The Right-wing Emergency Committee For Israel Is Trying to Portray OWS as Anti-Semitic, Even as Several Jewish Groups Join in The Protests

Never underestimate how low conservatives can go and how fast they can create yet another astroturf group that pretends to speak on behalf of regular Americans. It the conservative playbook no lie is too big, too venal or too morally outrageous. All such lies are justified in the name of the movement. If those lies hurt America or democracy, oh well, sacrifices must be made in the name of all-mighty conservatism. Thus the Right’s new meme that the OWS protesters are anti-Semitic – Homeless anti-Semite was around long before OccupyWallStreet

Right-wing pundits and Republican Party figures are continuing their attempt to smear the Occupy Wall Street movement as anti-Semitic, but we now have more evidence that the charge is profoundly dishonest.

To review: the Emergency Committee for Israel (which, it turns out, is funded by Wall Street) released an ad last week claiming that Occupy Wall Street is shot through with anti-Semitism, and demanding that Democrats condemn the protests. That attack has now been picked up by various pundits and GOP officials. The Republican National Committee started using the line against Democrats Wednesday. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin inevitably piled on. Fox News is all over the story.

Exhibit A in the ad (watch it below) is a sign-bearing man who yells that “Jews control Wall Street!” Now, as I’ve previously reported, Occupy protesters have taken to surrounding the man, who gave his name to me recently as David Smith, with rebuttal signs, including one that reads, “Asshole —>”. Smith has been hanging around Zuccotti Park nearly every day for a couple of weeks.

But as Josh Nathan-Kazis reports at the Forward, Smith started carrying anti-Semitic signs around the financial district long before Occupy Wall Street existed…

Think porgress has more on the Emergency Committee for Israel who are financed by hedge fund managers. One of the biggest contributors has been on a crusade against Obama ever since he and Democrats passed that modest package of financial reforms. David Smith seems to have both medical, and what unfortuantely seems to be genuine mental issues. Leave it to the Right to exploit a guy with mental problems who is going blind. Three is also another “nutpicking” example in a guy named Danny Cline who has some manic obsession with making trouble and seeing himself on YouTube.

OccupyWallStreet: Yom Kippur Celebration in Support of Occupy Wall Street 10/7/11

Another story about Jews supporting OWS that the Right is pretending does not exist, Jewish groups rally in sukkah at Occupy Los Angeles

As part of the Occupy Los Angeles movement, hundreds of Angelenos have been living in tents outside downtown’s City Hall for several weeks. On Oct. 16, Jewish groups rallied in a sukkah alongside these temporary shelters.

“I think of a sukkah as a structure that’s full of vulnerability,” said Elissa Barrett, chief of regional operations for Progressive Jewish Alliance and Jewish Funds for Justice (PJA & JFSJ), a participant in the demonstration. “It forces us to look at what’s happening in the world around us.”

In solidarity with the protestors of Occupy Los Angeles — an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street and similarly anti-corporate — several Jewish clergy, community organizers and rabbinical students came together to organize the protest in the sukkah, billed as “Not Just a Sukkah: A JUST Sukkah at Occupy L.A.”

The collaborators included Rabbi Jonathan Klein of CLUE-LA (Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice); Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen of Temple Ner Maarav; Lauren Henderson, a rabbinical student at American Jewish University (AJU); Rabbi Aryeh Cohen of American Jewish University; Charlie Carnow, a CLUE-LA board member; and Maya Barron of PJA & JFSJ.


And a video from the L.A. group as well, A Just Sukkah at Occupy LA

The Emergency Committee for Israel was one of those shady groups that pushed for the invasion of Iraq. Their interests and what is best for the U.S. always seem to be at odds. Why are such anti-American groups supported by the Right? That’s just a rhetorical question, we all know the answer.