Antique map of Peru, Florida 1584 – Conservatives and the Age of the Nuclear Lie

Map of the Gold-Producing Region of Peru. Florida. The Guastecan Region.1584 CE

This map was designed by Flemish engraver and businessman Abraham Ortelius (1527-98). One can pretty much discount the claim of being ‘gold’ regions. That would have been rumors circulated by the Spanish. Spanish conquistadors did find some gold artifacts among the natives of South America and Mexico, but hardly the great treasures that the New World supposedly had. The map consists of three portions – this would have been a page in an atlas – one showing the western coast of South America. Another (left) and a part of Central America. The upper right, the southeastern United States (Florida). The bottom right, the coast of Tamaulipas in Mexico.

Hand colored world map circa 1590-1620. I just like this map for the bright hand drawn colors. If you buy a disc of old map jpegs they will not always have the dates. If you can see the territory of Virginia, the southeastern U.S. and much of everything west of the Mississippi labeled ‘America sive India Nova’ that narrows it down to late 16th early 17th century. Since modes of communication were very slow between new and Old World there was considerable lag time in incorporating new land surveys into printed maps.

Having grown up in an era of instant communication, media consultants and news analysts who twist themselves into contortions not calling a lie a lie I still end up wishing for unvarnished truth, but I would settle for a very low-level of bull and falsehoods. One side says a new highway extension will cost ten million, the other says it will cost nine – knowing that they are using bad numbers – I can live with that. That would count as rough and tumble politics, the flaws of human hubris. Conservatives have taken lies to a whole other level. Thanks to a movement that claims to have values, like obeying commandments such as not to bear false witness, we now have the nuclear lie. That was invented back in the Reagan era. Nuclear lies became obsolete in the age of fact checkers so conservatives moved on to the fully automatic nuclear lie. Closely related to the knee jerk reaction of conservatives of old. They seem to come instantly and reflexively from the dark regions of the conservative psyche. They are not even sophisticated falsehoods. They generally rely on the bunker qualities of the average con’s mind when it comes to assimilating any information not pumped out of a wing-nut radio program.  Perhaps that is why they work on the kinds of conservatives who voted for Bush 43. They repeat some very simple, obvious lie until it takes on a life of its own. The true believers eventually have a vested interests in the lie – thus the anger when you challenge conservatives – Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh’s hate for Media Matters are good on-going examples. Caught in a lie conservatives have several variations on a theme. One of the more colorful ones is of the triple warhead variety. Lie, lie about the lie and deflect back to those who caught them in the lie, Conservatives Slam Democrats For Medicare Cuts Republicans Support

The latest “Mediscare” battle is rife with irony: Republicans are attacking Democrats’ Medicare cost-savings even though they voted overwhelmingly to continue the policy last year and are supporting it again this year.

In a new TV ad, the House GOP’s electoral arm NRCC targets Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) for backing President Obama health care reform law, declaring that it will “decimate Medicare” and “shred the social safety net and leave seniors vulnerable at risk.” The NRCC is also launching robocalls in 13 Democratic-held districts slamming the members over the Medicare cuts in the reform law.

The Affordable Care Act reduces Medicare spending by some $500 billion over 10 years, mostly with reimbursement cuts to private insurers and health providers — the reductions do not touch benefits. The aim was to reduce over-payments and strengthen the life of the safety-net program.

As it turns out, nearly every Republican in the House and Senate voted last year to sustain those cuts in the Paul Ryan budget. And they’re set to do so again in the near future as his updated Path To Prosperity blueprint comes up for a vote. That’s the context of these ads — Republicans know Democrats are about to hit them hard for again pushing a plan that partially privatizes Medicare and ends the coverage guarantee, so they’re making a pre-emptive strike.

These very same conservatives support the Paul Ryan (R-WI) plan to end Medicare as we know it – here’s your voucher and good luck with that. The Ryan plan – in its newest iteration would on enacted into law immediately take those 65 and 66 off Medicare and force them into the private insurance market. This kind of massive deception is what passes for values on the radical Right.

Conservatives lack the facts and moral courage to stick to the facts. Karl Rove-Linked Crossroads GPS PAC Launches $650,000 False Ad Campaign On Gas Prices

This week, Crossroads GPS announced a $650,000 nationwide television ad campaign called “Deflect.” The 30-second spot falsely blames Obama administration actions for the rise in gasoline prices since 2009.

While an obviously false narrative, conservatives are playing into the national mania for blame, even if misplaced. That drill baby drill stuff resonates with people who are self-proclaimed experts on gas prices and the oil market. Every office and construction site in America has one hanging out by the water cooler. Despite the Karl Roves ( he lied 4,000 plus Americans to their deaths so lying about gas prices will hardly bother someone with so little conscience), Sarah Palin or Fox News, most Americans do not blame President Obama for higher gas prices. I know gas prices are frustrating and budget busting for some families,but looking back on price trends of the last twenty years did anyone really believe that someday prices would roll back to 98 cents a gallon. 20 Experts Who Say Drilling Won’t Lower Gas Prices. One of those experts is a far Right conservative and another is a rightie libertarian.

Another good catch by NMMNB – HEY SARAH, THAT LOOKS LIKE TOLERATING TO ME. Sarah Palin standing tall with conservative brain trust Ted Nugent who called Hillary Clinton the C-word.

Wingnut Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Trayvon Photo Was Lightened to Make Him Look ‘Innocent’. The legal system is still working out the details so some things may or may not change in regards Zimmerman. When it is all over one thing will not change, conservative Dan Riehl should not be allowed to use power tools or the internet without adult supervision. And this plays right into conservative narratives about race – Trayvon Martin case: New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for capture of George Zimmerman. Without a government-issued warrant, the organization opens itself up to civil or criminal liability, a lawyer said. These wackos are no help at all.


Good question – Why Do New York Times Columnists Keep Swooning for Paul Ryan?

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