Sailor’s wallpaper – Another Day in The Conservative Race to The Bottom

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Sailor’s wallpaper


Limbaugh has millions in the bank, testimony to the rewards of laziness and mindless hyperbole passing for what conservatives consider keen political and cultural insights. His financial success says a lot about the status of the rube, the knuckle dragger, the mouth breather, the conservative who has to think a minute to figure out 3+5 – all species that thrive in the culture of hate and malicious ignorance cultivated by the far Right. That Limbaugh shovels out his garbage from the a temperature controlled room where there he is safe from any real counters to his bombast, is a daily example of the moral rot of conservatism. Limbaugh could not even sustain his own drug addiction. A multimillionaire with plenty of free time, he sent his maid out to doctor shop. So it goes with calling women “sluts”. “Slut”: The Voice Of A Right-Wing Bully. This is the kind of culture conservatives want for America. They say the word values a lot. They have values. Those values are dark perversions of what decent people think of when they think of their own values. Be grateful to the thousands of little ditto heads. They put a face on the underbelly of conservatism. The modern kind that some have described as smiley faced fascism (pdf). Not the full on fascism of European fascists of the mid 20th century. Modern conservationism has learned from those earlier iterations of authoritarian extremism. Wrap up “values” in the red, white and blue. Use bits and pieces of Christianity to hide behind – the Beatitudes always conspicuously absent. They seem to have as much contempt for what Jesus actually said as they do for facts. Fact: Young Women Need Contraceptives For More Than Just Pregnancy Prevention

Oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) are primarily intended to prevent pregnancy. But they also offer a number of additional and immediate health benefits, particularly for women who experience menstrual-related disorders. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), OCPs help relieve or reduce the symptoms of severe menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea), which is experienced by up to 40% of all adult women and can lead to absences from work and school. The pill (as well as other hormonal contraceptives) is useful in treating excessive menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia), which can lead to anemia, and it also has the potential to reduce acne and excess hair growth (hirsutism).

Other noncontraceptive uses include prevention of menstrual-related migraines, and treatment of pelvic pain that accompanies endometriosis and of bleeding due to uterine fibroids. Additional benefits identified by ACOG are normalization of irregular periods and suppression of menstruation. For some women, predicting when they will have their period or avoiding it altogether may be a matter of convenience; for others, menstrual regulation may help prevent migraines and other painful “side effects” of menstruation. [Guttmacher Institute, November 2011]

Related and a window on the bizarre window conservative have on the world, one in which they seem to cheer for as much misery as possible on their fellow human beings – Two Romneys

Right now, Mitt Romney is two people. Romney #1 is the Romney that nearly got the nomination sewed up and wants to start running against Obama. That Romney was the one that came out when he was asked about the Blunt amendment yesterday afternoon:

Unfortunately, the journalist misrepresented the bill. The Blunt Amendment is about a lot more than contraception; it would allow an employer to deny an employee any coverage for any “moral or religious” reason through the health insurance after it’s been relinquished to the employee as compensation. Functionally, it’s no different than an employer denying you the right to spend your salary on beer or condoms, if they disapprove, and it’s closing in on giving the employer the right to require you to tithe to their church as a condition of your employment. Remember, the insurance coverage being debated here is yours. You paid for it, with a combination of labor and often cash. Giving an employer a right to dictate what care is covered is like giving your employer a right to live in your house because you used money they gave you in exchange for work to buy it.

This is part of a long tradition on the American right of demanding the right to control others while characterizing it as “freedom”. It goes right back to slave owners claiming that the federal government was encroaching on their freedom to own others, i.e. their freedom to deprive others of all freedom. Now the argument is that for employers to be “free”, they should have the right to deprive their employees of the freedom to use earned benefits as we see fit. ( all emphasis mine)

When one writes about conservatives – what they really stand for as opposed to what they say they stand for – if you’re a hack you can use all the over the top commentary you like. If you’re trying not to be a hack you weight the use of terms like wage slave and smiley faced fascist ( even though I used a qualifier someone will think it is too strong). Yet time and again these terms seem almost weak in describing the extreme extent of the conservative world view. Limbaugh is probably incorporated and pays himself a salary and the corporation pays for his health care benefits. But imagine if he or Santorum or Romney worked for $10 an hour at a tire dealership. That business goes to Limbaugh and says we’re not going make the co-pay on your health insurance – unless you stop buying cigars. Or Limbaugh could work in a cigar plant, they noticed he stopped smoking the company product, unless he starts again, no insurance. men that divorce multiple times have a higher mortality rate than men who stay married or only remarry once. Let’s cancel Limbaugh’s insurance for being a serial monogamist. What if an employer told Santorum he did not need a full size SUV that he was contributing too much to our pollution and oil dependence issues – go buy another car and listen to the Pope you say you follow or you’re fired – as an employers – conservatives see me as having those kinds of rights based on my personal rules of morality. What if an Evangelical employer – many Evangelicals see Mormonism as a cult – said I’ll let you work here but I am not paying for the health insurance of a cultists. if conservatives want to take all this personal conscious stuff to its logical conclusion we’ll live in a country where no one is considered a single human being entitled to certain inalienable rights – but rather a big lump of beliefs perpetually in conflict with everyone else. This is not something to imagine, it is not in the far off future, the denial of the individual and their individual health issues is what conservatives have decided to advocate. Here are ten things you need to know today.

Democrats Attack Romney over support of Blunt Amendment: Democrats are attacking Romney for supporting the Blunt Amendment, which would undo the administration’s contraception coverage rule by allowing employers not to cover anything they object to in employees’ health care plans. The DNC has released a new video called “What Romney Will Take Away From Women.”

Romney has already flip-flopped on the Blount legislation because of feigned outrage by the Medieval branch of the conservative movement. As he hears more mainstream voices I would not be surprised to hear him walk back some of that support.

Bush Appointee Conservative Federal Judge Sends Racist E-mail Joking that Obama Born of Bestiality.Federal judgeships are lifetime appointments. I’m not familiar with the judge’s history of rulings, but minorities who have appeared before this judge might now have cause to appeal.

Andrew Breitbart passed way today. This was his reaction to Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, Andrew Breitbart Unleashed A Torrent Of Invective Against Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Legacy On Twitter

Over the course of the next three hours, Breitbart unapologetically attacked Kennedy, calling him a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,” wrote Breitbart in one tweet.

Conservatives are on the prowl looking for similar reactions by non-conservatives. They are using the opportunity to get in touch with their inner black helicopter – 25 People Who Think President Obama Killed Andrew Breitbart


This may sound like some rain of the current Democratic parade – Reports of the Republican Nominee’s Doom Are Greatly Exaggerated. The economy is up, unemployment is down, the conservative clown posse is beating itself up with clown shoes and among other promising news Olympia Snowe is retiring in a state that leans slightly blue. That said, now is not the time to get cocky.

2. Republicans Will Unite Behind Romney (or Whomever). Here’s the sort of sentence you can find in articles on nearly every presidential poll, with the numbers fluctuating slightly: “Still, 52 percent … say they are not satisfied with the candidates running and wish someone else would enter the race. And that level of dissatisfaction is up from the 45 percent who felt that way a few weeks ago.” But that sentence actually comes from a March 3, 1992 New York Times story on the Democratic primary. Unfortunately for those Democrats, no white knight rode in (damn you, Mario Cuomo!) and they were stuck with lesser candidate Bill Clinton, who went on to be the most successful Democratic president since Truman. In a January 30 Pew poll, Republicans gave almost exactly the same responses: 52 percent were dissatisfied with their slate, up from 46 a few weeks earlier.

None of this is to say that the primary process hasn’t been very bad for the Republican Party. It has. Nor is it providing the sort of improvement that the 2008 race did for Barack Obama, as party pollyannas would have you believe. In particular, Romney (assuming he holds on to front-runner status and wins the nomination) has a bad, and worsening, favorable/unfavorable ratio. But the party will coalesce behind him, or whoever gets the nomination, though it’s hard to see who else that could be at this point. Returning to the Clinton comparison, the Arkansan’s favorability was nearly as far underwater in April 1992 Gallup polling (34 favorable, 46 unfavorable) as Romney’s is now, but he still won.

It is entertaining in a dark sort of way to read the conservative blogs and right-wing web sites, reading all the insults passed about who is a real conservative. Do not be lulled into thinking these people who hate Romney or Santorum or Newt will not have a sudden glorious light from above moment about the eventual nominee and do everything they can to get him elected. We’ll hear the same litany of lies, the same disinformation campaign. All the old myths about Obama, Birtherism, Kenya and socialism. Democratic senate candidates will be demonized as bad if not worse than 2008.

President John F. Kennedy Greets Peace Corps Volunteers, White House, South Lawn


This photograph shows President John F. Kennedy greeting Peace Corps volunteers on the South Lawn of the White House on August 9, 1962. Kennedy first proposed what became the Peace Corps in a speech at the University of Michigan on October 14, 1960, in which he challenged students to give two years of their lives to helping people in countries of the developing world. At the time, Kennedy was a member of the U.S. Senate campaigning for the presidency. Following his election, he signed an executive order establishing the Peace Corps. This photograph is by Abbie Rowe (1905-67), a photographer for the National Park Service who became an official White House photographer in the Kennedy administration and produced many of the best known pictures of the president and his family.


Rowe, Abbie (1905-1967)

Date Created

August 9, 1962 CE