October Autumn wallpaper – Narratives and Politics, A News Round-up

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October Autumn wallpaper

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Kelly: Protesters To Be ‘Met With Force’ If They Target Officers.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly had some strong words for “Occupy Wall Street” protesters Thursday, blaming participants for starting skirmishes which led to more than 20 arrests on Wednesday.

“What they did is they counted.  They actually had a countdown — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 — they grouped together, they joined arms and they charged the police. They attacked the police. They wanted to get into Wall Street, they wanted to occupy Wall Street,” Kelly told reporters.

Street protests by their nature lend themselves to used as propaganda by people like Kelly. One of the most well armed, trained police departments in the U.S. with guns, mace, tasers, tear gas, batons, shields, armored cars and even the potential to shoot down planes are the poor beleaguered victims of protesters. Protestors who…gasp…locked arms, appeared hostile and said rude stuff. Should Kelly’s nickname be Chicken-little or Captain Wuss. As I mentioned the other day the police are actually aiding the erosion of their own rights as public workers who all belong to a union. The irony here is that despite all of the questionable over reaction by the police – who have clearly instigated many confrontations ( videos at YouTube), the people they are beating, arresting for questionable reasons and generally harassing, will be the same hippie troublemakers who have the cop’s backs when they’re in a labor dispute with the city. I would also humbly suggest to the protesters that they go out of their way to avoid conflict and be civil to the police.

Cop beating people up at occupy wall street – officer uses baton like a bat to beat protester for no reason

Fox 5 crew and protesters hit with mace and batons.

If you click the watch on YouTube button it will show related video on the side. What happens with demonstrations such is this is that you’ll have a large percentage of police acting badly. You’ll also have a very small percentage of protesters acting badly. The narrative gets hijacked by some in the media and the wing-nuts who hate the protesters. Instead of the police being held accountable for over reacting, the protesters become the evil Marxist America haters. It is already happening.

Nuclear Option?! What Really Happened On The Senate Floor, And Why It Matters

McConnell had the Senate rules on his side. His motion, however mischievous, was ruled in order. The stage was set for a vote. That’s when Reid whipped out an ace he’s had up his sleeve since he became majority leader — one that his liberal critics wish he’d used two years ago to end the filibuster and ram the Democratic agenda through the Senate without having to contend with frustrating supermajority requirements. Reid and 50 of his Democrats simply voted to overrule the parliamentarian’s decision that McConnell’s motion was in order. Presto, McConnell’s motion could not come to a vote, and Reid had avoided a political embarrassment — and eliminated a very small minority right in the Senate.

But this wasn’t just about checkmating McConnell. As he said in a statement late Thursday, “The Senate must have the ability to move forward on legislation that has broad bipartisan support. A small minority of senators cannot be allowed to bring bipartisan legislation, like a bill to end China’s job-killing, underhanded currency manipulation, to a grinding halt when 14 million Americans are out of work.”

To wit, after legislation has overcome a filibuster, only a very narrow set of germane amendments can come up for votes — unless the rules are suspended. Since Obama’s jobs bill is not germane to Chinese currency legislation, it was out of order, and suspending the rules was McConnell’s only way to force the issue. This thin reed of minority power has been ripped from its root, because of Reid’s play Thursday night.

This parliamentary stuff seems arcane, but it may or may not change the game. I have doubts Reid will use the procedure again, or rather expand it beyond this relative narrow situation where the minority tries to force a vote on legislation that is wedded to another piece of legislation. More here – Sensationalist headline about ‘nuclear option’ in the Senate! But not quite so.  And here ( though technically incorrect, Robert Byrd used a similar vote in the 1970s) – Harry Reid Busts Up Senate Precedent

Reid’s move Thursday, in that context, is less abusive of Senate precedent than it first appears. The current rules create a situation in which two 60-vote thresholds must be met before a bill can pass, the first to end debate and the second to move to final passage. McConnell’s move to suspend the rules could have created additional 60-vote hurdles, clearly in violation of the spirit of the post-cloture period, which is intended to be a short stretch until moving to final passage.

Reid is maneuvering for a vote on the Jobs Bill. While unlikely to pass the vote will do exactly what Mitch McConnell(R-KY) did not want. A Republican vote against creating a million or more jobs. That is more news worthy than anything else about this story. McConnel is on record as saying his number one job is making Obama look bad. Not job creation. Not lokking out for the economy and the American people. No Mitch’s job one is looking out for fake patriots of modern conservatism.

What is it about honest hard working Americans that pisses conservatives off to the point they will twist themselves into knots – Maine Gov. LePage dramatically changes his story on labor mural removal

As Political Correction notes,

LePage’s new line accusing the department of ‘robbing’ the jobless to pay for a painting is smarter politically than his clearly stated original reasoning, but state officials say that “nobody lost any benefits to which they were entitled,” according to the Portland Press Herald. Furthermore, the federal Department of Labor actually demanded that Maine return the money used to buy the mural if it is not going to be displayed any longer.

LePage getting some political sense will deprive the world of much-needed hilarity, but given that his recent forays into the news have included rejoicing over kids arriving at summer camp in private jets and signing a law easing child labor restrictions, it’s not like he’s about to become a political whiz en route to easy reelection.

One guy that sets at a desk and orders people around and the rabid Right gushes over him like pre-teens at a concert. The men and women who do the actual work that brings in the profits are just contemptible thugs. Way to go with that weird version of populism.

I am genuinely disappointed that Sarah Palin will not be joining the debates and running for president. According to her semi-regular missives from FaceBook she sees all and knows all. I guess she was holding back during the 2008 election. For Conservatives, President Palin is Gone But Still “Hot”. Warning there are some disturbing fits of conservative lust and idolatry documented at the link.

Herman Cain may have been and still might be yanking the Right’s chain about his presidential ambition. And he keeps weird company – Herman Cain’s weird opinion columns published by birther website

But WorldNetDaily considers Cain one of is own. Cain seems to write the columns himself (or at least he did initially, before his campaign took off), unless his ghost is particularly fond of exclamation points. None of them involve birtherism, which for years now has been WND’s sole driving concern. (Cain did flirt with bitherism earlier this year, thanks mostly to Donald Trump, but he now believes the president is an American.)

Farah, a friend of Cain’s for several years, told The Ticket that he has been surprised by Cain’s rise over the past few months. While Farah would not make an official endorsement, he said Cain is his “favorite” candidate.

Good work, Herman: You’ve got Farah’s support! That should be more than enough to overcome the fact that Cain is basically taking the month of October off from campaigning in order to sell his book, because this entire “presidential run” was basically done to create a little buzz around a burgeoning conservative media personality, and the fact that he’s now tied for second in the polls is due to the hilarious collapse of various other more “serious” campaigns.

A-la John McCain fake emergency stunt in 2008, Cain is actually taking time off some his campaign to sell his book. He seems to be out Palining Palin or out Newting Newt in using his presidential run as a way to advertise and profit off his brand. I went over and read a few of his very repetitive and fact lacking columns. One that stood out is Cain assertion that Fannie may and poor people caused the Great Recession. That has been proven to be the economic equivalent of birherism. Most sub-prime loans did not meet Fannie or Freddie’s standards. Both were largely out of the sub-prime game before the housing bubble. For all of Cain’s claims to be well informed and different from your run of the mill wing-nut, he believes in the same old crap and shovels it out just like all of them do.