Black and White Beach Rock Formations wallpaper – Conservative Bloggers Freak Out Over Not being Able to Lie With Impunity

Black and White Beach Rock Formations wallpaper


A Texas millionaire fund-raiser for John McCain’s 2008 presidential run once made a rape joke about the weather, saying that you might as well sit back and enjoy it. Right-wing bloggers are taking a similar attitude about President Obama’s 2012 anti-smear website – Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of conservatives

As the 2012 presidential campaign heats up, President Obama’s campaign team has set up a new Web site,, to challenge negative statements about the president made by Republican presidential candidates and conservatives.

Obama for America national field director Jeremy Bird told ABC News that the site’s goal is to offer “resources to fight back” against attacks. Mostly, that means fact checking statements from the likes of GOP presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Rick Perry and conservative commentator Glenn Beck and offering evidence to the contrary. The site is designed in bold red and black colors, and uses statements like “support the truth” and “fight the smears.”

As Charles Johnson notes the only people who are throwing their bed pans against the wall are the usual assortment of miscreants who are outraged that President Obama or any non-wing-nut should put up a fight against their daily slanders and libels.

Remember, these are the very same people who post daily rants accusing Obama of being a stealth communist, possibly a jihad supporter, born in a foreign country, Kenya, Indonesia, who cares, just go back there. He hates America. His wife hates America. They’re indoctrinating our children with socialist propaganda and arugula.

He must be paranoid to think anyone would spread false rumors and claims about him. Let’s all smirk and laugh.

Wing-nuts versus Obama

Much admired rabid right-wing “intellectual” Thomas Sowell threw the whole book of shrill ad hominem attacks at Obama, accusing him of being a Nazi and a communist. Sarah Palin ( currently upset about things someone said about her in a new book) doubled down on Sowell’s trash talk agreeing with everything he said. President Obama has been officially relived of his First Amendment rights of free speech – when accused of something he is supposed to take and like it. The Conservative Right is once again modeling its behavior on the rise of the Nazi Party in Wiemar Germany, all responses to the Right’s propaganda must be silenced. The all-mighty Right are the sacred holders of the one and only truth. To argue with their bizarre accusations, their spin, their fabrications, their sick fantasies broadcast as fact, is the modern heresy. Those who do not fall in ideological lockstep are heretics destined to burn. These same miscreants find no irony in their bizarre behavior – Right-Wing Blogs Condemn White House For Tracking Smears, Then Launch New Michelle Obama Smear

But is AttackWatch necessary? The right-wing blogosphere quickly answered that question by (surprise!) launching a nasty smear campaign in which bloggers condemned the First Lady based on what they think she said (yes, lip-reading was the basis for the attack), while recently attending a solemn Ground Zero memorial on Sept. 11.

The attack is almost beyond belief in terms of just how debasing and dishonest it is. But that, unfortunately, is the state of today’s right-wing media, where hating the Obama’s has become an all-consuming, albeit deeply dishonorable, profession.

Yet these are the same people stomping their feet because Obama’s re-election team has the gall to pushback on smear campaigns? If anything, bloggers this week confirmed just how important a site like AttackWatch will be.

The attack on Michelle Obama is not based on anything she said it is based on what some “expert” wing-nut conservative lip reader says she said. This is what smiley- faced- fascist Debbie Schlussel wrote

I can’t really tell for sure, but a number of people are abuzz about this video of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Hussein Obama Idi Amin Dada. The consensus seems to be that the First Ms. Thang is saying to hubby Barack, “All of this for a damn flag.” (She said this about the American flag — you know the one brave men died for.) Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what she said because we know she hates America and previously said she wasn’t proud of our country until Obama had a chance to become Prez. Looks like that’s what she said, but I can’t tell for sure. I would need a deaf person or other expert lip reader to confirm. Watch and see if you agree (like I said, even if she didn’t say exactly that, we know she’s thinkin’ it).

Gee, I can’t tell for sure I would need an expert capable of reading the thoughts of a deranged mind, but I just know that Debbie was wearing her brown shirt and jack-boots when she wrote that, dreaming of the day when America as a democratic republic would end so proper people like herself would rule.

In Conservative Culture of Corruption watch: Rep. Issa hit with ethics allegations

A liberal advocacy group is filing an ethics complaint against Rep. Darrell Issa, alleging that the California Republican has repeatedly used his public office for personal gain.

The group, American Family Voices, is planning to file the complaint with the House Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) on Tuesday.

The five-page complaint, which was obtained by The Hill, accuses Issa of using his position as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to add to his multimillion-dollar fortune.

An Issa spokesman on Monday said the allegations have absolutely no merit and are part of a smear campaign spearheaded by the White House.

The complaint alleges that Issa pressured the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to halt an investigation of Goldman Sachs shortly after he bought a huge stake in one of Goldman’s high-yield mutual funds.

Issa could have avoided this by having the humility and good judgement to recuse himself from hearings about Goldman. Humility and good judgment continues to be sticking points for the conservative movement.

FBI seizes items at home of former top aide to Gov. Walker

About a dozen law enforcement officers, including FBI agents, raided the home of a former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday as part of a growing John Doe investigation.

The home on Dunning St. on Madison’s east side is owned by Cynthia A. Archer, who was until recently deputy administration secretary to the Republican governor. Archer, 52, now holds a different state job but is on paid sick leave, records show.

[  ]…The raid on Archer’s home coincides with a John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County.

That probe was started last year after the Journal Sentinel reported that another Walker staffer who was being paid by Milwaukee County taxpayers to help citizens with county services was instead using her work time to post anonymous comments supporting candidate Walker on websites and blogs. As part of the investigation, authorities earlier seized the work computers of two former Walker staffers and executed a search warrant of one of their homes.

With the wing-nut freak-out over a site that tracks their lies in mind, here we have a state employee who may have been on the net pretending to be an ordinary person attacking opponents of Gov Walker of Wisconsin. The same Walker who is a serial liar.

Media Matters: Our 2010 Year In Review of Right-wing Propaganda

Besides various personality disorders there is a reason conservatives lie often and apologetically. They cannot win an honest debate on the issues.