Conservatives Wish Obama Had Super Powers and Other News

Conservatives wish Obama had super powers


Conservatives Can’t Decide If Obama Was Too Busy Golfing Or Biking To Stop The Earthquake

Following the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the D.C. region this afternoon, conservative media figures have responded the only way they know how: by twisting it into an attack on Obama’s vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft put up a post announcing, “Earthquake Rattles Washington DC – Obama Goes Biking”:

Meanwhile, Matt Drudge’s above-the-fold coverage of the earthquake featured a series of links about the story and a link telling readers that “Obama was on golf course…”

In other words if President Obama was Superman he could have flown back to D.C. like a speeding bullet, dived into the earth and pushed the tectonic plates back together all before Hoft and Drudge could clean the daily droll off their keyboards. Some conservatives already believe Obama has super powers. The president could create jobs without dealing with obstructionist Republicans but has chosen not to. Obama could have repaired the deep structional damage conservatives did to the economy, but doesn’t want to reveal his secret identity and those midnight energy charges he gets from the UN and George Soros. These would be the same conservatives who created the cult of personality around George W. Bush, the guy who ignored the Presidential Daily Brief that said terrorists might use planes in a terror attack. Of course if Obama did have super powers it would be the conservative version of the prosecution of the X-Men.

digby notes this comment from the conservative Gateway Pundit’s site,

To bad that all, ALL the liberals weren’t in that tunnel going out into Virginia from the Capital and our representatives buildings, and it caved in taking them all out! Then that way the largest majority in Washington would be the conservative Republican’s. Then when Obama came back from Martha’s Vineyard he’d have no one to support his crazy ideas that are destroying this nation. You know that Obama is good friends with Maurice Strong who thinks he runs the world with all his bogus organizations and even more bogus NGO’s. Our conservative Republican’s could defund all the U.N. agreements where we don’t know where the money goes. America could begin returning back to where it ought to be. And if all the liberals were dead, Obama couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it. I would like to see him in a situation like that, and I would like to see America in a situation like that, where we would have a small conservative government that got the things done that it is supposed to do and that’s all.

Another how’s that civility going for you moment. If Obama was as effective a liberal as so many on the Right gives him credit for his approval ratings would go up at least 10 points. digby has more on the Maurice Strong conspiracy theory. Another new one to me. Strangely the theory rests on the proposition that conservatives are proud supporters of the US auto industry. These would be the same conservatives that advocated letting GM and Chrysler go out of business.

As conservatives try to find ways to blame Democrats for earthquakes and the lack of bedrock glue, it’s a good time to remember that government can play a role in detecting earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters, but needs the Koch brothers country club fees to do so – CantorQuake: Trembling at the Heart of GOP Claims We Don’t Need Government

Back in March, after the Japanese earthquake, Eric Cantor defended Republican plans to cut funding from the USGS and warning systems to help in case of a disaster.

This is the epicenter of the freak 5.9 Richter earthquake that just hit Virginia.

The USGS is the United States Geological Survey. And don ‘t ask me why Eric Cantor(R-VA) and the people who vote for him hate America.

This report is generating some buzz. Apparently it is not confirmed, but very very unfortunate if true – East is all shook up after strong earthquake for region

That excludes the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument, which will be closed indefinitely after engineers found cracks near the top.

Tuesday’s temblor also prompted precautionary shutdowns of 10 nuclear power plants in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the evacuation of the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol.

Some Tweeters started a rumor the monument was leaning. As of today there is no truth to those reports at all.

I disagree with Walter Shapiro’s assertion – Rick Perry: The God-Fearing, Know-Nothing, Pistol-Packing Embodiment of Liberals’ Worst Nightmares.

3. The Living Constitution. The GOP presidential field has more self-appointed constitutional scholars per capita than any group since the Founding Fathers assembled in Philadelphia. Not too long ago, Bachmann refused to fill out the entire 2010 Census form because she contended that it went beyond constitutional requirements.

But even by these standards, Perry stands out for his creative cut-and-paste approach to the Constitution. With the exception of the states-rights claims of the Tenth Amendment and the right-to-carry provisions of the Second Amendment, it seems like the rest of the document is more or less fair game to the governor. In an interview last year, Perry raised doubts about whether the Social Security system was constitutional. And in his book, Fed Up!, Perry ominously claims, “With the passage of the Sixteen and Seventeenth Amendments, states handed over a significant chunk of their sovereignty and wealth to the federal government.” Not since the days of William McKinley or even earlier has a serious presidential contender warned about the threat of a federal income tax and the direct election of senators.

Perry’s association with dominionists who claim to be modern-day prophets should concern anyone who cares about sanity. Perry’s gun fetish? Who cares, I’m probably a better shot than most conservatives who think guns are not just to protect your home or bring home a rack of deer ribs, but have magical powers. Most liberals are not motivated by fear, they’re motivated by getting us on track to live up to our ideals. Shapiro is right on the details of what makes Perry almost uniquely unqualified to hold any public office or be out on the street without a chaperon. Perry is Ann Coulter in pants. He knows how to use the wing-nut dog whistle,

But whatever his underlying beliefs, Perry could give both Bachmann and Palin lessons in liberal baiting. The swagger and the bristling self-confidence suggest a political leader who is often wrong, but never in doubt. It is all so reminiscent of another wrong-way-Corrigan president. Intellectually, it is easy to remember the Texas-sized enmities that divide the Bushies and Perry. But emotionally, every time liberals hear that Perry twang and those dropped “g’s,” the instinct is to quake at stumbling into a horror-movie remake entitled, Mission Accomplished 2: Return to the White House.

Speaking of fear. I’m waiting for the day that conservatives actually address liberal public policy. Not the public policy that twist into something that fits the demonizing narrative that admittedly has served them so well. They can’t talk about liberals without lying. They can’t recount the liberal record – we won two world wars, contained the Soviet Union and after WW II oversaw the greatest economic expansion in the history of mankind. Liberals largely conquered the kind of soul crushing poverty that had plagued the nation from the days of Ben Franklin. Conservatives like to say there is no poverty in America, look at all these poor people with refrigerators and color TVs. Yea that’s right, generally the poor no longer sit in dark shacks or tenements with no modern conveniences because things like the minimum wage, Social Security and other anti-poverty initiatives worked. Shapiro points to this article – Whatever Rick Perry’s Record Is, It’s Not Conservative

Then there’s the one major proposal that Perry did, in fact, pass into law—the state’s business tax. This tax increase on business was crafted in 2006 as part of a school-finance reform. The idea was to cut local property taxes and replace the lost revenue with a new business margins tax. This 2006 tax “swap” was the one instance during Perry’s decade as governor when he proposed a wide-ranging plan and successfully pushed it through the Legislature mostly unchanged. It will likely be remembered as his signature legislative accomplishment.

The problem is, it’s been a disaster. Small businesses hate it because they’re forced to pay regardless of whether they’re turning a profit: it seemed to be the very definition of a “job-killing” tax.

Conservatives really do not get how to use taxes and spending as incentives. They have notions, lamebrain thoughts and knucklehead myths driven by their agenda. On the list of the top Ten Conservative Myths of All Time is that conservatives are pro free market. If that were true there would be a virtual army of lobbyist out of work – no more need for special legislation to benefit. If that were true we never would have gutted regulation that gave birth to the infamous 12 too big to fail financial institutions.

Study: 8 in 10 pols lack econ studies

Almost 80 percent of lawmakers might need to crack open an economics textbook before the congressional recess ends, a new study on Tuesday suggests.

The vast majority of members lack an academic background in business or economics, according to a study by the Employment Policies Institute, a nonprofit group that takes a conservative stand on fiscal issues. Only 13.7 percent majored in business or accounting, and 8.4 percent have an economics degree.

Two words: George Bush. Our Harvard MBA president. Most legislators, especially in the Senate have economic advisers. Five more words: economists and the housing bubble; How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?

Few economists saw our current crisis coming, but this predictive failure was the least of the field’s problems. More important was the profession’s blindness to the very possibility of catastrophic failures in a market economy. During the golden years, financial economists came to believe that markets were inherently stable — indeed, that stocks and other assets were always priced just right. There was nothing in the prevailing models suggesting the possibility of the kind of collapse that happened last year. Meanwhile, macroeconomists were divided in their views. But the main division was between those who insisted that free-market economies never go astray and those who believed that economies may stray now and then but that any major deviations from the path of prosperity could and would be corrected by the all-powerful Fed. Neither side was prepared to cope with an economy that went off the rails despite the Fed’s best efforts.

Anyone who has watched Inside Job knows that the conservative crown prince of unregulated economic nirvana, Alan Greenspan, was warned about the housing bubble and did nothing.