Feeling They Have Not Done Enough Damage by Bringing Us The Great Recession, Republicans Are About to Cause The Great Recession Part Two

George Zornick at The Nation brings up an important point in Debt Ceiling Theatrics Get More Dangerous by the Day or Feeling They Have Not Done Enough Damage by Bringing us The Great Recession, They’re About to Cause The Great Recession Part Two

Not satisfied with having even 17 percent of the debt ceiling deal include tax increases, Cantor and Sen. Jon Kyl walked out [14] of the bipartisan meetings with Biden. Meanwhile, SenatorJim DeMint, who holds powerful sway in the Senate, has said he simply doesn’t believe [15] that the debt ceiling needs to be raised by August 2. This opinion is shared by leaders [16] of national Tea Party organizations and presidential candidate Representative Michele Bachmann [17]. DeMint also says the only acceptable outcome is the passage [18] of a balanced budget amendment, an extreme request that’s almost certain to be left unfulfilled.

This is where the political theatre is getting more dangerous every day. There are serious risks attached to even the appearance that a deal may not happen. As Jared Bernstein explains [19] at his blog, the Treasury Department is currently selling bonds to investors with a relatively low 2.93 percent interest rate. Investors feel comfortable with the low yield because they remain confident that the Treasury bonds are a safe investment. But if that confidence is shaken, investors may demand more, and Bernstein speculates that Treasury might have to add half of a percentage point to the interest rate.

So Conservatives who are experts on the economy – look around for the evidence – have no problem with holding the economy hostage over doing a deficit deal their way. Of course the nation should have complete confidence in the very same degenerates who caused the Great Recession. No one should ever tell me that advertising does not work. Conservatives sold the U.S. a clunker that went up in flames. Now they want to sell us another clunker made exactly the same way with the same parts and swear they are just simple patriots doing what is right for America. If they were car or bond salesman they’d all be prosecuted and put in jail. OK, so they lost a few trillion dollars of the nations’ wealth because they didn’t want to enforce those pesky Wall Street regulations and those nearly worked to death millionaires needed a tax cut. They’re serious this time, right?

It’s a bewildering situation. Republicans, who recently voted for a Ryan budget that increases [20] the debt by trillions, are demanding a debt reduction deal that ignores the largest driver of debt—the Bush tax cuts—and the theatrical process they are using to get what they want may itself end up increasing the debt by $50 billion per year.

If someone down the block was beating a dog with a stick the average person would conclude, regardless of what the perpetrator claimed, that person hates dogs. We know from experience and video that even caught in the act people lie. Why is it that Republicans keep beating America with a stick and a good third of the country cannot see that Republicans are not exactly great patriots.

If that seems harsh, well at least I back up the judgment with some facts. Unlike others, Michele Bachmann’s Big Presidential Campaign Walkbacks

CHRIS MATTHEWS: –so you believe that Barack Obama might have anti-American views?

REPRESENTATIVE MICHELE BACHMANN: Yeah, absolutely I– I– I’m very concerned that he may have anti-American views. That’s what the American people are concerned about.

President Obama is guilty of some things. Like not performing miracles and undoing the deep structural damage conservatives did to the country fast enough. Bachmann and Herman Cain have something in common. They’d both like to return America’s economy to something that resembles the old plantation model. One where workers are mere wage slaves who should kiss their master’s ass in gratitude,

Stephanopoulos: Let me try one more time, so you are saying that the minimum wage is one of those regulations you’d take a look at, you’d try to eliminate it?

Bachmann: Well what I’m saying is that I think we need to look at all regulations, whatever–whatever ones are inhibiting job growth that’s what we need to —

Stephanopoulos: And the minimum wage is one of them?

Bachmann: All regulations George. I think every department. We have just too much expansion of government and so what we need to do is tamp that down so that the American people can keep more of what they make.

May the ghost of Jefferson Davis bless her. She’d let workers get by on who knows what – $2 an hour, $5 dollars a day, but taxes would be low so they could “keep more of what they make”. Does the conservative brain understand what their mouth says.

John Quincy Adams Wikipedia Page Edited by Bachmann’s Sycophants To Describe Him As A ‘Founding Father’

GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann is now getting the Sarah Palin treatment on Wikipedia. In light of Bachmann’s latest historical hiccup, people are trying to edit John Quincy Adam’s Wikipedia page to reflect her recent gaffe. One edit, for example, changes his description from “John Adams was the sixth President of the United States” to “John Adams, a founding father, was the sixth President of the United States.”

Another more satirical edit added, “But even as an embryo, John Quincy Adams could feel pain and was a Founding Father.” In striking the revisions, the page administrator included the statement, “Please don’t edit an historical article based on current events.” Incidentally, the Founding Fathers Wikipedia page still does not list John Quincy Adams as a member.

Bachmann’s history lessons


From what we have observed over the last two years one assumes that smoking copious amounts of tea tends to give history a strange bent.

CREW Requests FBI Investigation into Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA).

Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to begin a criminal investigation into Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA).  Internal office emails obtained by CREW, as well as numerous press reports, show Rep. Richardson routinely forced her congressional staff to work on her campaign  or risk losing their jobs.  She also required staff to perform personal errands.

CREW’s complaint alleges Rep. Richardson intimidated staff into making political contributions, solicited contributions on federal property, improperly used appropriated funds, and made false statements to Congress.

Richardson should spare herself and the Democratic party the embarrassment and resign immediately. Much of what Anthony Weiner did was inappropriate ( it was never determined whether he actually broke any laws).  It seems that Richardson was caught red-handed and her own staff, if things proceed, will be giving statements under oath. She’s done. I personally hate that kind of arrogant abuse of power, treating employees like serfs.