test, repeatedly for decades, and the tenets of conservative economic policy have an unyielding track record of failure.

I would have used begin a respectable economic recovery rather than began to “soar”, but you get the drift. The problem is that all normal people with proper brain functions can do is argue the facts. Some days the facts are overwhelmed by the power of conservative denial. It’s a denial that does not border on the maniacal and cultish, it is maniacal and cultish. Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s there were these cults of different varieties. Some young adults would go off and join them. The members would not listen to reason. The new recruits would not talk to their families. Finally some people started these dramatic interventions, with the families permission, they would kidnap the cult recruit and talk them through every talking point taught to them by the cult. The conservative movement has needed such an intervention for years. Not kidnapping of course, but some professional help to get them through the bizarre and consistently wrong pile of crap they believe in. Look at the number of Americans who have lost jobs, lost their homes, took drastic pay cuts all because conservatives would either not enforce financial regulation or would not rise revenue. Only the mouse tunnel filled claptrap that is the conservative mind could swear they love America as they destroy so many lives and create so much hardship. And a good example, Bachman cites ‘scare tactics’ in debt ceiling debate

But Bachmann tells CBS the government could avoid default by paying only the interest on U.S. obligations while lawmakers work on a deal to cut spending dramatically.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (GYT’-nur) has said that’s not a workable option. He says even attempting to do that would roil financial markets and make it more expensive to finance what the government does owe.

Bachmann argues that borrowing more money isn’t a good option either. She says that would only put the country into a worse state.

Bachmann voted for the Ryan deficit reduction voodoo twice

Bachmann has voted for every economic bill that created the state we’re in and voted against every measure to improve the economy. I dare Bachmann and Republicans to not rise the debt ceiling. Between attempts to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security ( even if tea nut conservative do not attack Social Security directly – gutting Medicaid and Medicare is a backdoor way of cutting Social Security) and sending the economy into a death spiral you’ll see sizable gains in the House and Senate by Democrats in 2012. I don’t think they have the spine to stick to their inane conservative “principles”. And Bachmann could not be a Republican without being a flaming hypocrite, Bachmann’s had her share of government aid The fiscal conservative from Minnesota and 2012 presidential contender has benefited personally from federal funds and federal farm subsidies. If it seems like I’m overly optimistic, consider this preview of what America thinks of tea nut economic policies, Florida’s Criminal-in-Cheif Gov. Rick Scott(R) Unfazed by the Critics

Less than six months later, the Republican governor and the GOP-dominated legislature have achieved much of the conservative agenda he laid out, including deep budget cuts to reduce a $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes, pension-system changes and privatizing Medicaid.

Yet polls show the former health care executive, who poured more than $70 million of his own money into his campaign, has a 29% approval rating, one of the lowest among governors, a Quinnipiac survey found last month. That’s down from 35% in early February. ( some other polls show Ricky’s approval in the low forties)

[  ]…Although Mr. Scott enjoys strong support from tea-party groups, some Republicans are unhappy. In July, the Broward County Police Benevolent Association, which opposes the pension changes, is hosting a “Party to Leave the Party,” aimed at encouraging its GOP members to change their affiliation.

“I’m going to be one of the first ones in line,” said Dick Brickman, the group’s former president and a long-time Republican.

Many say Mr. Scott has done a poor job of explaining how his policies help working people. “He’s not understanding what the average little guy and little gal are having to deal with economically,” said Mr. Fasano.

Of course Scott is not backing off. That cult of conservatism mentality is like a shield that protects the right-wing mind from facts and compassion.

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