City Skylines Chattanooga Tennessee wallpaper – Republican Presidential Candidates Are Not American Citizens They’re From Uranus

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City Skylines Chattanooga Tennessee wallpaper

Conservatives have always seemed out of touch. Sometimes so much so one has to wonder what country they think they’re in. Michele Bachmann(R-MN) take on where the U.S. is economically, how we got here and her solutions read like a politician on Uranus. What she sees, hears and thinks might well be the reality on Uranus, but not here on earth. Bachmann cites action, not words, in campaign speech

Republican Michele Bachmann on Saturday scoffed at being called extreme, and said she will be “the new sheriff” in Washington, D.C., if elected.

“I pledge to you, I’m not a talker. I’m a doer,” she said, in what seemed to be a response to rival GOP presidential contender Tim Pawlenty’s recent hints that Iowans shouldn’t let themselves be mesmerized by her soaring rhetoric.

Among things she would do: Repeal the federal health care reform law and the Wall Street reform act, “which takes away credit for small businesses in our country,” she said.

One can only understand what “extreme” is if they have a mental connection to reality. Most Americans think Obamacare did not go far enough. They approve of individual changes like being able to put their adult children on their health care plan until age 26 and they like health insurance companies not being able to cancel their insurance because, you know, they got sick and needed it.

WTF “which takes away credit for small businesses”? President Obama has given small business 17 tax cuts. Currently in the works is yet another tax cut/tax incentive for every new worker hired. if she is talking about repealing Wall St financial reform that means she is in favor of letting the same financial calamity that happened in 2007-2008 happen again. So in Bachmann’s future for America, more unemployment, more financial instability, more pensions funds drained, and more personal investment accounts devalued by half or more.

“And I guarantee you the (Environmental Protection Agency) will have doors locked and lights turned off and they will only be about conservation,” the U.S. Congresswoman from Minnesota said. ( It is not just Bachmann who is campaigning on gutting the EPA. In this article from the NYT all the candidates promise to revive the economy by? That’s right, all but destroying the EPA will save us, because as every economist knows it is the EPA that is single-handedly holding back corporate profits)

So Bachmann and the other conservative presidential candidates are running on the death panel platform. They want more American children, families and workers to die so that Massey Energy , Exxon or BP can supposedly increase their profits. Washington’s Anti-Regulatory Crusade, and Why Your Job Hasn’t Killed You Yet

Clearing the Air. Since the days of the Lowell mills, so-called “brown lung” has been a hallmark of the miserable toil of poorly ventilated, dust-clogged textile factories. The disease, also known as Byssinosis, has historically hit women especially hard, spreading its signature coughing and lung scarring to thousands of workers around the world. The epidemic was virtually ignored until the 1960s and 1970s. Then came OSHA’s 1978 rule requiring more lung-friendly machinery, and within a few years the prevalence of brown lung in the industry fell by an estimated 97 percent. And employers’ grumbling about the “costs” of the rule faded when it became clear that the reforms improved the industry’s efficiency as well.

[  ]…Rule of (Keeping Your) Thumb. You’d think a rule that helps keep workers from getting accidentally hacked to pieces would be somewhat popular. But in the late 1980s, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) didn’t mind sacrificing a few extremities here and there to resist the evils of regulatory “burdens.” Industry moguls sued to block the Lockout/Tagout rule, which would force employers to mark potentially hazardous equipment with colored tags and provide safety training for workers. But the rule passed, and according to Public Citizen, made the shop floor a much less terrifying place:

An analysis of two union databases conducted in 2000 showed that hazardous energy-related fatalities declined, depending on the industry, by between 30 percent and 55 percent in the years following the enactment of the Lockout/Tagout rule…. OSHA currently estimates that the regulation prevents a total of 50,000 injuries and 120 fatalities per year.

Even NAM eventually backed off its opposition to the rule, apparently recognizing that workers do a better job when they have all their fingers.

[  ]…OSHA issued safety standards for excavacation-related construction in 1989, designed to protect workers from subterranean collapse. Basic structural protections for trenching and excavation worksites have since become standard practice, and Public Citizen calculates that the reforms correlate with “a 40 percent decrease in the fatality rate.”

[  ] …Fire on the Prairie. A generation ago, America’s farming industry was booming, in a really bad way. Grain facilities like silos and grain elevators were prone to deadly explosions when combustible grain dust mixed with hazardous gases. In spite of initial opposition from agribusiness groups and Reagan administration officials, OSHA enacted the Grain Handling Facilities Standard, which established environmental controls for dust and gas and required protective gear for workers. After seeing a “95 percent drop in explosion-related fatalities for certain facilities,” reports Public Citizen, even industry groups eventually had to admit that workplaces that don’t spontaneously explode are good for business. (Pollution Causes 40 Percent Of Deaths Worldwide, Study Finds)

Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney are all running on the more dead, maimed and crippled Americans equals a better economy platform. Wow those are some Christian? values. Values that might be great on Uranus, but not so great here on earth.

The crowd jumped to its feet to applaud when Bachmann said: “You will never see President Bachmann step one toe out of the United States and apologize for this country. I will stand up for this country, and I will stand up for you.”

This urban myth about President Obama being an apologist for the U.S. to the rest of the world is big among the residents of Uranus. In this world it is just more crap shoveled out in extraordinary regularity by the people who wear their tin-foil hats one size too small.

“It was the tea party movement that stands for ‘We’re taxed enough already,’ ” she said. ” ‘Don’t spend more money than what you bring in and act within the bounds of the Constitution.’ Gee, that’s extreme. To the liberals it is. Not to the rest of us.”

Maybe she is referring once again to the alternative reality on her home planet, here on earth Republicans in the 2010 mid-term elections ran on the Anti-Constitution platform. Taxes here are also not as high as Uranus, federal taxes are the lowest they have been since 1950. Taxes are the price we pay to have a civilized society – roads, universities, science and medical research, weather satellites, fire fighters, and so forth. Oh, taxes also pay for the subsidies that Bachmann and her husband have received from the federal government. Of the current deficit, conservatives and conservatives policies are responsible for the largest share of the deficit. As a resident of earth i can honestly say Bachmann has no idea what she is talking about. Maybe Glenn Beck has loaned her his mental bubble. Call me a perfectionist but one reasonable expectation of people who want to be president is that they have some grasp of reality.

“(The debt) not only drowns us on one level. It leads to something far worse, and that’s enormous job displacement and job loss across the country,” she told a crowd of about 50. “This is something that we cannot abide.”

Bachmann must have slept through the borrow and spend years of her ideological clones like Bush, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner when they passed spending bill after spending bill without paying for them. As a matter of fact they suspended the Pay/ Go rules in 2001.

When Allen West (R-Fl) is not disgracing the U.S. military with an act of blatant cowardice he has the usual fantasies of the typical Uranus resident. He feels he is a beleaguered victim/hero in a world too stupid to understand him – It’s Only The Race Card When You Play It

Heh. Allen West:

Rep. Allen West says he is a “modern-day Harriet Tubman” who wants to lead black voters away from the “plantation” of the Democratic Party. There is a “21st century plantation” of African-American voters unwaveringly supporting Democrats, but the freshman Republican from Florida said Wednesday night that he is out to change that.

    “The people on that plantation are upset because they’ve been disregarded, disrespected and their concerns are not cared about,” West said in an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” responding to the anger that black Democrats showed earlier this week at a Congressional Black Caucus town hall in Detroit.

    “I’m here as the modern-day Harriet Tubman to kind of lead people on the underground railroad away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility,” said West, who is the sole Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    Some black leaders are “are nothing more than overseers over that plantation,” West said, including Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), whose remarks at that town hall expressing frustration with President Barack Obama have drawn widespread attention.

The black voters are presumably the slaves, Waters and company the overseers who do the slavemaster’s bidding, and West the freedom fighter who will lead them to liberty. West is effectively calling Waters a sell-out. West, himself, would of course go into a of frothing seizure should such a charge ever be lodged at him.

West finished his comments by noting that the Republican Party has not always done a very good job at “reaching out” to black communities. Presumably now that West is on the case, the Promise Land is upon us.

West has aligned himself with the modern version of plantation owners. The Right has worked tirelessly to make sure the wage slaves get as small a slice of the pie as possible and has whittled away at the Rights of Americans for fifty years.

On West’s plantation we’re supposed to believe the wealthiest 1% of Americans increased their productivity 281 % and thus based on pure merit deserve these lopsided rewards. GDP is gross domestic product. It is a standard measure of the value of the goods and service produced by the residents of the USA. West, being the new Harriet Tubman wants to lead us to a new reality, one in which the top 1% of Americans do around 281% more work and add 281% more value to the economy. While at least half of America’s labor force should be thankful for any crumbs the top – shall we say wage slave masters – let’s trickle down. Those at the top of this nationwide pyramid scheme will do all this without paying any taxes because to hell with any grand dreams of living in a civilized country. West and Herman Cain are very fond of using this plantation hyperbole against Democrats. As long as they keep doing it, I’ll keep throwing it back in their face. Republicans apparently don’t even know what a plantation and references to it means judging by their determination to pretend that slavery never existed – When Politics and Slavery Mix: A Slide Show

Slavery? What Slavery?

In January, when the Republican-led Congress took to the House floor to read the entire Constitution, members skipped over the slavery bits altogether but ended up drawing more attention to the issue with the glaring omission of several provisions of the document, including the “three-fifths compromise” and the fugitive-slave clause. If all it took to make something disappear from history was to never mention it, there would be a few politicians whose names we’d remove from our vocabularies, effective immediately.

John Stewart discusses Rick Perry’s love of America.

Have to mention Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). He is not running for president, but he does show Americans how the values on Uranus differ from ours. Exclusive: Goldman Sachs VP Changed His Name, Now Advances Goldman Lobbying Interests As A Top Staffer To Darrell Issa

Has Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) turned the House Oversight Committee into a bank lobbying firm with the power to subpoena and pressure government regulators? ThinkProgress has found that a Goldman Sachs vice president changed his name, then quietly went to work for Issa to coordinate his effort to thwart regulations that affect Goldman Sachs’ bottom line.

[  ]..When he took over the chairmanship of the Oversight Committee this year, Issa dramatically shifted the committee’s focus away from its traditional role of investigating major corporate scandals. Instead, Issa has used the committee to merge the responsibilities of Congress with the interests of K Street and Issa’s own fortune.

In June of this year, ThinkProgress broke the story about Issa’s own complicated relationship with Goldman Sachs. We revealed that Issa purchased a large amount of Goldman Sachs high yield bonds at the same time as he used the Oversight Committee to attack an investigation into allegations that Goldman Sachs had systematically defrauded investors leading up to the financial crisis. This conflict of interests, along with our exclusive story about Issa’s earmarks benefitting his own real estate empire, received coverage in a recent piece by the New York Times.

On Uranus they believe that corrupt government and crony capitalism are patriotic and godly.