Long Exposure Bright City Lights wallpaper – 2012 The Year of The Conservative Clown Posse

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Long Exposure Bright City Lights wallpaper


Conservative pundit John “AssRocket” Hinderaker really missed his calling. He should have been a comedy writer. The problem seems to be the disconnect he has when he reads what he writes. His actual writing is a word salad of contradictions, falsehoods, pernicious mixed with feigned innocence; all written from a secret bunker where only bits and pieces of news from the real world are allowed in. He sees his writing as thoughtful and informed in the same detached way Kim Jong saw himself as a great leader. For President in 2012, Mitt Romney 

In electing a president, we are choosing someone to run the Executive Branch. A leader, to be sure, but not a speechmaker, a bomb-thrower, a quipster, a television personality or an exemplar of ideological purity. At this point in our history, the United States desperately needs a leader who understands the economy, the world of business, and, more generally, how the world works. We have had more than enough of a leader who was good at giving speeches and was ideologically pure, but who had no clue how the economy works or how the federal government can be administered without resort to graft and corruption. It is time for a president who knows what he is doing. (emphasis mine)

That a flamethrower like AssRocket suddenly doesn’t require ideological purity is enough to give even casual political observers ideological whiplash.

We have, currently, a president who is not particularly bright, knows little of business, has no idea how to run an organization–never having done so before 2009–and would rather golf than work. Replacing this cipher with Mitt Romney, one of the most capable men of his generation, would be an almost unimaginable improvement.

AssRocket has his brain and lips super-glued to the respective asses of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for eight years. This person is passing judgement about President Obama’s intelligence. Bush was an MBA president who governed with all three branches of government ruled by conservatives for six years of his presidency. Conservative and their MBA president beat the economy into a bloody pulp and when it came time to try and fix it, AssRocket and his conservative comrades did everything they could to make sure the economy did not recover. These are the conservatives who spent over a trillion dollars to rebuild Iraq and voted against rebuilding America, started TARP for Wall Street( no strings attached) lecturing America about how who is capable and who is not. No one can ever accuse AssRocket of having humility or a clue. Corruption? Maybe we should all listen to conservatives when they talk about corruption they are experts at it – here, here, here.

Oddly a deep red wing-nut makes the exact opposite case of Hinderaker. John Hawkins of the Right Wing News propaganda site writes, 7 Reasons Why Mitt Romney’s Electability Is A Myth

Mitt Romney was a moderate governor in Massachusetts with an unimpressive record of governance. He left office with an approval rating in the thirties and his signature achievement, Romneycare, was a Hurricane Katrina style disaster for the state.

….Let’s be perfectly honest: Mitt Romney excites no one except for Mormons, political consultants, and Jennifer Rubin.

…2) He’s a proven political loser: There’s a reason Mitt Romney has been able to say that he’s “not a career politician.” It’s because he’s not very good at politics. He lost to Ted Kennedy in 1994. Although he did win the governorship of Massachusetts in 2002, he did it without cracking 50% of the vote. Worse yet, he left office as the 48th most popular governor in America and would have lost if he had run again in 2006.

….5) Bain Capital: Mitt Romney became rich working for Bain Capital. This has been a plus for Romney in the Republican primaries where the grassroots tend to be dominated by people who love capitalism and the free market. However, in a year when Obama will be running a populist campaign and Occupy Wall Street is demonizing the “1%,” Mitt Romney will be a TAILOR MADE villain for them. Did you know that Bain Capital gutted companies and made a lot of money, in part, by laying off a lot of poor and middle class Americans? Do you know that Bain Capital got a federal bailout and Mitt Romney made lots of money off of it?

Hawkins actually makes a better case except he is too ready to discount Independents breaking for the Mittster. While together AssRocket and Hawkins make for good satirical fodder political observers of every stripe have to ask if this field of conservatives all have so much baggage, how did they become the field.

Glenn Greenwald: The Real Reason the GOP Primary Is a Pathetic, Incompetent Clown Show

In fairness to the much-maligned GOP field, they face a formidable hurdle: how to credibly attack Obama when he has adopted so many of their party’s defining beliefs. Depicting the other party’s president as a radical menace is one of the chief requirements for a candidate seeking to convince his party to crown him as the chosen challenger. Because Obama has governed as a centrist Republican, these GOP candidates are able to attack him as a leftist radical only by moving so far to the right in their rhetoric and policy prescriptions that they fall over the cliff of mainstream acceptability, or even basic sanity.

Greenwald drags Obama over the coals as well as the Republican candidates. Though he does give Obama the edge on winning. Maybe, but I would never underestimate the ability of the far Right to gain traction with assclown insane. I generally support our immigration laws. Even the most liberal democracies secure their borders against illegal immigration. That said where would I put illegal immigrants on my list of biggest problems facing the nation? Illegal immigration wouldn’t even make the list. Most of them are here picking grapes, washing dishes, doing janitorial work or some other thankless job for low pay. Republicans look around and what do they see with their special night vision goggles – aliens evrywhere. How did this non-issue drive so much of the conservative rhetoric – probably the single issue that sunk Rick Perry – the conservative tendency to gain traction over clown posse controversies. They have consistently displayed an uncanny ability to ignore real problems, create problems that are easily solved – shadow banking, too big to fail, unregulated derivatives trading, fail to learn from their mistakes and genuinely think that hyperbolic attacks on moderate Democrats and American workers are a substitute for good governance.


Newt Gingrich on his first wife – “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer.”

But did he have to be so mean about it? As reported by L.H. Carter, his campaign treasurer, Newt said of Jacqueline: “She’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer.” Hard to believe, although according to the New Yorker, his wife did tell the congregation of her Baptist church: “The devil has taken his heart.” Maybe she was referring to his being so miserly in the matter of child support and alimony, but as Newt points out, we do have a safety net of private charity, and the congregants chipped in to help pay the utility bills.

The man has chutzpah. In his 1974 campaign, he ran on the slogan, “Newt’s family is like your family.” A sad but perhaps accurate commentary on life in suburban Georgia. In 1978, he ran an ad blasting his opponent, Virginia Shapard, saying, “If elected, Virginia will move to Washington, but her husband and her children will remain in Griffin.” Under Gingrich’s photo, it said: “When elected, Newt will keep his family together.”

Is this particularly shocking. Even though most of the conservatives I know are pleasant enough to be around there is the average mix of divorces, affairs, unintended pregnancies, gay but in the closet, spousal abuse, child abuse, kids that run wild, financial shenanigans, greed, serial liars, nutbag conspiracy theorists  – your all-American nest of deceit, violence and hypocrisy. I would hardly take note except for the half century of conservative politicians, conservative leaders and pundits being self-righteous hypocrites. Ripe off that mask and they don’t quite live up to the label claims.

FACT CHECK: Ron Paul Personally Defended Racist Newsletters. The house of Paul does not hold up well under scrutiny as appealing as he might be on some issues, especially to younger voters. Though I read on one site a couple of weeks ago that some of the Democratic base, upset over SOPA and some other civil liberties issues, were going to register as Republicans as a way to derail Republicans and send a message to Democrats in Congress. That is still not the worse idea I’ve heard despite the ever-expanding nasty history of Ron Paul. He’ll never become the nominee. He does seem to genuinely and consistently reject the neocon foreign policy agenda. I do not know if that Democratic base plan is responsible for Paul’s rise in the polls, but it has some conservatives scared,  Republican Rivals Unleash Broadside on Paul in Iowa

The Republican presidential candidates sharpened their criticism of Representative Ron Paul on Tuesday in an effort to keep his support from growing among voters who are frustrated with government and may be inclined to send a message to the Washington establishment by supporting him in the Iowa caucuses.

Newt Gingrich said Mr. Paul, of Texas, was a “protest” candidate, and that he could not vote for the congressman if he won the party’s nomination. In a television interview, Mr. Gingrich, the former House speaker, declared that Mr. Paul’s “views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American.”

Would Newt be the first person most Americans would go to for a definition of “decent”.

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Mr. Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, are trying to consolidate the support of social conservatives who have yet to unite behind a single candidate. They each made appeals on Tuesday, with Mrs. Bachmann accusing her rivals of being “confused” about abortion and same-sex marriage.

“Mitt Romney has defended gay marriage and even signed marriage licenses for same-sex couples, and Ron Paul doesn’t believe the government should protect the institution of marriage,” Mrs. Bachmann said during a stop in Council Bluffs. “I have a record of defending life, marriage and the family, and I’ll protect them as president of the United States.”

Bachmann is as confused over what decency means as Gingrich, and add the word protect to her misunderstanding. In order for her to shove her version of protect down everyone’s throat she will have to violate the law, including the Constitution.