Sunset on the Bay Scotland wallpaper – Today in Short Republican Attention Spans and Deep Pockets

Sunset on the Bay Scotland wallpaper


Nate Silver has established a pretty good track record so when he calls Florida for Mittens by 15 points, the party is over. I’ve watched some of the ads run by Romney against Gingrich and Gingrich against Mitt most of these are available on YouTube). At least two of them, one from each camp ends with a layer mask photo with Mitt standing with Obama or Gingrich standing with Obama. A contest to see who is the biggest anti-Obama candidate. I’m not a political consultant, but emphasizing that contrast now seems unproductive since depending on what right-wing blog or pundit you’re reading both have yet to prove to the far Right anyway, that either of them meet the conservative zeitgeist for whatever a true conservative is in 2012.

George Packer sounds right, sounds logical in this analysis of what happens to the direction of conservatism depending on the nominee, The Republicans’ 1972

To be a sane Republican today is to hope that Romney can hang on in Florida and beyond. Not simply because he’s the most “electable” candidate—parties make a mistake when they choose based on assumptions about what other people think (remember the Democrats in 2004). A sane Republican has to want Romney as nominee in order to rule out any possibility of having Gingrich as President.

But what if Romney wins the nomination and loses the election? This scenario is still the odds-on favorite. To deduce the consequences among Republican activists, let’s imagine a counter-factual from 1972: pit Nixon against Humphrey or Muskie or Jackson, a candidate imposed on the liberal Democratic base much as conservative Republicans feel Romney is being imposed on them. A Nixon win would have convinced the liberal base that the party had not been true to its core. The theology would have hardened a little more. Next time, they’d nominate a real liberal, a candidate of the grassroots.

It’s easy to picture hard-core Republicans coming to the same conclusion: Romney and the party élite betrayed the party’s principles (again, after McCain) and gave the country four more years of the hated Obama. Never again! Next time, a real conservative! (Go back another twenty years, to the G.O.P. convention of 1952, and Senator Everett Dirksen, of Illinois, a supporter of the conservative Robert Taft, pointing at Thomas E. Dewey, the party’s moderate two-time loser, and thundering, “Don’t take us down the path to defeat again!”)

I like these counter-scenarios in their historical context, but others are not difficult to imagine. Sure at one time or another newt has endorsed mandatory health care coverage, global warming and called the conservative holy grail of budgets Paul Ryan’s(R-WI) plan to gut Medicare “right-wing social engineering”, but his career is to the Right of Romney. Sarah Palin and the First Dude have endorsed Newt. As has the clueless loon Herman Cain. A substantial part of the base, for whatever inexplicable reasons, sees Newt as being one of them. Seeing Mitt as the establishment candidate. If Wall Street and all its tangled avenues of influence are the establishment, than yea Mitt is the establishment. So let’s say Newt gets the nomination and loses. Knowing what we know about the history of conservatism and its giant shifts further and further right over the past fifty years are we going to see a more moderate shift after a Newt loss. I remember the Bush-Cheney years like it was yesterday. I am not blessed with the short-term memory of many voters. The BushCo years were a national nightmare. We have yet to recover from the gargantuan economic ineptitude and many of us will die of old age before we do. We will not recover from the Iraq debacle for decades in terms of lost treasure or lost lives. We may never reverse course n some of the erosion of Constitutional principles started by the Right from 2000 to 2008. We warned conservatives for eight years that a Democratic president might keep some of those unitary executive privileges that only exists in the sick minds of conservatives like John Yoo. In the 2010 mid-terms, barely two years after crashing the country into a radical far Right ditch, what did conservatives do, they voted even farther Right. Certainly if Romney loses we will hear the they were not true to their conservative nut core. Conservatives are not graceful winners much less graceful losers. The Right has an obsession with ideological purity. One of the reasons that Romney and Newt supporters both have plenty of ammo. That said the conservative base are capable of the kinds of mental deflections worthy of study by quantum physicists. It is very likely that any and all lessons to be learned will bounce off the tin-foil and in 2014 they’ll be voting even further right.

Gingrich or his PAC buddies have been running an ad accusing Romney of being involved with Medicare fraud. Unlike his Bain attack ad that played fast and loose withe truth, there is some substance to Romney’s complicity in the Medicare fraud – Mitt Romney: Medicare fraud allegations and ‘Blood Money’

Still, this time Winning Our Future gets closer to the mark. The case concerning Damon Clinical Laboratories is relevant because 1) Romney was a director of the firm while the fraud took place; 2) the fraud appears to have ended only after Bain sold its stake in the firm; 3) Romney personally earned nearly $500,000 from the sale of Damon; and 4) Romney’s statements about what he knew and when he knew it have been inconsistent.

[  ]…When the Globe revisited the case during Romney’s run for governor in 1992, his story was different. The Globe, disclosing that Romney had earned $473,000 from the sale, reported on Oct. 10, 2002:

“Romney said yesterday he was a proactive board member who helped to uncover the fraud. He said he and other board members became aware of the problem after another laboratory, in December 1992, was found to have committed fraud through use of a billing system similar to Damon’s. Romney said the board used its New York law firm to investigate, and as a result, the board took ‘corrective action’ months before Damon was sold to Corning.”

But Romney’s claim was not backed up by the facts, the Globe said:

“Court records — including statements from prosecutors and Damon’s own admissions — tell a different story, and reveal that the fraudulent activity occurred right up until the time Bain and other owners sold the company to Corning. Prosecutors also give sole credit to Corning for cleaning up the fraud after it purchased the company from Bain and other owners.”

Romney later acknowledged that the board did not report to federal investigators any findings from the alleged internal inquiry.

Oops, another thank you to Newt for handing Obama’s opposition research team some grist for the real fight.

Government expanding under Obama? Government shrank at an annual rate of 1.4 %. Private sector grew at an average annual rate of 3.2%


I believe in the free market. Though I tend to see it the way I see myself and other humans, as flawed. Conservatives see free markets as perfection. That always justly determines winners and losers. So Newt supporters have no problem with the free market determining the winner, right? Romney and super PAC spent over $15 million in Florida. Gingrich and his backers spent $4 million. In perfect free markets you always get what you pay for.

This site could care less about the rights of real live human beings, especially women, but they do love zygotes. I’m fine with individuals having the right to love their zygotes. Its called being pro women, pro choice and genuinely pro life. I can do without the none too subtle attempts at Stalinistist propaganda,  Occupy Wall Street protesters throw condoms, drown out speakers at Rhode Island pro-life rally. That anti women’s rights group and I could find a little common ground. I think it is rude and unnecessarily provocative to throw condoms. It has become common practice to shout down speakers by any and all sides. That’s rude, but who is going to stop and apologize first. What I will not buy into is the faux outrage. The anti-choice/anti-women side has gunned down doctors, bombed clinics, called in death threats, slashed tires, stalked health care workers at home and at work. OWS threw some condoms and yelled. So let’s get a little perspective and stop playing the shrill victim card.

Don’t look down: Vertigo-inducing photographs taken by daredevils who climb skyscrapers and then lean over the edge

If you’re thinking of giving this new photography craze a go, a head for heights is as essential as a camera.

Rooftopping is the heart-stopping photography movement which involves thrill seekers climbing to the top of city skyscrapers, hanging off the edge and taking pictures of the spectacular view beneath them.

Photographer Tom Ryaboi is one of the crusaders of Rooftopping. The 27-year-old, from Toronto in Canada, has climbed more than 100 buildings and produced some of the most stunning examples of the craze.

The best photos are at the link.